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Advanced Formula Hair Repair for Women- Fantastic Hair Growth Results
February 28, 2014

Since going through menopause, I had been having a problem with thinning hair. Every time I combed it, I would find 5-10 hairs left behind in the sink, and there was area at the back of my head where I developed a stubborn natural part. No amount of back combing could guaranty that it would stay covered up. My hair looked limp and lifeless and I was afraid I'd have to make a drastic change in my hair style.

I asked my doctors and my hairdresser if they could recommend something that would help me regrow some hair. I tried a couple topical treatments and took Biotin supplements, which did help for a short while, but nothing helped long term.

I did some research online and found that both my blood pressure and my cholesterol medications had side effects that included possible hair loss. Along the way, I also came across the Whole Body Research site. The Advanced Formula Hair Repair for Women sounded intriguing, and when I saw that it had a 30 day full money back guarantee, I thought what did I have to lose? I copied the list of ingredients, cleared its use with my doctor, and ordered a month's supply.

Within a week or two of taking one pill twice a day, I began noticing tiny hairs sprouting along my hair line, and after several weeks I was thrilled to see the part at the back of my head starting to fill in. The next time I went to get my hair cut, I told my hairdresser I had a surprise for her. She examined my scalp, and her exact words were, "That's AWESOME!" She has shown my results to other hairdressers over the past couple months and took down the product information to share it with her other clients who had similar thinning problems. She used to charge me for only a bang trim because there wasn't much to giving me a haircut, but now she's charging me the full amount, and I tease her that she has to work for her money.

As I continue taking the Advanced Formula Hair Repair supplements, I see more and more hair growth. My smooth, chin length hairstyle has much more body and feels so much healthier and fuller. I also want to mention that I have had no problem with hair growth in unwanted places. I have been using this wonderful supplement for 4 1/2 months now and highly recommend Advanced Formula Hair Repair for Women to my friends and to any women who have a problem with thinning hair. Thank you, Whole Body Research!!

Linda W.

February 28, 2014
One word: Keybiotics! If you struggle with tummy issues, please read my story. I have had gastrointestinal issues my entire life. To start with, my colon was not completely developed when I was born and it took several months for my GI tract to complete the development processes. In my teenage years, I became hooked on Dr. Pepper and sugar. I have an extreme sweet tooth!! My bowel movements have never been what most people would call healthy. Diarrhea would plague me for several days in a row followed by 3-4 days of extreme constipation and this has been going on for years. Guess what! I developed the “American Parasite.” It was such a blessing to come across the Whole Body Research video regarding the “American Parasite.” Every symptom applied to me and I knew I had to fix it. At this point in my life, I am a nurse of 17 years and I definitely trend more towards vitamins, herbs and minerals than I do modern medicine. I had been taking a regular acidophilus for 5 years but had not achieved the results that I was hoping for. When I saw the video, it changed my life!! I ordered enough Keybiotics for my mom and I to sample for a month and a half. My bowel movements are now normal!! I have not struggled with diarrhea and/or constipation since I started them! I feel better! The yeast overgrowth's that I had on my body are gone! Both of our energy levels have increased! We now crave foods that are better for us! Did you catch that? We crave foods that are better for us! I’ve told all of my co-workers and friends about Keybiotics. Whole Body Research has a whole line of items that we cannot wait to try. Thank you Whole Body!!

February 28, 2014

I have been taking Keybiotics for the past month and have already noticed a difference in my health. Let me explain why this is important to me.... For the past few years I have been very ill and had over 6 abdominal surgeries. I have had all but two inches of my large intestine removed and have an ileostomy. I am unable to get the benefit of all that I eat since foods move so quickly through the small intestine so as a result my state of well being has suffered. I am more prone to illness and infection now.

I believe keybiotics offer a boost to my immune system nutrition. (I also had my spleen removed) and overall nutrition.

Thank you for developing this product!!!!!

Linette H

SILVIA September 15, 2015


Keybiotics-benefits far outweigh the cost
February 28, 2014
I started taking Keybiotics one month ago and the results are incredible. I get sick frequently, have my entire life and because of all the antibiotics I have to take I frequently get yeast infections. In the past two months I have been on four different antibiotics for ear infections. I have not had one yeast infection in the last month and I believe that is solely due to faithfully taking one Keybiotic every day. I have also noticed other benefits to taking Keybiotics; increased energy, less insomnia, weight loss as well as having less problems and pain with my diverticulitis. I was diagnosed with diverticulitis several months ago and found I would commonly have stomach pain and digestive issues due to it, but I have noticed just a few weeks after taking the Keybiotics that I don't suffer pain or other problems with my diverticulitis like I used to. Although the price is a little steep for me I will continue to purchase and take Keybiotics every day because the benefits far outweigh the cost! Thank you Whole Body Research, for coming out with such a great product! Jaime Williams

