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Works for me
January 24, 2014
Been taking it for two months and it's really been night and day diffrence how I was before. Much better digestion and no more bloating. Until I can find something better, it's great

I think their legit
January 24, 2014
I'm not a paid writer (although I wish I knew what sets you off to know that). I ordered keybiotics and received my first bottle. I have been taking it for over two weeks and noticed first my increased energy (struggling with rebounding from mono for about two years) and the ability to digest dairy again with less pain and no bathroom issues. I'm still trying to decide if they are better than others, but some of the cheaper ones I tried never showed noticeable results. So maybe the extra cost is worth it. I'm gonna stick wth it for another bottle and see what happens. But they are legit- they did send me my bottle and I've had no weird charges or anything on my card

honest review
January 21, 2014
my previous probiotics, which i loved, have become very difficult to acquire since the company was bought out by Johnson&Johnson (i was originally a faithful user of New Chapter GI Formula probiotics, and raved about them) and I recently switched over to Keybiotics. I didn't notice a difference in the transition, so I would say these are just as good. They are more expensive, unless you buy a 6 month supply which makes them competitive to my previous brand. I will continue using them until something "better" becomes available. All and all I think it is a good product.

New Customer Jim M.
January 18, 2014
Just got my shipment 1/18/2014, I ordered it on Wed. 1/15/2014, at 2:30PM Pacific time. They sent six bottles as ordered there are two of us who are going to try this product. I will keep you posted on the results that we experience.

January 14, 2014

NoVa January 14, 2014

To those who have not received a shipment, I ordered 6 bottles and received them a little late, but did receive them. I haven't tried to call, but when I sent them emails they responded within 1 business day. I even accidentally ordered 3 times and they promptly refunded the two errors right away. Maybe try email instead of phone?

They also sent me a note declaring they are back-logged. They are in fact so back-logged that they are only sending 1 bottle to people who ordered more. (I think I was one of the last to get multiple bottles). I can't speak to the effectiveness of the product yet, but I do think the company is legit. I think they're just overwhelmed a little by how effective the video turned out to be.

I promise I am not paid by them in any way. Just a regular 38 year old lady in NoVa.

Hi Keybiotics paid writers!
January 10, 2014

Hello to all of the writers out there who are paid for by keybiotics! You are very easy to spot. You do more to discredit their product then if they had no reviews at all. Keybiotics--wise up!--your consumers are not stupid. If your product is legitimate then send it to real people, let them try it and then let them write REAL reviews for themselves. This marketing technique is super hot all over the web right now--especially in the "health" industry. Fortunately it is bound to go belly up sooner rather than later. Consumers will learn to see through this technique, just as we always eventually do. Silly corporations. And it's too bad too--Keybiotics MAY be a good product for all we know...we just don't know...because your sales gimmick is making your company look shady.

Thank you, that is all.

lisa nugent January 27, 2014

Wow - I really wish folks that have not actually USED a product would refrain from reviewing it! if Miss Ditty Ditty you feel that there is a marketing conspiracy going on then maybe you could have commented on the review that you felt was a marketing ploy but no you had to go ahead and give it a review of your own with a 1 star rating without even having tried the product. Not very fair at all. And no I am not a paid writer for Keybiotics. Just a person who reads reviews prior to electing to try new products. I'm not sure if you even bothered to research the product or the company but after having done so myself, I will be ordering Keybiotics as it appears to be a great product at a very affordable price. Once I have tried it, I will be able to write a VALID review that others might find useful.

Aaron Miles Davis January 29, 2014

"as it appears to be a great product at a very affordable price" that isn't very indifferent of you either... and there are people from companies that will; write fake reviews on websites... also why not scold the people who are giving positive reviews without ordering it either?

When will I receive my Shipment???
January 9, 2014

I have been on hold for 2 hours and I have sent 3 emails. My next email is the fraud department of my credit card who will cancel this payment.

Good product
January 8, 2014

It's an excellent product but I think it's case by case. Some people need to cut on the carbs, especially refined sugars, because it's poison anyway.

I believe some guys writing bad reviews here on Keybiotics simply work for competitors...

Larry Clone January 22, 2014

You're a liar and you probably work for this fraudulent company.

scam scam scam
January 7, 2014
I never got my shipment. do not order from these people

Natty January 08, 2014

@ ana : This is NOT a valid review! What you say has NOTHING to do with Keybiotics! Mistakes can happen anywhere anytime and when it happens: you HAVE to CALL the company (or write) and have the problem fixed!

Or maybe it's because you work for a competitor ?

ana January 09, 2014

well how much did you spend apparently not enough. I called and emailed and got no reply. so do not talk if you do not know the facts Natty!!!!

Larry Clone January 22, 2014

Natty, every time you say "maybe you work for a competitor" you out yourself as working for these scammers. Good work. But then again, it's not a secret that criminals have lower average IQs than the general population.

IT WORKS!!!!!!
January 3, 2014

Wow, this product does miracles for me!! I was waking up every morning with a headache; it stopped the first day I started the capsules! Then the next day, my constipation problems: gone! I had also many other symptoms (heartburn, stomach and esophagus pain, acid reflux, fatigue, depression, muscular pain, dry mouth). All those symptoms disappeared and I'm only at the 3rd week!! Even the hair loss: everybody loses hair every day, but I see a significant't improvement on that too. I highly recommend you give it a try.

