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Probiotics were the cure for my issues
April 13, 2016
Several years ago, I began breaking out in hives. My doctor said it was some kind of allergic reaction and offered to put me on prednizone to clear it up. I refused. I saw the online video and ordered a 3 month supply of Keybiotics. Within the first month, the hives and coated tongue symptoms began to disappear. By the end of the 3 months, all symptoms were gone. I realized that when I had been on antibiotics 6 months previously for a tooth extraction, I had not countered with probiotics. I think that compromised my system, causing the imbalance. I am very glad I tried Keybiotics. Breaking out in hives from head to toe each day was not fun. The money-back guarantee made it an easy decision as well.

Who is Whole Body Research really ??
November 17, 2015
Whole Body Research Keybiotics or Probiotic America Perfect Biotics? What is up with that?

Advertising is always inflated but...
October 31, 2015

.....this product does work for me much better that any of the others I have tried prior.

Granted, they are a little pricy but a choice of that nature depends on how much you value your health and bodily comfort. To be fair, Probiotics tries to help regular users by offering on a regular basis a respectable discount for quantity purchases. I make good use of these and it levels off the cost to a competitive level with the other products which did not work for me.

saved me...
November 2, 2014
I had a doctor say he thought I had Chrone's disease because I had constant diarrhea, and many accidents, and always had a fear of leaving the house. I have been on Keybiotics now for about 7 months and I have never been happier. Once in a great while I'll have a bad day, but in general I have regular BM's, energy, sleep like a baby and am very happy. Thank you so much Whole Research.

For me not so much
August 13, 2014
for some reason this seemed to have the opposite effect on me. I went from being regular, for me, to being irregular and not having a well formed movement for lack of a better term. It also changed the consistency of my stool...not in a good way. I felt bloated and my seasonal allergies are at their worst. Not that i thought this would cure allergies but it certainly didn't help

Yay! It helps!
May 13, 2014

I have always been skeptical of things purchased on the tnternet but, I am glad I did purchase the "KEYBIOTICS". I just plain feel better! I could write and write and tell you all the changes but instead I am telling you, I really do feel better. I sleep better which helps me to wake up earlier. I feel more emergetic when I am up and feel better all over...all day! Thank you!

J. Frazier

I can see & feel a difference
May 8, 2014
I decided to try the Probiotics and within the first week I could tell a difference. I had struggled with digestive tract problems for years and this is the only pill that has had a positive effect. It is pricey but I'm on my 4th month and it is worth the money to actually feel better.

Feels good so far, just why doesn't it stay in my system?
May 7, 2014
When I take Keybiotics regularly (at least every other day) I do feel better. I am just still wondering why I cannot keep a good diet so that I don't need these pills? If it is really something alive and more than you can get in any other product, don't you think I could feed it right and not have to keep buying their special pills that they claim nobody else can compete with? Instead they push me to buy expensive years of supply and keep buying more

Sandra Bullard May 22, 2014

Jeff, I would like to comment on your question if I may. I am a holistic nurse and have learned some startling facts about diet that I would like to share.

Our food supply is tainted with impurities and chemicals, from GMO (genetically modified) seeds right to the hands that pick and place our fresh foods on the shelves. Due to a need for longer shelf life, preservatives are a necessity. These things all zap the nutritional value while increasing our inner toxicity. Our body is doing the best it can under these circumstances.

We cook our foods to very high temperatures to kill the bacteria and that kills the natural enzymes (prebiotics,probiotics) that each plant has for us to digest it if eaten in the raw state. Microwave?? even worse...our cooking methods of convenience and speed, provide us much less than we would ever imagine. That is why healthy people, like myself, take nutritional supplements, enzymes/probiotics daily. We eat organic, reduce red meat, hormones, GMO's, additives, preservatives, sugar, white grains and breads, antibiotics, ditch the microwave and eat clean raw foods as much as we can. We stay well and avoid the use of medications by using natural products and finding the underlying cause of our symptoms and not just mask them. We listen to our body and unfortunatley, it tells us we need probiotics because our diet is not giving us enough.

I'm passionate about my health and would love you to connect to so we can help each other learn more. www.sandrabullard.com

Jeff May 22, 2014

I think you are getting to the "root" of the problem. Everyone seems to be all about money instead of value. People selling things to me left-and-right-and-over-and-under. Now I believe I have developed diabetes (Doctor recommended I take the test).

