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About Waxing Beans

Waxing Beans, found online at WaxingBeans.com, is a new company and product line which promises people a new and effective way to wax their hair in the comfort of their own home. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, Waxing Beans believes that they are truly making some of the most innovative beauty products in the world, and their hard wax beans are one of their favorites. 

To use this product, you simply heat the wax beans in a wax heater or in a glass bowl in the microwave. Then, using a plastic or wood spatula, spread the wax onto the area of your skin where you want to remove the hair, being careful to apply it against the direction of hair growth. 

After waiting a short time period for the wax to cool, hold your skin firmly and “remove wax with a firm action against the direction of hair growth.” The wax is able to be used successfully without the messy fabric strips required by other brands. 

Waxing Beans says that their product can be used on any part of the body, including the face, armpits and bikini line, even if you have sensitive skin. 

Cost/Price Plans

This company sells a wide variety of products in different volumes and as such the prices will differ depending on exactly what you are purchasing. Their website does say that all orders which total more than $50 will be provided free shipping and all customers are given the chance to subscribe to their monthly autoship program in exchange for a 20% discount from the regular price. 

In addition, if customers do not own their own wax heater, Waxing Beans does provide one for $19.99.     

Refund Policy

This company does say that all of their orders are applicable for refunds within the first 30 days, and they will no longer be able to offer any returns or exchanges when orders have exceeded that 30 day period. 

Items that are being returned will need to be unused, in their original condition, and in their original packaging. Once your return is received and inspected, you will be sent an email explaining if your return has been approved or rejected for a refund.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at [email protected] 


Unfortunately this website doesn’t appear to have that many customer reviews at this time period, making it difficult for prospective customers to feel as though this is the brand of hard wax beans they should be investing in. 

If you are still interested in purchasing this product, you will want to do some serious research on using hard wax, or stripless wax, products at home. There are different opinions on how and where to use these products so that they are the most effective and hopefully the least painful that they can be. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different brands of wax beans available to customers through a variety of beauty retailers and online retailers like Amazon.com, so customers who are looking for alternatives to this product should have many different options which may best meet their needs. 

If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your Waxing Beans reviews below.

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