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About is a search engine specifically designed for finding information about people, with their website stating that they are “the world’s largest people search engine.”

Search engines designed specifically for finding information on people are becoming more and more popular. Whether you are trying to find a high school sweetheart or are looking for information on someone you are looking to hire, people are finding many reasons these days to look up available personal information.

These people specific search engines use the name and last known documented location of the person to filter the internet and find all pieces of information that may be related to the person you are looking for. behaves as an aggregate of information. They are a free service, and as such they do not compile or verify the information they find. Rather, they just direct you to a variety of individual internet resources that claim to have information on the person you are searching.

Other people search services are sometimes willing to provide visitors with an “Opt Out” that allows them to request their information be blocked if someone comes searching for them. But because is an aggregate site, you don’t really have any control over removal of your information from their website.

They do claim to offer a feature that allows you to “Take Control” of what information will come up when someone searches for you, such as phone numbers, addresses, websites, work information, etc, but at the time of this review that feature was not in service.

Something you should keep in mind when using people finder internet search engines, is that all these sites – whether paid or free – are only legally allowed to give you information that is accessible to the public. Records that may be sealed or not available for general public knowledge will be unable to be accessed by online people finding search engines.

Also, as these search engines simply compile publically available information, they generally come with a disclaimer that the information you find on their websites cannot be used as a reason for not hiring an employee.

If anyone has any experience with this service, please leave your reviews below.

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