Growing up, I ate from my back yard. I was healthy even raising my older children. Now because I have only sugar and suppliments at the store, I am dying. Supplements do not do as well as real food. They never have.

Worth every penny! Small price to pay for true results.
April 30, 2014
Thought I was going to have to have surgery for my acid reflux. Been on Prilosec for up to 3 years to control digestive issues, however, that has not been working in recent times. Since taking key biotics is has reduced multiple symptoms that I have experienced particularly bloating, fatigue, and most of all acid reflux. I have dropped weight effortlessly. I highly recommend this product. It has changed my life. Thank You!

G Cole October 17, 2014

I just started taking the products. Yes it's true it changes the consistency of the bowel movement, & the color etc.. But it's also true that the keybiotics has proven to also be effective. Consistency is key and also monitoring what we put in our mouths is also helpful. I also ordered the "Total Colon Detox Kit & the Fungal Warrior.

I have been suffering from what my traditional doctors describe as severe acid-reflux disease. Pumping my body with protons & other medications for years. One day I couldn't take it anymore and went to a holistic doctor. After carefully listening to me he ordered a food allergy test. It turns out that all those years of suffering was due to food allergies and the acid reflux symptoms was the consequences of the allergies. Now I'm trying to rebuild my body and rehabilitate my digestive track and so far the products I've ordered and tried from Whole Body Research has proven effective. I definitely recommend their products..

Maltodextrin? Come on!
April 21, 2014

After all that the company laid out about the evils of sugar and other sweeteners, did you happen to notice that they did not put maltodextrin on their list of sweetener no-no's? That is because they use maltodextrin in their product. Isn't that ironical?

Buyer, beware:

The Risks of Maltodextrin

Last Updated: Aug 16, 2013 | By Allison Adams

Maltodextrin is an artificial sugar that has a mild, sweet taste. Maltodextrin is also known as a polysaccharide and manufacturers create this artificial sugar by applying acids or other enzymes to cornstarch. Maltodextrin is a chain of repeating glucose molecules connected together. You can use this artificial sugar as an additive and a sugar substitute. Maltodextrin also has some purported risks associated with its use.

Structure of Maltodextrin

Maltodextrin contains D-glucose units linked in chains of variable length. Normally, these chains range from three to 19 glucose units. The dextrose equivalent scale rates the percentage of reducing sugars in a sweetener. Maltodextrin scores between three and 20 on the DE scale. A high DE value indicates more sweetness, shorter chains and high solubility. A DE above 20 classifies a sweetener as a glucose syrup.


Manufacturers can derive maltodextrin from any starch. In the United States, manufacturers primarily use corn, and in Europe, manufactures primarily use wheat. The term maltodextrin applies to any starch hydrolysis product containing less than 20 glucose units. For this reason, maltodextrin refers to a family of products, instead of a specific product. Wheat-derived maltodextrin may pose health concerns for individuals with celiac disease because of the gluten found in wheat-derived maltodextrin. However, in most cases, the maltodextrin production process completely removes the protein from the wheat resulting in a gluten-free wheat-derived maltodextrin.

"Maltodextrin can be enzymatically derived from any starch. In the US, this starch is usually corn; in Europe, it is commonly wheat. Wheat-derived maltodextrin may cause concern for individuals suffering from gluten intolerance. If wheat is used to make maltodextrin, it will appear on the label."

"Maltodextrin is a white powder often used in processed foods as a thickener or a filler since it's fairly inexpensive, as well as in pharmaceuticals as a binding agent. You'll find it in canned fruits, snacks, cereal, desserts, instant pudding, sauces, and salad dressings. Since it contains fewer calories than sugar, it's also found in sugar substitutes, such as Splenda or Equal."

Reading the fine print and seeing maltodextrin as one of the ingredients of Keybiotics makes me not trust this product or the company.

Sarah April 29, 2014

Hello, I work for Whole Body Research and just wanted to respond to your concerns:

The organic rice maltodextrin used in our Keybiotics are actually a prebiotic, which means that they are there to feed the probiotics and keep them alive.

Our proprietary blend actually contain an extremely nominal amount of this organic rice maltodextrin– just barely enough to keep those healthy probiotics alive!

