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September 6, 2017

I have been a subscriber to Weiss Research products since college, and am now 61 years old.

I purchased a Marijuana report for $47 that was basically a "infomercial" for a more expensive service. In the report was information anyone could get on their own, online. I called to complain about this shameful deal, and was told that because the 30 day refund period had expired, so I could not be given a refund. (So they said it was my fault for not getting around to it sooner!). However, I was told by a gentleman who called me back after asking to speak to a supervisor, that it WAS "in fact" a lead in (marketing ploy) to get less sophisticated investors to buy the more expensive deal, and that it was not designed for more "sophisticated/experienced" investors such as myself. (I have that recorded) At that point I said fine, keep the novice's $47, and give me back mine! He then said he could not violate company policy on a refund (which is total BS), but wanted to extend an olive branch (for ripping me off) by giving me his personal contact info, so that he might do something for me down the road with the company.

Think about that. You rip me off, and then think I am going to do any business ever again with Weiss. How foolish is that? Weiss used to be a quality outfit, that operated with quality service, and INTEGRITY.

Their current writers, and performance leaves much to be desired. The fact that there is no longer any integrity left, is shameful. Irving Weiss is rolling over in his grave. Shame on you Martin Weiss & your current morally compromised company.

I suggest AVOIDING this company at all costs.

RIP Larry Edelson who was a good man at this company for many years.

Shame on the rest of the organization.

August 6, 2017

I have a one year subscription to the real wealth report and the e-wave trader. I will not renew e-wave, lol. I'll keep the wealth report because it does have good info.

YTD real wealth is up 7.18% and e-wave -8.98%.

There are winners and a lot of losers.

I haven't followed their buy/sell signals. I'm more interested in

stock picks and trends. They "recommended" an "e-wave" stock and I thought hmm so I shorted the piss out of it and made money. LOL That's one example. Their track record is littered with losses, some over 20%. The only call I agree with is OIL going up as well as the energy sector.

Weiss's info just like Rickard and others is just that, INFO & predictions albeit costly/borderline worthless.

I get weekly information from another "guru" who really has a "tight shot group." This man is, compared to Weiss et al, less costly and more importantly, SPOT ON. He's usually a little early on his picks so I usually wait a couple days and try to get in at a lower price. I am making money with him; Weiss not so much. I get educated every week with thorough briefings.

I seek thoughts, info, opinions, and perspectives from a variety of sources to make my own choices.

Like anything in life people can "point" you in the right direction or tell you to "look" over there but ultimately it's up to each investor to "see." OR just say f=ck it and give your fortune to an overly paid money manager and do it "blind."

July 30, 2017
For those of you who don't get your requested refunds...you probably can get your credit card company to refund your money after you explain the situation to them and supply copyies of what Weiss promised in terms of refunds. Also, you can file complaints to the FTC and SEC. I'm always amazed at how customers complain about these matters never seem to file such complaints. In all likelihood, just mentioning to Weiss that you are going to do any of this will probably get you a quick refund. I enjoy reading some of the world analysis in their cheap publications, but their way of doing business with their obvious false claims of accuracy and their high-priced products on almost everything is getting tiresome, along with their 20 emails on every such sales pitch. I won't be renewing Real Wealth Report, but I suspect they will keep sending it to me for probably a year after my subscription expires, as it is really just a sales product.

July 9, 2017

It goes to show that non of these traders are endowed with the prophecy of the future-you must take their advice with a large pinch of salt.

The markets are by their very nature capricious and spontaneous. Larry Edelson and all those at Weiss do not know the future and therefore cannot make predictions-no more than the others such as Harry Dent, Jim Ricards and the like. You must do your own analysis and not depend on any of these people for guidance-they are, after all, usually wrong most of the time.

May 13, 2017
No doubt about it - Larry was a bum.

May 13, 2017

Weiss started a new service, "E-Wave Trader". An investor has to pay $1197 to join and will continue to pay $197 a year to be an active member. Also, no refund is given. It is amazing to see they are still trying to make money using Edelson's useless forecasts even after he passed away.

They are saying if one followed Edelson's advice in 2015 the money would have doubled or tripled, but I don't recall anything like that in that time period. All I recall was he was proud of making tiny 10-15 % on U.S. dollar bullish fund. Maybe because I did not pay to join SCT? By the way, there is no more trading history of SCT on Weiss' webpage.

March 22, 2017
I tried Weiss's newsletter back in the late 90s, but I gave up after too many losses following his recommendations. Seems things haven't changed much since. Finally having my say after all these years. I haven't forgotten!

March 11, 2017

According to Edelson's AI model, oil should be around $30 and Euro is less than 1 dollar now. None of them is true.

I have read Edelson's comments or predictions just as a pure entertainment. Never invested my money by his words. He claimed to be one of the few who know the secret of successful investment, but his record shows he is not.

