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DS Domination, found online at DSDomination.com, is a new work at home business opportunity that claims to give anyone the ability to earn money from home from just “copying and pasting.”

According to their online presentation video, at the core of DS Domination’s success is what they describe as “harnessing the power” of major, well known corporations like Amazon and WalMart.

Unfortunately, right now DS Domination is in beta mode, which means that it is not officially launched yet, and the only way you can participate is if you are personally invited from someone who is already involved.

The Claims

DSDomination.com says that their company behaves like a family, with members taking care of each other, helping you with every aspect you need to setup your business, like over the shoulder videos.

They also say that their income streams are completely automated. The only “work” you will have to do is follow the directions of what to copy and paste. Other than that, everything else will be completely automated.

The website continues to say that you will never need to worry about traffic generation, selling anything to anyone, or recruiting people. In addition, you will keep all money that is made; no commissions, and no pass ups.

Things to Consider

Since this program is still in beta, it is hard to give a full analysis of the program because there are very few details available. One of the things we look for is how much you are being charged for the opportunity and how much money they are claiming you will earn, information which isn’t available right now.

But another important thing to consider is how much the video presentation and website stress that DS Domination is “automated” and all you have to do is “copy and paste.” Generally speaking, independent business programs that make these promises almost always turn out to be unsuccessful money makers.

Running an online business is not unlike running an offline business – the vast majority of people who are successful say that – at least initially – they put lots and lots of hard work, time, and effort into their business before they made money. While passive streams of income do exist, it takes time and effort to set these up, and even they usually earn money relative the type of upkeep you do.

Unfortunately, because this program is in still in beta and there is so little information, it is hard to make a good assessment. That being said, any business which charges you money for training or membership and promises that you won’t have to do any work to make a solid income is generally something “too good too be true” and should be avoided.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " DS Domination " is 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

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    Jennifer says:

    September 12th, 2014 at 11:37 am

    DS Domination is now in full-swing. Any current reviews?

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    Linda says:

    December 7th, 2013 at 5:31 pm

    There are four parts to the DS Domination program:

    DS Domination Pro
    DS Domination Elite
    DS Domination Unleashed
    DS Domination Monopoly

    DS Domination Pro:

    In DS Domination Pro, we were taught how to copy product images and descriptions from Amazon’s website, and then paste those images and descriptions into eBay to sell them.

    There are video tutorials that cover creating accounts at Amazon, eBay and Paypal, image manipulation, product titles and shipping details.

    DS Domination Pro Video Training Titles:

    Moving forward with eBay drop-shipping
    How to set up your eBay selling account
    Outside the United States members information
    Listing your first item
    Products to avoid
    Listing anatomy & adjusting product images
    Speeding up your listing
    Titles and more on the drop shipper spider
    Critical information
    International item location
    Why 18% fail and the pitfalls to avoid
    Shipping from Amazon
    What if Paypal is holding my money
    Customer returns
    Lifting eBay limits
    Multiple accounts on eBay
    Resolving problem orders
    Extra video caution
    Titles key to success
    eBay fee calculator
    Amazon sales tax information

    There are previous DS Domination Pro recorded training webinars available there (3 as of this writing). There is also a sign-up link for future bi-weekly live training webinars that are held on Wednesdays in case you cannot make it live.

    At the end of the DS Domination Pro training videos there are what they call ‘Graduation Presents’ that include:

    DS Domination Amazon Scraper
    A software tool that automates the Amazon research process learned in DS Domination Pro

    DS Domination Automated Title Builder
    A software tool that automates the eBay title building process.

    DS Domination Image Scrambler, Chopper, Brander and Resizer
    A software tool that automates the eBay imaging building process.

    Sales Tracker Spreadsheet
    Excel sales tracking spreadsheet.

    DS Domination Pro Summary:
    Cost: $19.95/mo
    Difficulty Level: 1-2

    The very first thing we learned was how to fill in some forms to get money from what’s called a CPA offer (cost per action), which meant that we got our initial investment back right away. DS Domination Pro was simple to understand and pretty easy to do. Once our Amazon, eBay and Paypal accounts were opened, we started listing products and made our first sale 2 days later. Anyone with basic computer skills should be capable of doing this and expect to make between $8 and $15 per sale (roughly). Scaling up the process was easy because we hired our kids to create listings.