Rodger Ivy May 24, 2014


For me the challenge becomes which probiotic preforms as advertised. Other than the organic rice maltodextrin (which appears necessary) How can one trust and know Keybiotics is a high end reliable product? I have browsed the net and there is so much chatter pro and con. It becomes frustrating!!! My e mail is [email protected] Any information on this topic would be greatly appreciated. I did see the reviews from Consumers lab.com!

Dawn June 10, 2014

"The compound is also frequently used as a filler in products like sugar substitutes. The white powder often blends right in, and it can stretch the quantity of an item without impacting its taste. On its own, the powder often looks a lot like sugar, so blending in a few scoops is a common way of selling less for more. Maltodextrin is almost always less expensive to produce than more natural sugar substitutes.

From WiseGeek: ..."A number of pharmaceutical companies also use the compound as a filler in pills and capsules. This is not usually done to stretch the amount of drugs, but rather to stabilize them. Packing active compounds in maltodextrin can suspend their potency and keep them firmly lodged inside of gel capsules without altering them or degrading them over time, the way sugar or other additives might. "...

..."Dextrose Equivalent Values

Part of what makes the manufacturing process so challenging is how variable it is: chemists can often alter the composition of the powder depending on how long they allow the basic starches to interact with the activating enzymes, as well as how much time they set aside for hydrolysis in the first place. Maltodextrins are typically assigned a dextrose equivalency value as a way to distinguish them based on processing time. Those that are very highly processed typically have a low equivalency value, while those that are less processed tend to have higher numbers.

Dextrose is a type of sugar, but even high equivalency values do not necessarily lead to sweetness. The values are usually related primarily to chemical structure, and manufacturers will seek out compounds with high or low equivalencies depending on what exactly is being produced. For example, maltodextrins with high dextrose values are more soluble and freeze better; they are common in products like ice creams and frozen prepared foods. Those with low values tend to be stickier, making them a good choice for more gelatinous products like jams and syrups. "...

Keybiotics! A Winner!
March 3, 2014

I recently ordered a one month supply of the Keybiotics. I am always trying new products to help maintane balance in my body. When researching the ingredients in the Keybiotics, it appeared that they had more to offer than the regular probiotic I had been using.

I struggle with balance in my gut. Normal consumption of breads and grains seem to upset my tummy and cause gas and bloating. Indulging in sugary foods or or eating out at restaurants is unsettling. Without my probiotics, I feel sluggish and tired, my body doesn't feel "normal".

I was a little skeptical (as always) about the Keybiotics so I decided to try only a one month supply. Well, it didn't last a month. After my husband saw a difference in me just after a week or so of using, he started taking them and said, "Hey hon, you better order another bottle of that stuff".

He was sleeping better, had more energy, better elimination, less cravings for sugary foods and his overall mood had lightened.

I am placing my order today!

Rabbie March 30, 2014

Just saw the video but i dont know why im still skeptic. Going for the first month try and keeping my fingers crossed for good results

Doug Chaney May 22, 2015

Smacks of Trolls on the payroll ...a seller of BS rip off stuff just needs a few voices chiming in about HOW GOOD something is and gullible morons can't wait to become victims ...over and over and over and over again ...it is embarrassing to share any kind of identity with the gullible!

If there is not multiple, verifiable double blind studies of big name REAL universities and lots of discussion in the media etc about ANY kind of miraculous sounding product or cure or whatever ...it is 99.999999% going to be nothing but a hype to defraud you out of your money by playing on fear etc .....are you REALLY going to allow yourself to be a victim? ANOTHER victim?? Or a victim AGAIN? How many times does it take for some idiots??

Unlock the Power of Keybiotics
March 2, 2014

At a friends suggestion that I ought to give probiotics a try, as after only one week his girlfriend had lost 9 lbs. and noticed her intestinal issues had dramatically improved. We had similar stomach problems so this prompted me taking a trip to the store where I was instantly overwhelmed with the many different brands with a wide range in prices. Needless to say, at that point I left empty handed.

I began researching online and still had not been able to determine which was my best bet. It was one night watching videos on youtube (unrelated to topic) that my mind was made up. During the course of watching videos a promo called "The American Parasite" caught my eye. I could not believe what I had stumbled across, here was in a nutshell the answer to all my stomach issues.

