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from 197 reviews Review It is online database that allows anyone to perform background checks. Using just a name and a state of residence, Been Verified can provide a variety of resources on a new neighbor, a prospective date, or anyone you wish.

Been Verified is not a credit agency or a private investigator service. The records you access at Been Verified are simply a collection of publicly available records on the person in question.

You may receive one background check at a cost of $19.95, or you may become a member of the site. Members may request unlimited background checks throughout the duration of their membership.

A membership begins with a free 7 day trial, and will result in no charges if you cancel before the trial period ends. Memberships have a monthly subscription fee based on length of subscription: $8/month for 12 months, $13/month for 6 months, or $16/month for 3 months.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Been Verified " is 1.38 out of 5 based on 197 reviews.
  • DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE! It did not find criminal records that another service was able to find in minutes!
  • I was looking for my cousin's address etc, I know about where he lives but needed more info to contact him. Since beenverified was not giving me anything on my cousin, I decided to do some ancestry work on his mom (my aunt) well I keep getting so called up dates (new info) on my"they found my aunt....and when you go there they want you to pay money. They tried to tell me they found her in jail.....I bet the cell smells pretty good because she has been dead for about 25 years!!!! Now I get something from the several times a day telling me they have more info on my aunt and cousin....nothing plus nothing is still nothing and they want me to pay for that!!!!!
  • Free for $20+ a month.
  • I did a search on my mother, who was a white woman and has been deceased for 3 years now. BeenVerified has her listed as a black woman, who is clearly alive, and not my mom. All of the other information on my mother was correct. Only because my mother had a common name and someone on facebook in her area had the same name. Not accurate at all.
  • As a retired law enforcement officer and property owner, I thought I would try this service, I have ran a total of 9 people, which, myself and my wife are each of these, I was totally shock to learn that an attorney, which I know, have 2 criminal items of convection, which, if true, this person, could no longer practice law. I, ran myself first, and about 20% of the information is true, the balance is false. I tried to call this company, and was told, if I wanted to cancel, there would be a person, otherwise call next week, Guess what is going to happen????
  • Total scam. most recent info is 10 years old. My person has a Rap sheet up to 1 year ago. $23.00 down the drain
  • The records are inaccurate! I have been charged 8.00/ monthly. Useless!!
  • Looked myself up. Found that some of my cousins info was in my report. Almost the same names. Emailed the company through the "contact us" section regarding how to correct and update this information. My email was returned as undeliverable. This is nothing but a money making scam.
  • Only one word to describe - Crooks !
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