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from 129 reviews Review It is a relatively new website that promises you can earn money by participating in market research.  Besides paid surveys, they also advertise that you will be paid for reading emails and for completing trial offers.

Paid surveys is a very common way of making money online.  When you first sign up with any of these market research opportunities, you must fill out a very specific questionnaire with all of you information.  This information is then used to make sure that you qualify for the appropriate surveys and trial offers.

It is important that you be as honest as possible when filling out this questionnaire because you could waste a lot of time being told you don’t qualify for surveys you have already begun. also encourages you to complete trial offers – and you are reminded that you are responsible for canceling those trial offers before you begin being charged – as well as reading emails and referring your friends to join their site.

So is Inbox Pays a Scam?

Well, the first question I always ask is whether or not the site charges you to become a member?  Inbox Pays is completely free to join, so that’s a good sign.  However, there are a couple things worth mentioning about the site before anyone signs up.

First of all, you must have a PayPal account in order to get paid.  This means that Inbox Pays deals in real currency instead of gift cards and prizes, which is something many people like.  However, they require that you earn at least $50 in your account before you can request a payout.

This is nearly twice the earnings amount required by most other paid survey sites.  The truth is that each survey you successful complete generally won’t pay more than five dollars at the most, and successfully completing surveys is not the easiest thing.  This means that you may have to complete many surveys before you can receive a payout, and some people may get frustrated and quit without ever receiving the money they have earned.

In addition, their promise of getting paid for reading emails actually means getting paid to click the links of advertisers that they will send you.  And once you allow them to give your email to advertisers, watch out.  You will likely be drowning in emails.

And the price that is paid per click will often be very low, and paid to Inbox Pays, who will then pay you a percentage of it.  This makes the $50 payout look even harder to achieve.

