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November 4, 2016
I subscribed to three different services at Weiss, the first was so bad the so called expert left weiss (or was shown the door). I subscribed to Larry Eldeson twice. The first was poor and lost money after a year. The second, Supercycle Trader had devastating losses. Larry is great at convincing you to make a trade that gives devastating losses. Larry's marketing is by far the best there is, however his track record on making picks will make you loose half of your portfolio in no time. Larry always takes credit for making the right choice but it is an outright lie, he completely missed the rise in mining stocks and warned everyone not to buy, when Jnug jumped from 14 to 300 Larrys said not to buy. Larry has missed the best rise and best gains while at the same time claiming to be the expert. Don't listen to him. He will convince you to do the opposite of what you should do. I can say I was refunded the funds for purchasing the service. Only to late for all the loses Larry caused.

October 24, 2016

First of all -- 'Dietrichius' is not my real name.

I am well aware that Weiss has a dubious track history, but I've been a charter subscriber to "Gold Mining Millionaire" and have to say it's got a pretty decent track record so far.

Larry Edelson issued three limit buy orders shortly after its inception for KLDX, BTG, and MDRPF. I followed the limit order recommendations and added to them a little bit when they dipped a bit and I'm currently up on all three. KLDX has been a very good performer.

He then issued another "hedge" recommendation on JDST which ended up being a loser for me. I hit my usual 25% stop loss and bailed out.

He then issued another JDST recommendation. I actually added a bit to this after the initial recommendation when it dipped a bit. I closed this trade for about a 50% gain.

His latest recommendation has been TGD. I'm up (barely) just a little on this one.

My goal here is not to "spill the beans" on this expensive newsletter service but simply to provide an honest portrayal of what's been recommended so far and my own experiences with it. I do my own (mild) TA work and am a reasonably disciplined investor and you need to do at least a bit of disciplined work as well even when following these trading services. Overall, I have already made more than enough money to pay for my lifetime membership and I'm happy about this.

My general feeling is that if gold does resume its bull market, you're pretty much going to be able to just buy a decent tranche of junior miners, sit on them, and you'll do pretty well with all of them. That's my main goal with this service.

Again, I'm far from a Weiss Research "fanboy". I think they often cater to doom-peddling "pessimism porn" and I'm well aware of their track record. But, even the best traders get it right MAYBE 60% of the time. Overall Edelson has been doing a good job here and I can't complain. Just don't go in with wildly unrealistic expectations, expect to take a hit almost as often as you have a winner, don't overtrade, etc. and my guess is with the benefit of 3-5 years' hindsight you'll do quite well with this (unless gold actually ends up dipping back to $600 or so.)

October 17, 2016

Edelson is again promoting his "Super Cycle" at a "big discount".

He is repeating his useless predictions like Europe and Japan will crush and burn.....

Someday it may come true but he has to predict things in a certain time frame or people will just lose money by the option premiums.


> quote >>>>>

Normally, two years of my Supercycle Trader is $5,000. But because we’re friends, you can take advantage of the lowest rates available:

Until this Early Bird Enrollment Period ends on Friday, October 28, your two-year membership is only $2,097. You SAVE $2,903.

And I will pay for you to receive three additional years — a $7,500 value — FREE.

You save a total of $10,403 just for joining now!

September 21, 2016

Please read below. If you agree with him, be free to become his subscriber. I was a subscriber for Gold Mining Millionaire for about one week but was quickly unconvinced by his hype and forecasting and shady practice of taking your subscription money and not giving you any of his "money making junior miner stocks/symbols" because he expected the gold price to go down and he wanted us to get the stocks at a lower price. I was fortunate to get my money ( $2500.00 ) back, when I complained. Subscribers got their first 3 stocks 3 weeks after paying. He treats you like sheep and he is the Guru. Below is the biggest tripe I have come across, IMO.

Don’t waste your time …

Posted on September 20, 2016 by Larry Edelson

I learned long ago — in the first of my now 38 years in the markets — that the Federal Reserve controls absolutely nothing.

It doesn’t control the amount of credit in the economy. It doesn’t control the supply of money. And most importantly, it does not and never has and never will control interest rates.

The people, the free markets, control ALL of the above and more. All the Fed can do or hope for is to follow the free markets and hope some participants believe in the power of the Fed.

