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About Wix.com

Wix.com offers a website building hosting platform unlike any other. With their advanced tools and HTML5 drag and drop capabilities, its unstructured layout enables you to create a highly unique site. Best of all, it is not necessary to have any coding knowledge or design skills.
Wix offers a safe and secure system including password protection and capabilities to make sections of your site exclusive. Other attractive features include an Instagram feed and a “Live Chat” widget which users can implement in order to connect with their viewers.
Basic websites are free to design and use, each one comes with a free Wix.com domain. Premium upgrades are available to those who want to use their own web domain or need extra storage with higher bandwidth. Four upgrade options are available in either monthly or yearly subscription terms.
Connect Domain costs $5.95 per month or $49.00 per year. This upgrade gives you the freedom to use your own domain address and also comes with 500 MB and 1 GB bandwidth. The Combo Package costs $10.95 per month or $99.00 per year. In additional to using your own domain you will also have a 3 GB storage and 2 GB bandwidth. Unlimited is a package that includes unlimited bandwidth, 10 GB of storage and use of your own domain. It costs $15.95 per month or $149 per year. The eCommerce package, allows use of your own domain, offers 20 GB storage and 10 GB bandwidth; it costs $19.90 per month or $194.00 per year.
Every upgraded account is set up on an automatic renewal billing cycle. If you decide to cancel within 14 days of signing up for an upgrade, you are entitled to a full refund. If you cancel after fourteen days, the membership will end prior to the renewal day of your month or year subscription.
Complaints online include Wix’s inaccurate billing processes as well as their technical support forum. Customers noted that they were charged for a yearly subscription on more than one occasion throughout the year. Additionally, customers who submitted their issues and inquiries on the support forum found themselves waiting 2-3 days for a reply. 
Wix has not yet build up the reputation compared to that of its competitors. Not only are they still trying to work out system bugs but they are also behind on the integration of some social platforms, one in particular being Pintrest. A major downfall Wix has yet to overcome pertains to mobile compatibility. A “mobile version” of your site must be recreated, from scratch, using a different template.
SquareSpace, a highly regarded website hosting platform offers more capabilities and advanced features. Additionally, as seen throughout online reviews, it is well-received by individuals who rely on SEO to generate an audience. It appears Wix has a lot of catching up to do when compared to its more sophisticated counterparts.
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WIX -- excellent

September 24, 2014

Make sites with templates or make you rown with a blank page.
Drag and drop, adjust, upload, animate, lots of apps, hidden tags, etc etc.

1] Usability 4/5
2] Package deal -- 4/5
3] Technical aspects -- 4/5
4] Space and speed -- 4/5
5] Creativity -- Wix gives you the tools.. It's up to you. You have the option to make it what you want to.

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