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About Wikibuy

Wikibuy, found online at, is a new browser extension that offers their users the ability to automatically have all the price comparison information they need without any extra time or effort. 

How Does It Work?

The goal of the Wikibuy website is to offer their customers a chance to “know the best price, automatically” whenever they are searching for a product or item to purchase online, and all you have to do is install a free browser extension onto your Chrome web browser.

Once the extension is installed, all you have to do is shop online like you normally would. For example, say you are attempting to find a cat bed on The Wikibuy extension will then automatically search other participating retailers, like or pet stores, to see whether or not the offer the same or similar products at a lower price. 

In addition the extension will search discount and coupon websites to see whether or not that particular retailer is offering any promotions which can be applied to your purchase to make it cheaper. sales that no retailer can pay them in order to be featured more prominently than any other retailer – the only factors that affect their recommendations to their users are the product and the price. 

Finally, all purchases are actually made directly through Wikibuy, so customers can save their payment information to single website and know that it’s not being shared with other websites they may be new to or aren’t necessarily comfortable with. 

Cost/Price Plans

Currently Wikibuy is completely free of charge for customers who wish to add this extension to their browser and use it to find comparable or better deals at other retailers. The money that Wikibuy earns is paid by the retailers they partner with whenever a customer changes their original retailer and chooses to purchase their product through Wikibuy instead.  

Refund Policy

The Return and Refund Policy with Wikibuy is especially particular because Wikibuy acts as a payment processor, managing all the payment information and eventually transferring the payment to the retailer in exchange for your order. 

Because of this, any customers who wishes to return their product for a refund must first go through Wikibuy. Customers will need to go into their Wikibuy account to start the process, and click the Order History option from the menu. Here you will be able to initiate your return process, by providing the information for what you are returning and why. Once their Customer Service team receives your message, they will respond to you within 24 hours to explain your full return instructions. 

Once you follow the return instructions and successfully mail your purchase back to the retailer, they will inform Wikibuy of its successful return, and Wikibuy will issue your refund as soon as possible.   

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Us link, which is place at the upper right hand corner of their website.


Unfortunately this company has almost no reviews, which is problematic specifically because they offer to act as a payment processor for their customers, holding on to all financial and credit card information and processing returns and refunds if needed.

These are incredibly serious responsibilities, and without any other companies or customers speaking about their personal experiences with this service, customers may find it difficult to know whether to trust this company. This concern is made worse because this extension isn’t actually offered directly through the Google Chrome extension store, but rather only through their own website. 

Customers who have successfully or unsuccessfully tried this service for themselves should leave their reviews of this extension so other customers can know what to expect. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other websites which promise offer a similar service, but users will need to exit the website they are shopping at and go to another website and submit a search of that item to see other offers or coupons.

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Wikibuy reviews below.

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1 Review

Wikibuy doesn't work

April22, 2020

I just used Wikibuy to purchase a gas can which they claimed they could save me $15. I clicked on the wikibuy link and was sent to another seller, followed wikibuy instruction and they didn't save me a penny. I ended up paying the full price for the gas can. I could have gotten it cheaper by a few cents from Amazon. Don't get sucked in to wikibuy if you have a Capitol One card or any card that uses wikibuy. DON'T WASTE YOU TIME OR MONEY!

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1 Review


January19, 2020

I have been trying to get this app for the past 30 min and been asked to go through screen after screen after screen of verify this picture. They won't take any email or face book,I have no idea if it works because you can't get in to see if it does work! What a complete waste of time

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February 07, 2020


February 07, 2020


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1 Review

Say it isn't so

May26, 2019

I will give Wikibuy the benefit of doubt. I've been a programmer once-upon-a-time. I know the work involved in creating such a program that Wikibuy has done. In time (if they are seriously committed which I believe they are) they will have or should worked out all the bugs/kinks and added more improvements and then hopefully we will have a killer app that will save us a bundle almost every time we shop. My 3 Stars is base on what I've read I still have yet to try it. Once I have I will then revise my Rating to either positive (more stars) or negative (less stars) or leave it as it is if it was less than satisfactory.

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July 17, 2019

The heck... then gtfo

July 17, 2019

I didn't feel like reading your post, so I'll give it 2/5. That's about the same logic here.

October 29, 2019

Don't review a product if you have not tried it. Don't be an ass

November 08, 2019

I've never used it, don't even have it installed. But, I'll go ahead and rate 3 stars because I know nothing about it. Maybe, one day, I'll install it and possibly use it and then I might rate it higher than 3 stars. Then again, I might rate it lower than 3 stars. And maybe, just maybe, I might just leave the rating at 3 stars.

March 17, 2020

Just curious or maybe I just like to hear myself talk...hmm or not. I'll let you know when or if figure it out..maybe.

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1 Review

Love it!!

January6, 2019

I have had occasion to test WikiBuy after purchasing an Amazon Show for a relative for Christmas. Wow! Very same product - Amazon Show (new in box as advertised) fo $50-$75.00 cheaper and 'new in box,;' which was incredible. Both were purchased as recommended through E-bay (new in box!)

Perfect..thank you WikiBuy!

