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WiFi Blast Scam
March 19, 2022

Yes I also know now it is a scam. I purchased mine 2 years ago and found it did not really help my WIFI issues, so I boxed it up and put it away. About 6 months later I got a phone call from a blocked number with and Indian or Pakistani accent stating that I had not set up the Wi Fi blast properly and that they would help me set it up. I was away at the time and said that I would not be able to do any setting up until next week and to ring me back... they never did.

I have just had another call today from an Indian person, again no caller id (this is now 2 years after I purchased it) stating that it was not set up properly and that they would help me set it up again. I said sorry I do not want to use it and he said that they would give me a full refund.

He passed me to his supervisor, also Indian who asked me to plug in the WiFi blast. I said no that it was not here so then he said that he wanted to send me some paperwork for me to fill out then they would arrange for it to be collected and a refund of $136.00AUD given. I said I would give him an email to send the paperwork to, he said no I would need to download TeamViewer and he would send the paperwork that way......RED FLAGS.

It is now going in the bin.

PatAylesbury May 18, 2022

Had problems with them. I found it did not help my wifi. They also said it wasn't set up properly and asked me to use Team Viewer and some other program that would let them into my computer. (very RED Flag) It's over 2 years since I purchased it and they keep ringing me me every few months. I have told them to stop but they still keep ring me. I hang up on them as soon as I know who they are. Also private number so I can't block it

It's a Scam Full Stop, Do Not Purchase
December 1, 2021

Having purchased the wifiblast over 1 year ago and no success setting up or configuring even with guided instructions I just removed it completely and put it down to a wasted investment.

However earlier this week I was called out of the blue by someone purporting to be from wifiblast saying that my unit had not been configured as yet which was accurate. I was not able to take this call so instead advised the bloke to call on the next day. I forgot this appointment and asked to return call the following day when I was home.

He initially confirmed purchase details, model number, etc but was advised to download teamviewer which I have used previously. I was skeptical with this but proceeded, during this guided instruction to configure properly it then said unit no longer working or similar and said we can order a refund of your purchase to credit card which was relayed to me and was accurate.

Was then forwarded to a lady for refund that then requested I open my bank account for the refund to proceed, WHILST TEAM VIEWER was also open. This immediately raised an alarm as they could see all of my bank details but she pushed me further to say that this is how its done. I said that they can send this paperwork to my email instead. She said ok we will send you the email without confirming the address and tried hanging up the call. I tried to ask her for to wait whilst I retrieve this email and to this time nothing has arrived in my email account so I don't believe these people are actually from the web store I purchased from and have only one intention to scam whoever will accept this method of returning funds for something that does not work.



EllyDokman October 10, 2022

For me the same. Don't buy it.

Total Scam
June 6, 2021
Total scam and they are still claiming to need access to yourcomputer in order to reconfigure the device. Law enforcement need to shut them down - but simply aren't interested

Ask for access to my computer?
April 23, 2021

Having purchased a wifi blast I did not experience the claimed advantages. Acquired about June 2020. What bothers and concerns me more was the phone call from supposedly Wifi Blast, about reconfiguring the unit or the need to, and the person on the phone(which was on No Caller ID) firstly inferred to a refund but needed my card number? To which I replied that he didn’t need my card number as he should be able to do a reversal as he / the company would already have it upon purchase!

Then he insisted that he needed access to my computer to do the reconfigure, stating that I only had 4 days to do it, to which my reply was ”There is no way you’re getting access to my computer.“ This seemed to aggravate him by his tone. Then a quick down hill from there as I was told the refund would be forfeited/ unit would be useless.

I thanked him for his **** product and service and hung up. (About February 2021). Only to receive another phone call today 23/4/2021 from a lady this time, after going through my product Id spiel I informed her about the call already received !!

By the time I finished, she had hung up. So make of it what you may, but glad to lose $40 bucks then everything? Still no one likes to be ripped off, this is the electronic age in which we live. Buyer beware! Make up your own mind? As I chose unwisely

Morangup6083 May 11, 2021

WIFI BLAST admit they had their database stolen and you will now get calls from low lifes on a private number. DO NOT TALK TO THEM. HANG UP STRAIGHT AWAY. WIFI BLAST say it's your problem not theirs...