The same applies to every central bank on the planet. The only key exceptions, and even there it’s doubtful how much control they have, are the central banks of communist countries, like China.

You may not believe me and even passionately disagree with me. But I have studied practically every central bank interest-rate decision ever made in this country and every single one of them came after rates had already moved higher or lower in the free markets.

Put another way, the Fed follows the markets. The markets do not — and never have — followed the Fed. Only fools follow the Fed.

And most importantly, the Fed has never changed the major trend of any market. It cannot turn a bear market into a bull market, and vice versa. Only the people can do that. Only the free market forces, which you’ve come to know through my work, have their own unique cycles and waves.

Can a central bank temporarily interrupt a trend, or cause wild market swings? Sure. Happens a lot. But a central bank cannot and never has changed the major underlying trend.

Forgive me for rambling a bit, but since the entire world now seems focused on today and tomorrow’s Fed meeting and every word and breath that will be spoken about it at its press conference at 2 p.m. EST tomorrow …

I thought I’d just spout my experience with central banks and help you focus on the major trends right now …

Which per my AI models, remains down into early October.

Indeed, both gold and silver are on the edge of a cliff. If there’s another bounce due to Fed jawboning, that’s all it will be, a bounce. If the AI models are correct — and I believe they are — gold, silver and a whole bunch of other markets will slide into October, either from current levels or slightly higher …

Handing you an incredible series of opportunities to scoop up junior miners on the cheap.

Hold all positions and stay tuned …

Best wishes,


August 22, 2016

Edelson wrote last month that EU will soon get apart and many countries will get their own currencies back. He mentioned France, Italy and "Norway".

What! Edelson thinks Norway uses EURO? Norway is a part of EU? No way! Even some elementary school kids know Norway is NOT an EU country.

This shows how little Edelson and Weiss people know about the real world. No wonder their recommendations fail to deliver any meaningful returns to their customers.

My predictions:

1) EU will not get apart soon. Euro will stay around current level. Sorry for the people who bought Euro put options recommended by Edelson.

2) Gold and Silver will not correct very much. If you want to buy, buy them now.

3) Japanese Yen and bonds will not collapse. Edelson is dead wrong. In fact Yen is the strongest currency among G7 nations this year.

4) Chinese economy will not prosper. Holding Chinese stocks is a loser's game.

August 19, 2016
Edelson's pricey SCT has been dreadful, losing gobs of money since its inception. SCT's previous incarnation, the Gold and Silver Trader, also had a lousy track record. My hard-earned advice is to stay far away from Edelson in particular and Weiss Research generally.

August 4, 2016

They have no idea what they are doing. they are an advertising agency.

A disgrace to investors.

They rob people with paper and pen.

July 19, 2016

I lost a lot of money following Weiss in the late 90’s.

He predicted Silver would go down when it was trading around $3 – 4 because of digital photography… also predicted interest rates would rise.

I was new to the game then and his was my first newsletter sub.

Many newsletters later my favorites now are Porter Stansberry and Steve Sugerude.

I also read the daily reports from Gary Savage, who correctly predicted the bottom for Gold and one of the few to predict the current bull market for the S&P. Hope this helps...

July 11, 2016

Four years ago for about P0, I bought a fixed lifetime subscription to most of the Weiss services. Frankly, I now pay almost no attention to any of their advice.

They are constantly sending solicitations to buy their new "programs" "advice", "book" etc. The emails border on spam.

The operation now resembles a carnival with individual "analysts" barking their services for pay with constant emails. If you look back five years or so, most of the analysts that were with Weiss then are gone now. As to "analyst" Larry Edelson's advice I think others have here have advised just how good his "watching gold like a hawk" has been.

July 8, 2016
I had 10,000 shares of first Majestic silver back in March and a all-in price of $3.50 I sold those shares at $5 and because Larry said that mining stocks were going to collapse in May, I sold them and I sat on the sidelines and it kept going up and then I shorted it and I bought dust, and list BIG. had I held on to today which is July 8th 2016 I would be sitting with $150,000 in my account I've lost quite a bit of money on playing dust and jdst / Larry's recommendation that gold and silver going to collapse is a total scam and I am so pissed because I missed out on life changing gains!!! Wish i had just done nothing and held on, and not try to be smarter than the market. Not a fan of Larry Edelson.