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1 Review

How Wikibuy works I found very useful

December22, 2018

I buy on Amazon a lot for low cost purchases, but I knew I wanted to buy a rather expensive item (an EdgeStar KC2000SSTWIN Keg Fridge) and wasn't sure if Amazon was my best option.

I decided to give Wikibuy a try. It was interesting to me that when browsing the Wikibuy chrome extension adds an HTML div element to Amazon's product detail page with a class called __wb_container. This is used to essentially add Wikibuy functionality to the amazon shopping experience. I was about to easily see that I could save about $16 by choosing another retailer ( in this case), which I wasn't familiar with and would have never known about was it not for the Wikibuy extension.

That was the first think Wikibuy did, but there was one other thing that made the difference. After going to where their price was exactly the same as the lowest price I could find on Amazon, Wikibuy ran through 3 different promo/discount codes it knew about for the site. The best one was an additional 3% off offer that I could use with the lowest price. Wikibuy did this by actually using javascript to attempt the three different codes in the checkout experience on This took a little time so some patience was required, but I remember thinking this short wait was faster than me doing it by hand and certainly faster than me searching for discount codes on the internet to try by hand.

In all I was happy with the results and the experience and plan to use wikibuy again in the future. It's a bit invasive (taking over a portion of the product detail page), but I get why it has to be to provide the capability it does.

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1 Review

Don't waste your time

December20, 2018

I have been bombarded with adds for Wiki Buy as I've surf the web recently. I decided to try and see if the Hype was worthy of the product. I buy quite a bit online, so I thought I'd compare some prices I knew. Wiki Buy was way off on their 6 products where I knew the recent prices, in the last 30 days. I won't be wasting my time on their site. now I need to find out how to delete them from my computer.

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November 30, 2019

I want to delete Wikibuys from my computer also. I have contacted Wikibuys but so far no results.

Is not useful for me.

January 12, 2020

Did you try looking in your programs? There is probably a YouTube video about how to delete it

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1 Review

Some readability problems

October6, 2018

This isn't about wikibuy, but I noticed some grammer things you might want to fix.

1st paragraph: should be "it's users" not their. Their is used later in the sentence to refer to the customers.

2nd paragraph: ditto

3rd paragraph: should be "they" offer.

5th paragraph: 2nd word, "sales" should be "states".

Later: "Any customers who wishes"

We all get in a hurry sometimes!

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October 14, 2018

It's very nice that you are a person who cares about grammar, because there are not enough of those in this world. However, it's spelled "grammar." "It's" is a contraction of "it is," so the word you're looking for is "its," with no apostrophe. "Any customers who wish" is correct as written, or "any customer who wishes" would also be correct, but not "customers" and "wishes."

October 25, 2018

You Go mamiebelle!

October 25, 2018

Good for you mamiebelle! It irks me when people decide they are the grammar police, and are WRONG. I am so glad you put them in their place!

December 03, 2018

It's great there are so many people willing to lend a helping hand without being capricious. After all, we're all just human and can only hope to learn from our mistakes and that others are willing to help us do so as well. Feel free to correct any grammatical errors in my comment. I'm always looking to learn. Thanks!

December 05, 2018

Here is another typo.. sales (think you meant to say "says" not sales) that no retailer can pay them in order to be featured more prominently than any other retailer

December 06, 2018

I use Grammarly and although it's a bit annoying, when I write professional emails I feel better once it finds things that I say wrong.

December 15, 2018

Corey, before you post a critique of someone's writing, make sure your critique is error-free. "1st paragraph: should be "it's users" not their." No. It's is the contraction of "it is" as in "it's raining". "Its" denotes ownership.

January 16, 2019

In criticizing Wikibuy's grammar, you misspelled grammar.

January 30, 2019


February 28, 2019

omg. it's about the purchases you find, you dummy.

March 13, 2019

Did you mean "grammar" by any chance?

May 26, 2019

LOLOL I'm laughing my head off on this one. You know when someone has use a program to correct someone else's flaw by all their own flaws as they attempt to explain the flaws of others. L.B James you caught Cory with his pants down. Thank You for a good laugh.

July 13, 2019

its, not it's. The latter is a contraction of it is.

September 12, 2019

English Majors?!?!? Sounds like my wife keeping the communications accurate. Helpful? I am sure it was with a helpful spirit.

April 05, 2020

Now if only your wife could learn how to spell "grammar"

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1 Review

I am quite pleased

October5, 2018

So far, I am very pleased with Wikibuy. I've been using it for several weeks. I just purchased a $1200 camera security system from Amazon for $895 because Wikibuy directed me to a 3rd party Amazon seller. Amazon Prime would deliver in 2 days but this 3rd party seller delivered in only 3 days even though he was not Prime. I am very pleased. I have also been directed by Wikibuy from Amazon to Overstock for a $40 curved shower rod that Amazon wanted $50 for. Same item, same brand. I am please with that item and transaction as well. I have always been directed to reputable websites - never anything shady or questionable. Of course, you have to use your brain for ALL transactions, Wikibuy or not. So far, I have not returned any items to which I was directed by Wikibuy. I honestly do not know that that will make any difference as so far I have already had accounts at the sites Wikibuy directs me to. I use Ebates on top of Wikibuy and that saves me even more money.

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