JohnSampson June 06, 2021

The wifiblast scam is still underway and they claim they need access to your computer in order to reconfigure the unit.

They need to be eradicated by law enforcement (but they aren't interested, so JUST STEER CLEAR).

DeborahGardner July 14, 2021

Helpful advice.

Terrible product if not computer suavy. Have to create more passwords and usernames
July 27, 2020
Wasted $40 or more on this product which was delivered promptly. Never was told that there would be a need for new passwords and usernames and also unsaid that our current network would be discarded for this new device. I do not know what information this company would be taking from ones device. I have already had more than one instance of ID Theft and who knows what confidential information they are taking from you. NO one indicates how secure your information is. Now I lost some cord to this thing and probably wouldn't get a refund anyway since no return address nor warranty was provided. No website was provided to get further product information and no chat, email, or phone technical assistance is provided anywhere whether in print with the product or online. Very suspicious indeed. Lost money with no benefit whatsoever. All I was told was that just plugging it in would yield results without any other process. If anyone knows anything write me at [email protected]. Thank you.

Awful Service
July 23, 2020

I purchased this devise on July 10, 2020. As of today, July 23, 2020 I haven't received it. The shipping service is awful! I contacted customer service but they didn't provide me with any specific information. Below please find the shipping history with no end! Shipping started with UPS and now is with USPS.

07/22/2020 12:26 P.M. Hollywood, FL, United States Shipment Acceptance at Post Office

07/20/2020 12:09 P.M. Orlando, FL, United States Package departed UPS Mail Innovations facility enroute to USPS for induction

07/19/2020 3:46 P.M. Orlando, FL, United States Package received for sort by destination UPS Mail Innovations facility

07/14/2020 4:40 A.M. Fife, WA, United States Package transferred to destination UPS Mail Innovations facility

07/14/2020 1:06 A.M. Fife, WA, United States Package processed by UPS Mail Innovations origin facility

07/13/2020 10:06 P.M. Fife, WA, United States Package received for processing by UPS Mail Innovations

07/13/2020 6:00 P.M. Hayden, ID, United States Shipment tendered to UPS Mail Innovations

07/12/2020 8:11 P.M. Hayden, ID, United States Order Shipped

07/12/2020 8:08 P.M. Hayden, ID, United States Shipment information received by UPS Mail Innovations

May 22, 2020

I tried wifiblast, when it came, it didn't even power up, I wiggled it the light came on for a second then went off, tried other outlets and the same, it was clear that it had an internal open circuit issue.

I contacted customer service via email, she didn't offer a replacement, or even a proper return, instead her first email response was an offer for me to keep the item for a 65% refund, when I told her that it doesn't work 100% of the time, she got an attitude, and told me to return it but would still be partial refund.

After returning the item with a tracking number and signature receipt, it took me two months to get a refund and even had to get the credit card company involved.

Won't give you better speeds like they suggest
April 25, 2020
The problem isn't that it won't extend your range as you suggest or that it isn't a good way to make your wifi go farther, that's exactly what it is and there are lots of them. It's that they make it sound like it will give you better internet. They prey on people who don't know any better. Your internet company doesn't give a damn how fast your wifi is. It doesn't change the speed of your connection. What you should remember when choosing a provider is that what you are paying for is more upload speed than download.

JoyceJonas April 06, 2021

Wifiblasts.com is the maker of all original wifiblast. Due to its success, copycats of the product started permeating online. In 2020 Wifiblast International won a copyright infringement suit against a chinese company in a $2M lawsuit for using the name wifiblast.

JerryCrosby September 10, 2021

If you talk to your internet provider, they will tell you that the speed is only guaranteed for a computer directly connected to your router via network cable, Wifi depends on the type of router ( I have an AC router), age of the computer, and hardware. I have a 200 Mbps speed service speed connection. Wireless 2.4 GHz gets me 62 Mbps download speed.,

Using the 5 GHz connection on a 4-year-old HP desktop with OEM Wifi gets 165 Mbps. on my 5 GHz connection 1-year-old HP laptop gets, 230 Mbps on a 5 GHz connection. My 5-year-old desktop, connected via Cat 7 network cable gets 234 Mbps. In conclusion, Any benefit is dubious. Save your money and upgrade your hardware. Wifi 6 is coming out supporting 1000 - 7000 Mbs.