For the last 10 years, people who just bought and held famous tech stocks (Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Google etc..) did far better than people who invested by Weiss's newsletters. I don't know how Weiss will continue SCT or RW after Edelson's death.

March 7, 2017

Real wealth has an average record.Supercycle trader is an unmitigated disaster.

They promise tomorrow will be a better day.They are excellent at marketing but poor on results.

The newsletters are interesting but they are unable to translate this into winning transactions.

Finally they consistently get the big calls wrong.

Larry missed the big hike in gold at the beginning of 2016 and then Loaded up just before Trump won

And the price of gold tanked.


March 6, 2017

Weiss says today:

"Larry Edelson, a great man and dear friend of many years, has just passed away. All of us, including his wonderful family, my wife and I, plus his many devoted colleagues at Weiss Research, are in shock and in mourning."

March 6, 2017

WARNING: After reading the news letter a few times I decided it was not for me so I called for a refund of my subscription. It's now been three months and numerous calls to them just to get the run around every time. I still have never received my refund.

If they can't do a simple refund as promised then I would certainly not trust any advise given by them!

February 23, 2017
the best way to make money is to take other peoples money....try stockcharts.com andstudy.

February 10, 2017

After watching Larry's "Stock Market Tsunami," I realized that I heard him once before

about 10 years back and saw him selling fearmongering so I walked away. You'll hear it

too if you do some verbal filtering. Then you can clearly hear Larrys

personal revision of an old wives tale known as "Chicken Little's Falling Sky!"

Be smart and walk on.

February 8, 2017
A year and a half into Super Cycle Trader and still deep in the RED. Getting closer to excercising the money back guarantee. And three years into Real Wealth Report and deeper in the RED than Super Cycle Trader. This one is a cheap subscription at 89.00!per year. Will not be renewing. The exports are always promising what will happen TOMORROW. It never comes.

February 1, 2017

As a young man I made some money in the market and built up a portfolio.

All on my own.

In 1971 I started following Weiss.

And in recent years Larry.

Long story short -As of options expiration date January 20th 2017 and at 86 years old, I am broke !!

Condemned 2 living the rest of my life on Social Security.

Just 'joe'

January 24, 2017

Over the years I have subscribed to Safe Money, Real Wealth Report and Global Resources Hunter and all lost money. I see that Mike Larson has finally been removed from Safe Money after years of disaster.

At least once they did not continually bombard you with spam but now 90% of their emails are spam and the rest are mainly bad advice. I lost a lot when I sold some of the gold shares I held for years because of Larry's prediction of a collapse.

I have subscribed to a lot on non Weiss newsletters also and only one was any good, Forbes Special Situation Report. Although it has a few duds, it always comes out on top on the whole.

January 8, 2017
I received an email offering a free report, Highest Rated Stocks Under $10.00. I signed up for it and within no time I got a welcome email but no report. The next day I tried to get the report again and only got another new welcome email. So I sent them an email about not getting the report and as of today Jan 8th 2017 I have NOT received anything, not even a response.

December 28, 2016

The way to sell something to someone is to SCARE them! The people at Weiss Safe Money Report know this very well. They have been beating the fear drum for ages. In 2011 when I was a subscriber, they were calling for "global recession" and "severe strains in the US economy" and predicting DOW 7,000. Fast forward to present and we are now at nearly 20,000.

The experts will tell you never to time the market. Stay diversified with index funds then calendar rebalance as needed. Don't pay anyone, whether an advisor or an author of a book or newsletter, to attempt to time the market. Remember the ole saying "economists have predicted 10 of the last 3 recessions".

December 22, 2016

I have been a member of the Real Weath Report for 6 months now. Larry’s presentations are pretty OK and his macro economy analyses on war cycles and stuff are interesting as well. His predictions are somtimes pretty accutare as well like; the ones on Brexit, Trump and sometime the turning points in goldprice in October.

Unfortunately above is not enough to predict markets in such a way you can earn money from it, as markets react different than Larry predicts; as markets rallied after Trump election and gold has gone down after the early October tempory increase and the Dow and S&P rallied more than 10% while Larry advised not to invest in this.

Above mis predictions on the markets made Larries portfolio yielding disappointing and many members raising critical questions. Larry defend himself by e.g. saying that the rise of the S&P is only caused by a minority of the stock; like you care if you have a S&P tracker !

So the bottom line is; nice reading and interesting high level macro economic stuff on cycles but;


December 2, 2016
Own Weiss Real Wealth report for 3 years. In the red for all 3 years. In 2nd year of Super Cycle Trader. In the red for both years. Was going to take the 1 year money back guarantee for SCT, then Weiss offered to extend another year with the money back guarantee still in force. Will wait a little longer, but not with much confidence. The RWR subscription is very cheap, buts it's losses are worse than SCT. The money back guarantee is looking much more likely.