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Incredibly Useful!

October4, 2011

I just recently joined Weight Watchers, and I absolutely love their weight loss methodology! In exploring their offerings online, I've found that their website is really easy to use and totally comprehensive... and best of all, their system for losing weight really works!

As someone who has continually struggled with weight issues in the past, I like the fact that this website allows you to manage all aspects of your weight loss journey. The layout of their site is pretty straightforward - you can look up meetings, the point values of different foods, exercises, testimonials and success stories from other Weight Watchers users, etc. My favorite/the most useful tab is the one that offers tips and ideas for eating out at restaurants; I'm not going to sacrifice my social life and eat lettuce at home in order to lose a few pounds!

Overall: the site is well organized and really easy to navigate, and simplifies all of the weight-loss components in a way that makes it easy to apply to your life.

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