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Complete chaos

October14, 2016

This company is going through an absolute meltdown and after having to deal with there credit card and banking departments "separately only" the past several days I can see why.

Their credit card payment system is so un-intuitive, non-consumer friendly and confusing that instead of paying a 185.00 bill I transferred 185.00 from my credit card to my checking account. Since then I have talked to no less than 12-14 representatives to try to get it straightened out and it still isn't. The did put the 185.00 back into my credit card account but they also put "another" 185.00 into my credit card account.

As a matter of fact the very last instruction I gave to the last representative I talked to was to "NOT" do anything to my account until I can be more relaxed and think clearly, and it was very late at night. So I wake up the next day and look at my account and see that they put "both" 185.00 transfers back into my checking account. UNBELIEVABLE.

The credit card department is separate from the banking department so if you ask a question about the one you're not talking to they tell you they can transfer me to that department and visa-versa. So you are left explaining this to so many people that you have no breath left. One hand don't know what the other hand is doing.

I now know why their company is in such a crisis that their top CEO had to resign. I can't get out of Wells Fargo fast enough. If and when I ever get this situation straightened out that is.

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