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Using a Q-tip to clean the inside of your ear can potentially cause irreversible damage to your eardrum and may even cause hearing loss. Q-tips were not designed to be inserted into the ear; however they have been used in this manner for generations.

The WaxVac is a small battery operated device that sucks the moisture, dirt and wax out of your ear safely. It is safer than Q-tips because there is a stopper that hinders it from entering into the ear canal and reaching the eardrum.

It costs 10 dollars for one device, but when you purchase it through their site you can get two for the price of one; you must pay the cost of shipping and handling for each one of them. The total price for the order comes to $23.98 and the estimated delivery time is 2-6 weeks.

In the package you will receive two WaxVac devices, a cleaning brush and 8 color-coded removable tips. The WaxVac works quietly, it is battery operated and it also has an examining light built into it.

Online reviews poorly rate their experience ordering WaxVac. Many customers were overcharged for their order and had a difficult time reaching customer service to resolve the issue. Some customers reported that they never received their shipment and were unable to get any answers from customer service for why they had not received it. While placing an order online, customers were unable to see the total amount until after they confirmed the order. Once confirmed, the total appeared and reflected a price that was higher than what it was supposed to be.

The problem with cleaning wax out of your ear is that it causes dryness in your ear and leaves your ear vulnerable to infection. Wax, surprisingly, protects your ear canal because it repels water and debris.

Recommendations found online explain that the best way to clean out the debris and the wax from your ear is to use a dropper to put droplets of mineral oil or baby oil into your ear. After 15 minutes, flush the oil from your ear with warm water. Cover your ear with a dry towel and tilt your head to the side to release the water from of your ear. This method is supposed to be safer because you are not inserting any objects into your ear.

If you are experienced high wax buildup in your ear or feel that the wax is affecting your hearing you should consider talking to a physician before purchasing the WaxVac, a doctor will be able to safely remove the buildup.

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Be Very Careful

March8, 2013

I don't actually have the product. I called to order it, but had to send an email because of "the higher than normal call volume" which normally means people calling to complain or they don't have enough people. I asked in the email if I could purchase just one since I live by myself instead of the "But wait, order now and get a second one free, just pay separate shipping and handling" offer. They emailed me back saying that they would only sell the two of them. The unstated reason: The shipping costs for the two of them almost equal the cost of the product. So essentially you are not getting one free, you are paying for it by the huge shipping fee which is common on these products. If anyone wants to see the email that they sent back to me, confirming that they would not sell just one, feel free to ask.... if not, be very careful - if they don't sell just one, think about what happens when you try and return it... oh, and one more thing, try to look up the "Doctor" that they have advertising it to see his credentials.

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