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About Wine Fellas

All the wine connoisseurs know that a surprising number of today’s wine brands use appallingly high levels of chemical additives in production of their beverages.

This practice is further perpetuated by the national regulations, which don’t require that the manufacturers clearly state the exact ingredients of the wine bottle’s content.

As a result, they are more or less free to put any of the unhealthy and unnatural chemicals and, at the same time, market the product as a high-quality natural wine.

The Schoch family has been in the wine-making business for four generations now and their approach can be described as an informed strive towards the production of completely natural and organic grape wines.

Their knowledge and dedication has positioned them as leaders in California wine production. The current custodian of the Schoch family legacy is Galen Schoch.

He has not only relaunched his parents’ wine label, Schochenfels, but also founded Wine Fellas. The latter is a wine club for those who love wine made out of pure grapes and won’t settle for expensive, chemically-infused beverages that are being marketed these days.


All of the Schoch wines pass through a series of tests, which allow for putting up an accurate and detailed ingredients list as well as nutritive information charts on all the wine labels.

Now, when it comes to the ingredients themselves, they are what makes the wine natural. Pair them with the unrushed process of fermentation and you will have wine as it was for thousands of years before the lab chemicals took over the whole process.

These mass production wines loaded with additives is what an average wine consumer is used to. Even those expensive wines that are marketed around the world can easily fall in the trap of chemically rushing the production process due to high demand.

Wine Fellas’ wines are different – using only the “antique” ingredients and recipe, their manufacturers deliver fine, natural dry wines with character and almost no added sugar. On the other hand, the Wine Fellas wine club connects you to those dedicated manufacturers.

How Does It Work?

Earth-friendly, low sulfites, artisan wines from around the world will be shipped to your address each month, should you choose to join the Wine Fellas club.

You just have to pick the number of bottles, the wine type and the style and then wait. Once your monthly payment has been processed, you will be sent the package.

Cost and Price Plans

Although the wines’ types, tastes and origins vary greatly, the price of the subscription package is fixed, so there are no surprises there.

Three bottles of your chosen wine and an extra govino glass will cost you $97, but when it comes to larger packages, you will get a discount.

More specifically, a pack of 6 bottles and two govino glasses will come with a discount of 10%, i.e. at a price of $174. On the other hand, a 12-bottle box along with four govino glasses and a natural wine book costs, with a 15% discount, $329.

Even if we disregard the nice touches like the glasses that come with the packages, these prices seem reasonable, considering the work and quality which characterize each of the bottles you will be sent.

Customer Service

Wine Fellas stand by their guarantee of quality, so if your order includes bottles that are damaged, flawed, or you have some other complaint, you can return them. You will be refunded as soon as your return shipment has reached the Wine Fellas address.

However, keep in mind that these are alcoholic beverages, so your return request cannot be accepted if the bottles aren’t corked or flawed.

Additionally, once your return shipment has been received, the shipment and handling costs will be deducted from the amount of money to be refunded to your account.

Cancellations of the subscription are a bit simpler, since all you have to do is log into your Wine Fellas account and deactivate it.

For any further questions regarding these listed problems, or any other, you can contact their customer support at +1 (866) 986 2346, or via email at [email protected]

Online Reviews/Complaints

Online forums currently don’t have discussions regarding the quality of Wine Fellas’ subscription, which is understandable, since they are still developing their club.

However, the relevant online press seems to be quite generous on the praise for Wine Fellas’ wines. Additionally, they seem to be really active on social media and their relationship with their customers on these networks looks quite close.

Competitors and Alternatives

Wine Fellas is not the only wine club out there. There is a number of other similar organizations and many have features that are quite the same, to be honest.

Eco Wine club has a wide selection of wines, but their prices are not fixed. They depend upon the bottle, so you will have to take some time choosing and deciding which one best suits your tastes and finances.

Counter Culture Wine also stresses the purity of their ingredients, but their choices seems to be somewhat limited. Secco wine club functions the same way Wine Fellas does pricing-wise and they are even more affordable than Fellas’ subscriptions.

Still, there is one thing Wine Fellas has which no other club can match: long-standing tradition.

Where to Buy?

You can subscribe for your monthly Wine Fellas wine packages online, on their website at


If you enjoy your wine but you want to try something different and more natural, independent wineries are certainly a way to go. However, they can be hard to locate and reach.

Fortunately, wine club subscriptions provide you with straight-to-your-doorstep delivery of these exclusive beverages.

Wine Fellas offers pure wines, from the heart of Napa Valley and their tradition backs their claims of dedicated and knowledgeable wine-making. In other words, they are a good choice if you choose to join a wine club.

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