The effects, I'm pleased to say, have all been positive, not one negative side effect to tell. I have now been taking Keybiotics for 21 days and I am utterly amazed in the difference it has made in such a very short period of time. I am no longer experiencing the issues that have plagued me for years. I have not had the bleeding in my intestines, the bloating I struggle with daily is significant'tly less obvious, no pain or nausea and although I don't know how much, I have lost weight. I took body measurements before beginning this product and last week had lost nearly 2 inches from my mid section. This has been life changing, I may have found my magic pill in Keybiotics.

Thank you Whole Body Research.

T Bender

It really works
March 2, 2014

I was reading Yahoo News when I saw a link for Keybiotics. The video was easy to understand and fun to view.

When I saw "Psoriasis", my eyes and ears perked up! I have Psoriasis.

I bought a bottle for a trial run and was very doubtful the first 3 weeks. Then, during the 4th week I thought I saw a little improvement.

I'm into my 2nd bottle and am experiencing definite improvement!

I'm glad I saw the whole video with red wormy thing (candida) and all!

Tara Tipton January 27, 2015

I ordered this product about a year ago, and it ended up working great for me. I didn't order more because of the price, but now I feel that I need to get some more to help all around with some problems I've been having. As a massage therapist I have been recommending this to everyone. The actual product gets 5 stars from me, however the business side only receives 4 because of the gimmicky side of the business. You can get a better price on the probiotics, but only if... (Gimmicks) I do love the product though!!!

Keybiotics, it works!
March 1, 2014
After taking keybiotics I've never felt how I do now. I don't feel sluggish and wake up refreshed every morning. I feel like I have a strong immune system because during these winter times I see everyone with a cold or flu but my body feels it operating at it very best. I used to crave sweets and I can honestly say I can go through days without even thinking about eating unhealthy snacks. Thanks Whole Body Research for creating such a break through product.

You can TRUST Whole Body Research Products
March 1, 2014

I’ve been a vegetarian for over 20 years. Most recently I have noticed a yearly weight gain of 15 lbs. A few years ago my body swelled to the point I felt I would burst out of my clothes.

Someone suggested I give up gluten. Sure enough, the swelling came down but the weight continued to mount. I was going nuts trying to figure out what is wrong with me. I don’t eat meat, fried foods, wheat, or drink soda regularly. Yet my stomach would bloat after every meal. I always felt thirsty and craved chocolate. After meals I would eliminate immediately. I felt tired all the time, slept restlessly and my hair was falling out in the shower. I was very concerned and prayed for a solution.

Then I saw the video-toon and everything made sense. I knew I had to research probiotics. I compared all the brands available on the market and decided to give Whole Food Research Keybiotics a try. I noticed an immediate difference. The bloating and the cravings for chocolate are gone. I ate a piece of chocolate for Valentine’s Day and it tasted nasty! I no longer eliminate after meals. I sleep soundly. I feel more energized. My hair isn’t falling out anymore. I lost 10 pounds in the first month and I wake up with a fresh feeling mouth.

When Dr Oz brought Garcinia Cambogia to the attention of the public I wanted to buy some. Unfortunately, too many choices with varying reviews kept me from doing so. After the immediate results I experienced with Keybiotics I didn’t hesitate to try the Garcinia Cambogia from Whole Body Research. In just a few days, I noticed my body reducing in size. My clothes fit loose and I feel very satisfied after every meal. I have no need for snacks and find that smaller portions now completely satisfy me.

In addition, my 83 y/o mother suffers from acid reflux. Medication stopped the burping but left her with a dry cough. She’s tried a hundred remedies to alleviate it without results. I gave her a bottle of Whole Body Research Keybiotics. Within the first month, she stopped coughing. She now enjoys eating again. And most of all, she is also regular! I now have a healthy, happy momma.

Thank you so much for your products. I’ve been telling everyone I know about Keybiotics. If people really love those around them they would share it too. I look forward to trying other Whole Body Research products in the future.

Sid Wyckoff April 12, 2014

Buyer be ware.

Id this a joke? How can a company that is so abusive in their processing possibly be anything but a fraud. When I placed my order and gave them my credit card number they threw screen after screen after screen of additional advertising at me until I gave up and killed the window.

Immediately they hit my credit account. They took my money even though they kept putting up screens that said, "Your order is not finished yet."