Totally worth it!!
February 28, 2014
I started taking Garcinia Cambogia at the beginning of Dec 2013 I weighed 178 I took it exactly how it was directed and when I weighed myself at the start of this week Feb 24 2014 I now weigh 140!! I started a workout program at the same time as the pills 3-4 days a week nothing extreme a mile or 2 on the treadmill and about 20 minutes on the universal weight machine doing various exercises. I also changed the weigh I ate. However there was about 2 weeks where I was unable to work out and continued to lose weight especially in my stomach. I started out in a size 12 jeans and am now in a 4!! I absolutely love this product and have recommended it to everyone I know. I had zero side effects and will continue to order this product as well as try other ones whole body recommends.

Whole body research
February 27, 2014

I recently viewed the video about the great deception about the foods we consume

and the role of big business attacking our health. It was just after the holidays

already an indulgent time of year that the Whole Body Research video was

so compelling for me that I forwarded it to my friends and family. Even more

compelling was I couldn't leave the site without trying Keybiotics! I had to

try it!

I used to be able to eat anything, but the last couple of years heartburn has

plagued me. I typically suffer from indigestion and acid reflux. I always have

antiacid medicine in my purse.

I saw rapid relief with my indigestion within days of taking Keybiotics. I slept

comfortably through the nights! Each and every night. It was great!

It was as if an "army" of immediate relief helped my body breakdown

foods that I've always enjoyed and even foods that have been

commercially altered unbeknownst to even diligent consumers.

I feel great and Keybiotics has been the "key" to correcting my

diet. Thank you Whole Body Research!

Y Christie

Garcinia Cambogia
February 27, 2014

I'd like to first and foremost thank you and your team at Whole Body

Research for your amazing products and support for leading a healthier lifestyle. I recently bought the Garcinia Cambogia pills and I love them. My mom started the supplement and encouraged me to try them because of her results. I am currently in the middle of my 30 say supply but I am already seeing great results. I am experiencing increased energy, my workouts are much more efficient, and I continue to feel stronger every day. I would love to learn more about other supplements that would enhance my lifestyle and help me reach all my fitness goals. I look forward to learning from you and your team!

February 26, 2014

I have been hearing more and more about the advantages of taking a probiotic to help counteract the effects of all the processed foods and chemicals in the foods we eat. Apparently it is important to have a balance of good and bad bacteria in our intestines. I began to have issues with digestion and found that my immune system seemed to have stopped or slowed down the fight. Some probiotics must be refrigerated which leads to concern over shipping and storing so, which one do you buy? I did some research and at the same time received an email from Whole Body Research promoting your product, “Keybiotics”. I decided to give it a try. I have used the product for only two weeks (approx) and I feel like it is having a positive effect on my digestion. I no longer have the same feeling after a meal. It is too soon to tell if my immune system has improved but I look forward to more good results. SO far, so good!.

Believe it, it works!!
February 26, 2014

Well I received my first bottle of garçinia cambogia the end of January. I put them in the cabinet.the following week I began to take the garçinia cambogia. I take one half hour before breakfast and another one 1/2 hour before dinner, along with eating sensible I have now lost 23 pounds!! The garçinia cambogia keeps my hunger in control. I no longer crave good like I used too, in fact , there are times that I have to force myself to eat, I'm just not hungry .

I've had no side effects from the garçinia cambogia.ive been overweight all my life, tried every fad diet out there but always to no avail til now.

I did my homework before buying the garçinia cambogia and whole body had the best qualifications,no fillers just pure garçinia cambogia.

Thanks to your product I know I will b successful losing more weight.

