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About Wisdom Panel

If you watched the Puppy Bowl this year, you might have wondered how each breed was verified. Perhaps you didn’t watch the Bowl, but are simply interested in your dog’s genetic background. If either of these situations applies to you, you should consider Wisdom Panel, the official DNA test of Puppy Bowl XV and your solution to finding out where exactly your dog came from.

How Does Wisdom Panel Work?

Wisdom Panel is easy to use. All you need to do is collect your dog’s DNA with a cheek swab before activating your kit online. Once you have purchased the canine DNA test package, you can send in the kit. It comes with prepaid shipping, so all you need to do is drop it off at the post office.

Wisdom Panel will then provide you with a customized online report of your dog’s genetics. You can determine your dog’s ancestry and breeds detected, and you’ll also receive a snapshot of his physical health and exact age.

When you get your results back, you will receive an easy-to-understand pie chart of your dog’s breed identification. Better than filling out a quick, generic online breed quiz, this kind of testing compares your dog’s DNA profile with signatures from a database of over 15,000 samples from purebred animals. The test also screens for genetic health conditions, letting you know if your dog is at risk of developing or is a carrier for one of these conditions.

Cost and Price Plans

There are several Wisdom Panel packages available for purchase, with the two most popular being the Wisdom Panel Health and the Wisdom Panel 4.0. Both packages provide breed percentage pie charts and ancestry trees, as well as a basic genetic health panel. Both measure adult weight and give detailed information about the breed.

However, the Wisdom Panel Health provides an advanced health screening that tests for over 150 genetic conditions. This screening can be particularly useful in identifying the level of severity, age of onset, and likelihood of development of certain genetic illnesses. As a result, Wisdom Panel Health is slightly more expensive, coming in at $149.99. The WIsdom Panel 4.0 costs $84.99. These prices include tax, but not shipping.

How Long Does it Take?

Once the sample has been received at the analysis laboratory, most results are available within two or three weeks. At this time, the results report will be available for viewing. No physical report is mailed, with all information being available entire online in a printable format.

These tests are some of the most advanced genetic tests in the world that are commercially available, so it takes a while to get the information back. All tests are conducted in a deliberate, painstaking manner to ensure that they are of the highest quality and as accurate as possible.

Customer Service

Wisdom Panel is not possible to return if you conduct the test and believe it to be inaccurate. However, they do offer full refunds if you decide to cancel your order before the order is processed. You can also refund your kit if you receive it and then return it back in an unopened condition.

Customers rave about Wisdom Panel’s excellent customer service. The company offers both phone and email customer service lines for any questions, and there are also good website resources about canine DNA testing. The company has a rational return and refund process, making any concerns easy to deal with.

Customer Reviews/Complaints

One of the major complaints about Wisdom Panel is that it can only be shipped within the United States and Canada, with Canadians paying additional shipping fees.

Most reviews of Wisdom Panel are positive, with regular consumers and certified DNA experts alike weighing in. Reviewers state that it is important to read the instructions carefully, as the administration of the test can affect the outcome of the test. Reviews also recommend calling the company to receive a replacement test if you disagree with the results. This can offer further clarification and a better idea of how accurate your test results may be.

While very few reviews claim that the results generated from this kind of testing are fake, some purchasers were disappointed in that they only received information that they already knew about their dog. This can be frustrating if you are already relatively certain about your dog’s genetic background, but definitely not a reason to eschew the product altogether.

Customers don’t like the overall cost of Wisdom Panel, but most agree that it is one of the best on the market, recognizing almost all AKC-recognized breeds. It comes with two swabs and the organization partners with animal rights groups for a charitable cause.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are other genetic health kits you can purchase as alternatives to Wisdom Panel. These products all work in similar manners, but have slightly different processes and results.

One of the most common choices is Wisdom Panel vs Embark. Embark has a longer turnaround time than Wisdom Panel, while Embark is reportedly easier to use in terms of the swabbing wand. Wisdom Panel includes more simplified instructions, but Embark tests for more genetic health conditions. 

When considered in comparison vs DNA My Dog, another common test, Wisdom Panel was again a clear winner. DNA My Dog has fewer breeds in its database, which won’t allow you to receive the same kind of accuracy in your tests. It is less expensive than the other options, but many consumers complain about its accuracy.

Wisdom Panel vs Royal Canin is another matter. This genetic test is carried out at by a veterinarian and can determine specific breed and disease information as well. This can be slightly more expensive, as it requires a visit to the veterinarian, but can also be more accurate in that it tests via the blood and you aren’t responsible for extracting the DNA sample yourself.

If you’re interested in an even more comprehensive professional test, Wisdom Panel also offers a service available at veterinary clinics, known as the Wisdom’s Banfield Canine Genetic Analysis This service requires a blood test, and allows for a more detailed breed analysis as well as health screenings for dozens of conditions. This test is slightly more accurate, with efficacy scores of nearly 90 percent.

Where Can I Buy Wisdom Panel?

Wisdom Panel is available from a number of retailers, including Chewy.com and Amazon. Chewy  offers a slight discount on the basic breed identification test, and offers free one to two day shipping. It is also available on Amazon, where you can purchase the kit with free Prime shipping. 

Finally, the easiest way to purchase Wisdom Panel may be directly from the manufacturer. The advantage of purchasing the kit direct is that you will then receive access to Wisdom Panel’s exceptional customer service and support.

Is Wisdom Panel Worth It?

To date, Wisdom Panel has provided genetic testing for over a million dogs, utilizing specific markers and algorithms to determine your dog’s background. This form of genetic testing relies on Illumina Infinium chips, processed and analyzed at the world’s largest animal genomics testing facility. This kind of science makes Wisdom Panel one of the most credible and legitimate breed identification and genetic testing services on the market. 

Genetic testing can help you learn more about your dog’s background, something you might have a distinct curiosity about. However, beyond that, genetic testing can help uncover any potential health issues your pet might have, allowing you to engage in preventive treatments and long-term healthcare plans. 

Wisdom Panel is worth it if you are interested in enhancing the relationship between you and your pet, as well as improving your dog or cat’s overall wellbeing. It’s also a great tool for veterinarians and breeders. If you want to learn more about your pet’s ancestry, consider Wisdom Panel as a top research resource. 

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