    DS Domination Elite:

    In DS Domination Elite we were given additional platforms for both buying and selling products (don’t want to mention what they are here). We also learned how to use tracking programs to help keep track of listings and sales.

    There’s also another software program that automatically scrapes eBay looking for products that match the criteria taught in DS Domination Pro.

    Just like in Pro, there are previous recorded training webinars (also 3 as of this writing), as well as the sign-up link for future webinars that are on Friday’s (bi-weekly).

    Elite Training Videos Include:

    (I’m replacing the brand names with ♦♦♦ to protect some proprietary information.

    DS Domination Elite Overview
    How to supercharge Amazon
    In the beginning there was ♦♦♦
    Beating the competition with ♦♦♦
    It will cost you money not to use ♦♦♦
    How to use ♦♦♦
    Using ♦♦♦
    Easily selling your eBay items on ♦♦♦
    ♦♦♦ on steroids
    You never lose / free money
    The International Bargain Cave
    Crushing it with ♦♦♦ in the UK
    ♦♦♦ for serious UK sellers who want serious profits
    ♦♦♦ incredible deals on ♦♦♦ and more
    ♦♦♦ has it all

    DS Domination Elite Summary:
    Difficulty Level: 2-3

    DS Domination Elite was an easy upgrade from Pro. The difficulty level doesn’t really change from being nearly ‘stupid-simple’, but there is a slight learning curve to the tracking program. Elite is basically the same as Pro but with more products to choose from because of the added stores. The eBay scraping software saved us (our kids) some time finding products.

    DS Domination Unleashed:

    Unleashed teaches the process of having products actually shipped to you, and then shipped out to the customer. Unlike the two previous modules there is a risk because you are pre-buying the products which we haven’t done yet.

    Unleashed Training Videos Include:

    DS Domination Unleashed Overview
    ♦♦♦ a trillion items?
    ♦♦♦ super cheap supplier
    Like tools? Introducing the ♦♦♦
    ♦♦♦, ♦♦♦ and more

    Unleashed Summary:
    Difficulty Level: 3-5

    The difficulty level is a little higher only due to the additional sources, but the process is virtually the same. One of the new stores was something we’d never heard of before. We were already very familiar with the products, but we were shocked at how low the prices are.

    DS Domination Monopoly:

    In Monopoly the teaching is to reverse the process and start selling items on Amazon. There is a section on placing products for sale on Amazon where you will be the only vendor so that’s why it’s called Monopoly.

    There’s also a UPC code creation system built into the Monopoly section because UPC codes are required when selling products on Amazon.

    We haven’t started using Monopoly yet but there looks like a lot of information in the training videos.

    Monopoly Training Videos Include:

    DS Domination Monopoly Overview
    Setting up your Amazon account
    How to list an item on Amazon
    eBay to ♦♦♦ to Amazon
    Finishing your listing
    More Amazon listing surprises
    Can you feel the money
    Completing your order
    Saving 25% on your purchases part 1
    Saving 25% on your purchases part 2
    Exploding Amazon profits with everything you already know
    Get your UPC codes
    Keywords for Amazon Listings
    Coming attractions
    Searching keywords for your product title
    Creating your listing title key to success
    Optimizing your Amazon description
    Increasing your product rank with reviews
    Optional rank booster with YouTube
    Roger’s secret Amazon weapon

    International Information
    Supplier and techniques overview
    Supplier and techniques using ♦♦♦
    Supplier and techniques sourcing

    DS Domination Monopoly Summary:
    Difficulty Level: Don’t know yet

    We only skimmed through a couple of the training videos. It looks like a lot of information.

    Overall DS Domination Summary:

    This looked like a really interesting concept on the surface, and is working real well in reality. We haven’t found anything in the course that was ‘over sold’ on the sales page.

    So far, so good :)


    Ricardo says:
    February 16th, 2014 at 5:14 pm

    I am thinking of joining this program so far do you see where you can actually make money and is the support as good as it says?


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