July 6, 2016

Please people this is a WARNING, I just received my Monies Back from Larry's Super Cycle Trader and Gold Mining Millions. Both are scams that cost in the thousands SCT is $4100 and GMM is $2000. And if you sign up GMM they will not refund your monies, But after many treats from my lawyer they refunded my GMM. I have been w/ Larry for over a year and he is down on his portfolio over e on SCT. And on his new service Gold Miners Millions he cannot and will not make a single recommendation until Gold goes below $1200. From Jan. 2016 he has all of us short Gold and Miners until now July 6 2016. And that has cost us thousands in losses but. Tens or Hundreds of thousands in missed profits. I write to Larry everyday on his editors page and he will keep telling me do not worry he is a pro and be patience and do not cry over spilled milk. But Screw him, Because he also told me that he does not put any monies in any of his recommendations, Because he cannot under his contract. Do you really want to follow someone who does not have any of his own monies on the line of his own recommendations! PLAIN AND SIMPLE FOLKS LARRY IS A SCAM!

Good Luck you are going to need it if you purchase any of Larry's Services! Gerald H.

July 5, 2016
I joined up to Larry Edelson's "Super Cycle Trader" (SCT) about 1 year ago. I still have the option to cancel membership within the first year and get my money back ... I think I'll do that. I've watched my investments slowly bleed away over the last year with only a few wins ... and practically all my SCT positions are in the red. I don't expect anyone to be perfect in their predictions, but this is really bad performance!

June 27, 2016

Like most newsletters their performance is subpar. I do like their macroeconomic commentary, but thats free so don't waste your money. Larry always makes a longterm call accommpanied by short term pullback, that way he can always say he's right.

The only redeeming quality of weiss is that they have always refunded my money quickly without any hassle, unlike other newsletters and trading services.

June 2, 2016

Larry bangs on about how he picks the trend every time. And he's banging on now about how Soros et al got their entries wrong by being in the market already, and that he's nailed the current pullback.

Rubbish really. People that got in in January have seen their stocks double or triple. The first leg in this bull is done. Yes there will be a pullback but it won't be as deep as to make Larrys call correct.

You try to get that point across on his blog site......"moderated!!".

He's good but not as good as he makes out.

Dollar cost into the trend, by waiting to pick the bottom you just end up potentially missing it completely.

May 27, 2016
I received Money and Markets, Real Wealth; Subscribed to the Options programs, lost money but got my subscription back. I am currently a subscriber to Supercycle Trader. We have not made any money but Edelson has the balls to start a "Junior Mining " program where we can make millions. When I wrote a response to this request, a response he requested, I received a quick note that said I had already said these things so my comment was being deleted. In other words, only positive comments are kept, since I never wrote a previous comment. If you are considering sending money to these people, do not do it. I am glad to answer questions on line.

May 19, 2016

No one not even Larry can predict the short term swings ... overall I agree with his macro long term views. I say just follow the trend and watch it closely if you did this you could have made a more than a triple on the gold miners etf since Feb of this year by taking Larry's advice with a grain of salt. Of course I became skiddish too after a 30% profit and got out of the trade early only to watch gold soar even higher ... could have been sitting twice as much profit.

Now its looking like its gone way to far too fast and may retrace but who the hell

really knows for sure. Soros and Paulson have been recently adding to their positions which should push the prices even higher one would think.

February 11, 2016

I joined the Weiss 'Stock Option Trader' in Jan 2015 with a two year fee of $5,400. I canceled my membership at the end of the first year with a loss of $7,355, not including the fee. My fee was returned as promised.

For me this service is a scam. The two traders who managed and made the recommendations were amateurish at best and way too optimistic for this type of trading. They seemed as if they were always looking for a 200% profit.

One of their selling points was that Martin Weiss, owner of Weiss Research, was going to buy and sell options in accordance with their recommendations in his own account, so according to them, the service had to be profitable.

I give Weiss and his two traders a BIG FAT F for their effort! A word to the wise ... don't go there .....

Thx for the opportunity to review Weiss Research, Inc

January 14, 2016

About twenty years ago I bought an option based on a recommendation from

Martin Weiss. It had something to do with the English pound and the

Dollar. I invested $10,000.00 on his advise and within two weeks it was

worthless. I think he's worthless also.

January 8, 2016
Years ago the costs were low and I found the big picture helped me avoid problems in 2000 and 2008. However, the ads are now very aggressive, costs are very high, content is minimal. I see nothing worth the $