Garcinia Cambogia - Awesome results!
March 1, 2014
I’ve tried a few bottles of Garcinia Cambogia from other suppliers over the past year but with less than positive results. I then learned more about the product and how other suppliers use “fillers” and other herbs that diminish the effectiveness of the supplement. The suppliers even boast how adding certain herbs will only enhance / boost the results.. I’ve personally found this to NOT work in my case and figured I’d give it one more try by purchasing a bottle from Whole Body Research. What a clean refreshing instant positive outcome. Not only did I feel more energetic and have better clarity in between meals, but I snacked less and consciously prepared smaller meals because my body literally didn’t want to eat as much. I’m now on my 3rd bottle and should have purchased the 3 bottle plan to begin with. Not too surprising since my first experience wasn’t that great with the other products from other suppliers.. lesson learned. I honestly believe Whole Body is by far the best source for Vitamins/supplements due to their purest form. I’ve already suggested Whole Body to my friends and they too have noticed quite the difference with more positive outcomes.

Fast Delivery Time
March 1, 2014
I had read a lot of reviews that said the delivery time was 2-3 weeks. So, I wasn't expecting my order anytime soon. However, I received mine today and I only ordered them 5 days ago! I cant't wawit to see if they work!! I ordered 4 bottles of the advance Hair Repair for Women. I will write another review in a few weeks about the results!

A new lease on life
March 1, 2014
I first tried Keybiotics as a skeptic. I had taken probiotics purchased at a grocery store to see if they would help with my digestive system & my taking of Naproxen which can cause some very uncomfortable results. It did help, but I wanted more relief. So for a month, I've taken Keybiotics & to my satisfaction this product has helped tremendously. I take it daily with breakfast.

My awsome result from Keybioticks
February 28, 2014

It's been a hell for me for number of years now trying to figure out what was going on with my body inside.

I have tried a number of things probiotics, yogurt, laxative, acid pills but nothing ever worked , same old symptoms would be beck later the same day.

I also have been tested for gluten intolerance, had upper and lower scope done, all they said no allergies to gluten and nothing that we can see inside your bowel.My symptoms were bloating, gas pain nausea constipation or diarrhea. Imagine me trying to survive twelve hour day with my belly swollen and in agony from gas pain.

All I got to say I'm thankful that I stumbled upon your add ......It's been four days and four pills I'm pain free gas free and regular. It's a miracle I feel great want to live and do things now that I'm pain free.

Thank you Whole body research team !

for giving me my life beck


Whole Body Research products are life changing!
February 28, 2014
I can honestly say since taking Whole Body Research products my life has changed! In a nut shell I will explain the problems I had and what I used to fix them. I couldn’t get rid of extra weight (even with diet and exercise), I have extreme joint problems and flexibility issues, My hair has been falling out due to stress, I was cranky and irritable all the time and it seemed like I was always yelling at my kids for no reason, and the list just goes on. Whole Body Research has provided me with natural products that are GMP certified (that’s a BIG deal people!!!), and there are no added filler or allergens. Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Bean, Stress Regress, Women’s Hair Repair, Joint Stimuflex, and Vitamin D3. All of which work AMAZING!!! I can say to you I have always been in “good” health but recently was contemplating seeking medical help for stress and what I felt like could have been depression. When I came across Garcinia Cambogia on Whole Body Research for weight loss help I noticed they offer a supplement for what seemed like every issue I had plus more. I ordered some of the products that I have listed above and they started working almost instantly. Within a couple weeks my weight was coming off. Within a few days my stress level reduced and I have been more calm and collected then I have been in a few years. My hair has is bounce back and it’s only been a week so I can’t wait to see what happens after a month and so on! My joints don’t ache, pop, or stiffen up, and I am more flexible now then when I was a kid. The Vitamin D3 is vital and is recommended for everyone so that our bones can absorb calcium, without the Vitamin D3 all of the calcium you consume just goes to waste. I started using Whole Body Research products in November 2013 and keep adding more products to my list. Whole Body Research has saved me time, money, and energy, that I would have spent seeking out medical attention. If I had to come up with any one thing to complain about it would be to make the bottles smaller for easier storage but that’s only because I use so many of their wonderful products lol. If you aren’t satisfied with your results (which if used properly I can promise you that you won’t be) you can return them after 90 days for a full refund so really there is nothing to lose and everything to gain from Whole Body Research. This company had made me a happier and healthier, so now I can enjoy my family and they can enjoy me.