Sent from my iPhone

Amazing.....I feel fantastic, and loosing a bit a of flab is a bonus!!
February 26, 2014
Though I’ve only been taking the Garcinia Cambogia for about 2 weeks now I can DEFINITELY see an improvement in my mood and sleep habits. I can honestly say I am normally a pretty positive person and at times been accused of being ‘perky’, but in the last few (at least 6) months have noticed I really had to work on my positive mental attitude and it didn’t seem to matter how early I went to bed at night I always felt tired and drained the next day. This had a huge impact on my eating and exercise habits. I used to love working out, and looked forward to my next Boot-camp or Kickboxing class (also accused of being bit crazy about it). Lately I would skip my workouts as I just didn’t feel motivated to go since I felt so drained and down. When a colleague made a remark about ‘putting on a little weight’ and I was noticing my clothes not fitting like they used to (some I couldn’t even wear anymore!) I really needed to do something. I had been hearing about GC and started to do some research. I read a Consumers’ Guide review of Whole Body Research’s product and warily decided to go ahead and order. I say ‘warily’ as I have been a victim of online weight loss supplement scams and was warned by friends and colleagues not to go there again. I did more research and the good reviews outweighed the bad, so I decided to go for it. I have to say I was really impressed with the response time of customer service, and that I was able to track my shipment until it arrived. Whole Body Research is NOT A SCAM, and though I have no plans to return my product for a refund I feel confident they will stand by their guarantee. I feel SOOOOO GOOD; I wake up each morning feeling refreshed, energized and ready for day. I’m back to having fun working out and find my cravings for ‘junk food’ diminishing….at this point the fact that my clothes are starting to loosen up (I don’t ‘do’ scales) is just a bonus on top of my mental well-being. Thanks Whole Body research, I look forward to trying more of your products.

Keybiotic's 37.5 billion organisms worked like magic!
February 25, 2014

I am 67 year old female who suffered with severe constitution problems for over 40 years. I could not find any effective treatment even though I worked in the medical field my entire adult life, first as a Medical Doctor in my former country for over from the time I graduated from Medical school in 1970 until I immigrated to the United States in the early 1990’s and as a Registered Nurse in this country until I retired a three years ago.

That is until I learned about Alternative Medicine and probiotics, subjects which were neglected in my mainstream medical training.

I started to use probiotics to help with digestive problems and to improve my immune system in general.

I was overjoyed when they worked magically, at least for a while. But then, for some unknown reason, the probiotics I was taking lost a lot of their effectiveness.

I searched for an explanation or and tried several alternative brands of probiotics, but nothing worked. Finally I came across an excellent article in Consumer guide which compared several products and rated your product, Keybiotic, as the best so I tried it.

I worked wonderfully, and I I have recommended Keybiotic to all my friends.

Thank you, Great Whole Body research!

Anna from Russia with love.

Just got it
February 25, 2014
I just ordered it in the mail, and have been using it for like a week now. I don't really see that big of a difference, but nothing bad has been caused by it. There is no "Drastic improvements" but i have been more alert. It has not helped my weight at all, but maybe I need to take it for a longer period of time. It's definitely not worth the price $. But I do see improvement with my attention span.

February 25, 2014

I have been using their product for two months now. I feel the benefits of the probiotics but not to the degree some of the other people who have sent feed back. Beware of the attempt for you to order more than one bottle at a time and the bargain offer to sigh up for monthly delivery and auto payments.

My last order I received the one monthly bottle promptly, but I added the six month supply offer to the order but did not receive it or get confirmation. I sent the email from their site asking status and they replied that Paypal had not paid them until they responded to my email. (7-10 days later) After 3 more weeks, still no delivery.

I sent another email asking for status, and still no reply. Finally, I called customer support and they claimed the shipment had not been made yet. They had no explanation or reason for this extreme delay.

I can say the product seems to be good. I will probably not do business with this company do to their lack of support or shipping policy for more than one bottle at a time.

February 23, 2014

I have been using keybiotics for 45 days. I understand every body is different. I wont tell you that my hair and teeth are growing back in or that my amputation has started to bud a new limb. Lets be serious. You only get so much. I have had no stomach issues. I have not had any problems with bad breath. Bowels are very regular. My skin, which has always been dry and patchy, is feeling less dry/ marginal improvement. I have more energy but have been sleeping somewhat less. Mental acuity is somewhat better. Problem with that is you cant't tell from self observation what might be attributed to the probiotics and or placebo effect.

Finally I had a chronic cough / sinus issues before starting keybiotics (for about the last 2 years). There were numerous trips to the Dr.'s office with no diagnosis and no cure or even suggestions. That has completely cleared. For this result alone it was worth the 3 month price.

About me: male, 60 yrs old , generally good health, moderately active. Not a health nut or an exercising demon.

Leah February 25, 2014

its way too expen$ive

Working Well
February 11, 2014
I have been taking Keybiotics for nearly a month and I am coming to the end of the first bottle. I had been suffering with daily diarrhea for months, other products either didn’t work or replaced the diarrhea with constipation. This product has helped my lower digestion immensely, more than the 5 or 6 different probiotics that I tried in the past. I’ve also noticed an increase in energy since I started taking the product. I can’t speak to the claims that it aligns your gut flora as I haven’t noticed any significant't change in my upper digestive system. The first order took nearly 3 weeks to arrive at my home in Western Canada. I didn’t think 3 weeks was that far out of the ordinary. I placed my re-order about 10 days ago and my hope is that the product arrives before my bottle runs out as I don’t want to go back to the way it was before Keybiotics.

