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About WhiteWall.com

WhiteWall.com is the online home of WhiteWall, a company that offers their customers an online art retailer as well as an online photo lab where they can purchase art of all kinds and sizes. 

How Does It Work?

Customers who are interested in artwork for their home or office are welcome to go to their website and look through their vast selection of art work to see what pieces are currently available in their Art Market or Gallery for purchase.

In addition, customers who are interested in having their own photos turned into professional quality gallery art can take advantage of their online photo lab to make that a reality. They promise that because of their combination of “the latest technology and time-honored traditional craftsmanship,” they’re customers can expect nothing but the best.

WhiteWall.com operates like most other online retailers, by allowing their customers to look through their offerings by category, including Acrylic, Aluminum & Metal, Framed Products, Canvas & Wood, Photo Prints, Prints, Mirrors, and more. 


Cost/Price Plans

Since this company sells such a wide variety of pictures and prints in different sizes and mediums, there is no real way to quote a single price range for the products you can purchase on this website. However, they do offer their customers a full chart of their pricing, based on the medium of the piece and the size in which you choose to order it.  

Refund Policy

WhiteWall.com has a very strict Return and Refund Policy. First, customers should note that any products which are purchased through their photo lab – i.e. your own photos that you request printed – as well as any products from their Art Market or Gallery where you were able to choose the size of the piece are excluded from their Refund Policy. 

If you have ordered a piece that falls into either of those two categories, you do have the option to cancel your order before it is printed if you choose. You have fourteen days from the order date to provide them with a letter, either by email or in writing, or a phone call canceling your order.

Customers who have ordered pre-made pieces from their Art Market or Gallery will be able to return the piece if it has been damaged, though WhiteWall asks that you check your piece before the delivery person leaves and simply refuse the delivery if you see damage, then contact them immediately afterward to alert them to the situation. If you do not see the damage until after the piece has been delivered, you can still call them to ask for assistance.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 646-513-4422, by email at [email protected], or by submitting them to their website through their Contact Us link.


It seems that this company generally has mixed reviews, not just because customers have had both positive and negative experiences, but because the reviews have to do with both customer experiences and artist seller experiences.

As far as customer experiences go, this company appears to have very mediocre reviews. Almost all customers complained of poor customer service, whether they called with questions or because they had an issue with their order. 

And since this company offers no real Refund Policy, customers may want to choose a different retailer or online printer for their home art needs.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different websites that sell art for your home, like Amazon.com or Etsy, as well as many different companies that offer you custom photo printing services, like your local Walgreens or Snapfish.

If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your WhiteWall.com reviews below.

2 ‘WhiteWall.com ’ Reviews
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Very Pleased All Around
October 9, 2020

I'm amazed at how quickly I received my order! I ordered on 10/3 and the crated framed photo print on aluminum arrived today, 10/9 via UPS from Germany, no less. I'd attach a photo if I could but there doesn't seem to be a means of doing so.

I uploaded a photo I took in 2017 in South Africa and it was enlarged to 54"X36" and printed on brushed aluminum and set in a wood frame. It came out perfectly! I could not be more pleased.

Crushed print, bad quality, no refund
February 8, 2017
My print was shipped in a flimsy tube and arrived crushed. Even if it hadn't been crushed, the print would have been useless anyway, as it was (1) rolled so tightly that it would never have flattened, and (2) printed too dark and out of focus. After dealing with their difficult customer service, Whitewall would only offer a credit, not a refund, which is what any other printer would have done. I will never use them again.

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