Thank you so much Whole Body Research!!

Larry Clone January 22, 2014

Is your other name Natty?

trying probiotics
January 3, 2014
They almost had me until they said I could take their product and see the results without any changes in lifestyle/diet. That those changes would magically happen on their own. I'm sorry, but I'll still with this organic yogurt i'm eating everyday, it may be a little tart, but at least I know there isn't anyone getting bloated on it, including profit margins.

Steve January 03, 2014

Brook Ariana,

It's pretty hard to listen to your comment when you didn't even try the product. I suppose that you got the advertisement today 1/3/14 just as I did. I will give it a try and see what it will do. If I feet just a little bit better, it will be worth it. Check back in in about 40 days and I will let you know what happened after taking them. I am ordering them today. If you can afford them, then it might be worth the trial just to be able to tell other people if they work or not. Obviously, you are fighting something or you wouldn't have listened to the video. If nothing else, please pray for me. I need help with my health. I would not have even given this a glance, but three days ago; several enormous, white sores developed in my mouth.

I'll let you know what happens.



Liz January 04, 2014

Hope your health improves!!!! Please review canceruncensored.com it has been extremely informative and that it what brought me to keybiotics! Hope you enjoy the read!

Keybiotics works
December 31, 2013
Keybiotics was a God-send for me. For all of my life I've had irregular bathroom habits, I even at one point thought I had Crohn's. Since I've started taking them I now only have one regular bowel movement a day instead of 6 or 7! I tried another probiotic before this and nothign happened so I'm really happy with these

Good company
November 27, 2013
Good company. Had a problem with my order and called customer service and they were very helpful. They off guarantees on all of their supplements and most companies don't do that so you know theyre good.

Is not what it is advertised as
November 14, 2013
I have used other probiotics such as Align and the Sams Club brand probiotics which worked much better than the Keybiotics I foolishly diecided to try for 1 month. My intestinal problems soon reverted back to their original irregularity after 1 week of Keybiotics. I have diverticulitis attacks and often take antibioitics and rely on probiotics to do their job. I read the reviews stating these were so good and contained so many more good bacteria, I had to try. Bad choice. I think perhaps the reviews are not legit. This one is. Buyer beware. We shall see if I get my money back as advertised....

David S November 27, 2013

Keybiotics is a great product for me. It;s probably not for everybody but they have more CFUs and more strains of probiotics (14!) than anything else out there. I've been taking it for a few months now and my IBS symptoms have gone way down, so I love it.

Elizabeth Krill January 06, 2014

I am surprised the Susan Alexander woman did not try the full month supply of Keybiotics. And what is foolish about trying a product? I think this woman should check with her doctor when she is taking antibiotics as to when she should even take probiotics since I have heard taking them at the same time as the antibiotic can reduce the effectiveness of the antibiotics. Best to take them before or after the prescription dosage is completed.

I am thinking of trying the Keybiotics to see if they help with stomach acid and other things. What impresses me about the Keybiotics is the concentration and the research. Probiotics work best when they are fresh. I doubt a retail store would have the freshest supply. Usually I would seek out a health food store for probiotics over Sams Club.

Elizabeth Krill January 06, 2014

The other thing I noticed on store brands of probiotics is that you need to take 3 per day. Keybiotics is one per day. I prefer one per day.

Chuck February 18, 2014

I take Sams Club probiotics and it is only 1 per day.

Doug Chaney May 22, 2015

As far as infomercials go, I categorically REFUSE to listen to ANYTHING that does not get TO THE POINT within the first minute. If something has to be hyped for twenty minutes BEFORE they tell you what their goal is (selling a service, or book, or pills or potions etc) then I have to assume it is aimed at folks that are gullible, that NEED to be led by the nose like a victim....

Either just SAY what it is and THEN try to justify it, or do not waste my valuable time ....hypes constructed and hawked like this are SO common and they drone on in the IDENTICAL "matter of fact" way as if they OF COURSE know everything there is to know on a subject! ....BULLLLL detector goes off after 5 seconds of hearing "the droning" sound of BS....

Doug Chaney May 22, 2015

Another tell tale sign if you ask me? There is no way to contact them via E-mail ...they do not want anything they are going to hard sell you with to be questioned in a way they have to risk answering in print is what I think ...they only want skilled "closers" talking LIVE on the phone so they can song and dance manipulate stupid fearful gullible people (of which there are plenty enough of apparently?)

There are just some wicked wicked people in this world that will involve themselves in any kind of sales hype if they think there is money it for them ....they have NO IDEA as to the claims of a product and don't care ....if it can make them money they will swear on their mother's grave that the product is totally legit and the science it trustworthy.

Bottom line I follow? If it sounds REALLY promising but is not in the News and the lips of the world? If it sounds "too good to be true" just assume that it is. furthermore, if someone is going to make money on convincing you (meaning that it is NOT a VERIFIABLE legit dot org, non profit, then just assume the motivation is GREED, no matter HOW convincing the voice you hear may be ...in fact, the better it "sounds" the more one ought to be skeptical! If one has not learned one's lesson yet about such folks, I guess there is no way around it but to be taken in a time or two, and if they are career victims? Nothing I can do to free them from their own gullibility..no?.