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About West Coast Shaving

West Coast Shaving, found online at WestCoastShaving.com, is a company that says since they were established in 2007 they have enjoyed getting to know their customers and answering all their luxury shaving needs. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, West Coast Shaving primarily sells wet shaving grooming products, including razors, blades, shaving cream, etc, as compared to dry shaving products which are more focused on electric shavers. 

West Coast Shaving says that in addition to offering high quality products, it has always been important to them to provide their customers with excellent service. In order to do this, they invite all customers with questions to call them directly and receive the assistance of one of their well-informed sales associates or to come into the store and speak with someone directly. 

Customers are also welcome to shop their products directly from their website. Just like any other online boutique, you can go to their website and search all of their products by category, from Safety Razors, Straight Razors, Blades, Shaving Brushes, Shaving Products, Sets, Accessories, Grooming Essentials, Brands, and Specials  


Cost/Price Plans

As their products are intended to be both high end and technologically advanced, they will be more expensive than traditional shave products you purchase at your local drugstore. Some products will be priced around $25.00 while others can be priced above $100.00. The website does say that all orders which total more than $80 before taxes will receive free shipping in the domestic United States.

Products are single purchases, not monthly or enrollment purchases so you will need to continue buying products as needed. 

Refund Policy

This website does offer their customers a 365 Refund Policy, but like other policies that have extremely lengthy qualification periods, they do have very specific instructions and limitations for their customers. 

First, merchandise can only be returned in new, unused condition, in the original packaging, same condition as sold, with tamper-proof seals unbroken if present, with all literature and factory seals in place.

All orders returned within the first 60 days of purchase will receive a refund via the original payment method, while any returns made more than 60 days later will receive a check or store credit. All international orders returned more than 60 days later will receive store credit. 

Regardless of when you are returning your order, you will need to contact Customer Service in advance of sending your product in for specific return instructions. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers looking to contact their Customer Service team can do so by phone at 877-710-6037, by email at [email protected], or by submitting any of your questions, concerns, or complaints to their website. 


West Coast Shaving products actually have really great reviews from users who seem very happy with what they have to offer, though there are some complaints online that all seem to be about one particular issue – products not being in stock. 

Customers said that when they ordered a product, they were not told that it wasn’t in stock but only received an email later and then had to wait long periods of time for their product, with little assistance from Customer Service when they called with inquiries. 

But these complaints seem few and far between, and this company does appear to have a decent Refund Policy, so customers should feel comfortable trying this company for themselves. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

The hair removal and shaving industry is actually a very competitive market, with lots of other companies like Dollar Shave Club, Harry's Razors, Shave Mob, and more, though most of these companies are focused on affordable products rather than high end luxury products, but there are other luxury companies like The Art of Shaving and Defender Razor.  

If you have experience with West Coast Shaving or their products, please leave reviews below.

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No real customer service to help you with anything.
July 10, 2021

Asked for a recommendation for a shaving brush to fit my holder and there was no response.

Bought a razor from them which turned out to be way too mild. Couldn't return it since it had been used.

Fine, but I asked what else could be done, such as a more aggressive head, etc.. Again, no response.

They claim to insist on great customer service (they all do, and some own it), but WCS's customer service is non-existent.

Avoid West Coast Shaving if you want to be treated like anything except another quick buck.

365 Returns are a scam
November 30, 2017
I bought an expensive razor from them and opened the package to feel the weight and they refused to accept a return. Apparently it needs to be in original seal !! Never again.

Worst customer service ever
October 31, 2017
These people do not reply in their "chat" option, reply to emails or answer their phones or return voicemail. I received the wrong product and will never shop here again.

Old School!!!
September 13, 2017

A remarkable array of shaving products and men's toiletries, many of which simply cannot be found elsewhere. And superb customer service. When UPS misdelivered an order of cologne recently, I called WCS and they sent out another bottle at once, no questions asked, even though they were clearly not responsible. A true Old School gesture! A fine company in every way

customer service? NOT
November 25, 2016

Read many great reviews on WCS. Obviously, these respondents had no issues with their order.

The products and pricing are fair, however, customer service is poor. I ordered a razor from their midnight collection(black) and received SS/chrome instead. Problem was, I also purchased a black badger brush, black stand and black shaving mug. There was also a price difference, in their favor. First contact, Christina, expressed regrets, then proceeded to offer to replace THE CHROME HEAD, and if I was interested, I COULD PURCHASE A DIFFERENT HANDLE!

I explained that did not correct THEIR MISTAKE, and that I would be returning the entire order for a full refund(I spent over $200.00). Kevin replied "no problem...........feel free to have your order shipped back to our office".

Not often have I experienced a company that makes ZERO effort to keep a paid customer, especially when the error was theirs!

I will be returning entire order, eat the return shipping cost, and NEVER do business with WCS again.

Hopefully, if anyone purchases something online from this company, you receive the correct items with no problems. If there is an issue, you will get no satisfaction, hence, customer service? NOT

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