In general, Inbox Pays is free to sign up for, so it’s not a scam, but you should be aware of what you are getting into.  Remember, if you’re really looking to make money taking surveys, then make sure to sign up for multiple companies in order to increase your chances of success.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Inbox Pays " is 1.5 out of 5 based on 129 reviews.
  • Inboxpays in my opinion is a scam. I signed up and tool surveys and read emails almost everyday since joining. Then I stopped for a little while because it was taking too much time to get to the $50 mark. However, once I got to that mark, I requested my funds but never received them. I contacted customer service via email several times and they kept giving me the run around and told me that something was wrong with my PayPal account. I still have those emails for future reference. I have used paypal for awhile and never had a problem sending or receiving money.
  • I have been trying to reset my password since July. I have had enough trying to get a support ticket. I begged you to activate my Earn money button and you never did. I get nothing but blank e mails from you. I contacted the BBB but nothing has seemed to change. You owe me 41.00 and my stepbrother is a corporate lawyer and is willing to take this case on for as he knows I live alone, am disabled, live on only 730.00 a month...have to pay rent and utilities to pay etc. and now need to buy kerosene. If you will not work with me to do surveys rather than pay cash to buy things and earn money I am doing something about this legally. I don't even own a car. My situation is very bad and the 41.00 or 50.00 would help a lot. You are the only survet site who has done this to me and I am very upset about it. You got your money but I did not get mine. My addy is [email protected] if you care to communicate with me. My number is 5494591958. If I do not hear from you you will hear from us. I am sorry but I do not feel I have any choice. I have never sued anyone and don't really want to now but I have to survive here. Sincerely, Cathy Colgan
  • Surprisingly, I have actually received a payment from Inboxpays via paypal of $50, but it did take some time (lots of time). Honestly, I had to put a complaint to the BBB first in order to receive my money, then they called and I missed their call. I called the next day in the morning and they answered, which led to verifying my payment and getting paid (took 2 weeks after verification). When I first signed up, I thought it was going to be easy to make money since their slogan is "Make lots of money with a single click." In order for you to make money and receive a payment, you have to participate in their offers, which states in their terms and conditions. So in other words, spend money to make money :/ So thats what I did, signed up for their offers (just the trials), but you have to be aware that in order for you not to be charge the full price, you must cancel the offer and in some cases return the item. For example, one of the offers I completed was for skin cream that I paid $5 (trial price) but it was only to try the product for 14 days. This meant if I kept it, I would be charged the full price (which was $80) unless I return it (calling them to cancel the offer account so they don't charge me as well as requesting the return label number and confirmed that will be shipping it back). Luckily I got credited once I completed the offer, so that was never an issue. One thing for sure is to NEVER DO FREE OFFERS. All they do is spam you and you don't get credited. For some reason this goes for all websites (so far based on my experience) like the ones that say "free samples" etc. Well, at least I never got credited and in Inboxpays terms and conditions, it states that not all offers may credit you. So the only ones I have been doing are the trial offers. With surveys, its very hard to qualify. I have only qualified and completed 3 surveys that were $1 each. One of them on the other hand did lead me to receive an additional incentive ($50 Amazon gift card) but that was pure luck and I doubt that will happen again, its like trying to win the lottery. Cash mail, the last time I received it was 2 months ago, plus, it was clicking on ads that only have me 3 cents (not really worth it, that's probably how I got more spam). Lastly, their cash games, I tell myself every time I look at it, "Is it really worth signing up for something that I don't need and will give me more span just for 50 cents?" So I don't even bother with that. Now what you all been waiting for: Is this site worth the time? No, it's not and there are better website that will pay you faster and that are less complicating. It took me forever (like a year) to get up to $50 and I still had to wait for verification which took almost 3 months even then I had to set a complaint to the BBB because getting a hold on a representative is dreadful. What the guy who answered (shockingly I was able to finally reach them after the numerous calls) said they have to deal with multiple companies and that is why reaching them is hard (either it is the truth or he just came up with an excuse). Took some effort but I was able to get my $50 via paypal (just recently). I had a bit left over in my account (about $10) and hopefully I can get a second payment (lets hope sooner than a year). If it wasn't for having the $10, I would of cancelled the account. It's too much time and too much spam I receive (I mean very bad spam like if I clicked on the email link I would probably get a virus and you can tell its that kind of spam, I mean why would "hot women" send nudes and say "I sent you some nudes, just open up the email" and by the way if you get spam like this, the best thing to do is deleted your email and get a new email. Because of Inboxpays, I have to delete my email 3 TIMES! That's a lot, and takes time doing so, plus I only get a few of those (changing my email due to spam). I actually have to change it again because I started to receive bad spam again (this time, it's not as bad as before but still bad). In all, before signing up for thing, ask yourself: 1) Is it legit, meaning do they pay and can I received an incentive with a rational time (like being able to receive a payment within 2 months if consist and not being at it for a year) 2) Is it worth my time (don't sign up for things that just waste your time. As I was told, "YOUR TIME IS WORTH WAY MORE THAN MONEY, WHY, BECAUSE YOU CAN NEVER BUY IT BACK." Note: If you choose to sign up (this goes by anything), read the terms and conditions- just to check how it works, how not to get cheated, and to protect yourself especially when it come with spam and personal information, trust me, it happens. All in all, I don't recommend this site due to the spam, never qualifying for surveys, spend to make money if you can, bad in processing and receiving payment, and how you can never reach the support center. I actually plan to cancel soon because like mentioned earlier, time waster and there are better websites. I hope this is helpful and good luck to all with making some money.
    • Could you please post the contact number of Inboxpays or email of that site? I am very close to my payout but I am unable to contact them through support ticket. Please let me know.. Thanks.
  • This is a scam! They stopped paying at $34.86! No matter how many I click on I do not get any more credit! Their help desk said I needed $50 to get paid out! Will never get to $50 idf they stop paying!! This is a scam!!! Don't waist your time!!!!
  • Same here im almost at 50$ but all of a sudden my account froze im not getting credited for my emails and when i go to summit a ticket it saids this website is not secure not to enter any persoal info or passwords.I called the # but some guy answers sounding like Pakistan or indian wanted me to give him my #.So i guess this is a scam !!
  • there on the run in box pays with my 50.00 dollars velda
  • I got to 33.50 and it won't give me any credit past that. I get NO answers back and can't even get their crappy consolation prizes I want to settle up and get out
  • It's a scam!!! Met a bunch of their requirements for the minimum payout of $50 to see if they would payout and of course, no payout. It's been over 2 months now. Tried getting a hold of their support page and it just goes in circles. Seems the only way to contact them is via snail mail.
    • You have to call early in the morning if anything to talk to a representative because those in the verification department have to deal with multiple companies (that is why it is impossible to reach them). If all fails, set a complaint to the BBB and from there Inboxpays calls you.
  • I have completed surveys and made purchases. I have not been credited for any since June 3,2017. Their customer support ticket says I am entering an invalid password I have requested my password and it is what I am entering so I can't even get a support ticket. I mailed them as instructed and got my letter back as UNDELIVERABLE and unable to forward. There is a lady that found their correct address from the Better Business Bureau and a telephone number. I reached a recording that all representatives were busy and hold. Finally I got a recording to try again at another time. I am contacting Consumer Trade and Protection in my state to file a claim against them. I don't know if it will do any good or I might just be wasting my time.
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