Concerned Citizen
February 10, 2014
Hey Folks, I saw the video from Whole Body Research, the company that distributes Keybiotics. I suffer from the same symptoms and thought there might be at least some truth to what's being said by Whole Body. But I am very skeptical about these quick fix pills. So I did a little research on Whole Body. It didn't take me long to figure out that perhaps these folks are no better than other fly-by-night health scammers that Dr. Oz spoke of recently on his show. I visited Whole Body's website...and get this...the "Address" they list for their company is a "UPS Store" located at 8391 Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles. I kid you not, go on Google Maps and check for yourself. It seems that Whole Body has nothing more than a " PO box" at this strip mall UPS Store. Also, the "returns" address listed on their website is 19801 Nordhoff Pl. in Chatsworth, CA., which is a corporate park. But there's not one sign indicating that Whole Body resides there. Whole Body shows a photo on its Website of a nondescript building, but I have a feeling that they pulled a stock photo of just "any" building that they are insinuating is their own. I'd be VERY careful about trusting a company that uses a UPS Store as its address and does not have an actual company address. I'm sensing this is not a legitimate company.

Keybiotics Review Snake Oil Alert
February 9, 2014
This product promises a lot however I have noticed some side effects that I was not expecting. After taking this product now for 1 week I have noticed increased burping, a "bad taste" in my throat, upset queasy stomach and constipation (prior to taking this I was regular). I'm beginning to think that this is snake oil! I'm going to stop taking it and send it back because feeling this way and waiting "3 weeks" for it to work is not an option! About me: 38 year old, female, normal weight, not on a diet. I do not eat sugar and was using this product to "clean out" bad bacteria in my GI tract. My advice is to not waste your money on this product!

February 9, 2014

This is not a review about Keybiotics as I have not received it yet. I realize this is a new company and I did do a bit of research before I purchased but there was not a lot on the internet yet. It’s been 2½ weeks and I am still waiting for my package, I looked at my “thanks for your order” email and the tracking number indicates that it is sitting at Customs still so just a head’s up for other Canadians that you may have to wait a bit longer before you get your shipment!

I also noticed on the email that it said “Whole Body Research Keybiotics Supplement Monthly Program - 3 Bottles Per Month”

I was extra careful during that long ordering process to check if this was a monthly shipment deal, I do recall it said the company did not support forcing this and I did not see anywhere to validate monthly or a one time purchase or any fine print that explained that my order was automatic monthly shipments??

Anywho, I thought I had better call Customer Service so that I don’t get 3 more bottles before my first 3 show up (it is only me, I really don’t need THAT much and would prefer to order on an as needed basis!) So I reached JEFF and he immediately seemed miffed that I wanted to cancel my subscription that I didn’t even realize I had! JEFF said he would do this (rude tone) I was more than pleasant and polite (I am Canadian after all) so not sure why the attitude? I asked for a confirmation number and he didn’t have one, his tone changed to condescending then, especially when I asked if he could please send me an email then because I wanted some kind of writing saying It had been cancelled? (I joked that like everyone, it happens a lot that companies say one thing but it doesn’t happen and you call back and they say oh we don’t have any record of that!) I don’t think my playful comment helped his attitude at all, he said there had never been any complaints and I said COOL thanks for sending an email I will be fine with that! JEFF said YEAH and hung up.

It’s been 3 days. No email. Guess I have to call back. SIGH. If and when I get the product and I like it and they don’t send me automatic shipments, I will come back and re-evaluate. Cheers!!

Need to know...
January 26, 2014
Does anyone know how long we have to take the keybiotics? I have eliminated sugars from my diet and continue to lose weight on my life change plan and have just started to take the keybiotics for about a week now. To get back to the 20/80 ratio they talk of, how long should a person be on them. Wondering if they are to become a lifetime pill to take?

julieshealth February 03, 2014

I have NOT taken this probiotic, but have ordered it and have used approx. 6 other varieties. I stopped taking them because I stopped having symptoms, but it's been a few years now and not being able to cut sugar out (yet) and a few doses of antibiodics its time to start again. so in general, depending on your lifestyle and health this doesn't have to be a lifetime pill and I'm anticipating the same from this company or I will be returning their product

I'm gonna try it
January 26, 2014
ok ok ... I'll order a bottle. I've been reading and reading trying to find anything negative but nothing. I watched the video ... my only wish is taking this "magic pill" helped me draw as good as the person in that video!