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About Walmart Savings Catcher

Unless you have been living under a massive rock, you are well aware of Walmart and the services they offer. But some of the newer programs may go unnoticed unless you know where to look.

Luckily, there are many people on the internet watching out for deals and ready to let you know about them to help you save money. This includes Walmart’s Savings Catcher app.

Walmart takes pride in their everyday low prices and rollback deals, but because of the competition out there, they have really had to step up the game and provide even more ways to save to ensure they keep your business. This is where the Savings Catcher system comes into play.


The Savings Catcher app is Walmart’s answer to the price matching offer many companies are now providing to retain your business.

They guarantee that, by downloading their app, you will then be eligible for Walmart paying the difference on select products if a better offer is available from another store. While this does not apply for every product they offer at Walmart, it still makes a difference and puts money back into your pocket.

How Does It Work?

By simply downloading the app from either the Apple app store or Google Play’s store, you become eligible for refunds of the difference in prices. But there is a catch. You will need to also enroll in their Walmart Pay program to be eligible for the Savings Catcher program.

After you have enrolled in the Walmart Pay program, you will then use that for all of your Walmart purchases. This gives you an eReceipt that you can then submit later on. But it is crucial that you use your Walmart Pay app to scan the QR code to make sure you have an eReciept on file at the register.

Then you need to submit the receipt to the Savings Catcher app and Walmart can let you know if you are eligible for a refund if you “overpaid” with them compared to another store.

Costs and Price Plans

To utilize the Savings Catcher program, you will have to have a smartphone. It doesn’t matter if it is an Apple or Android phone, but it will have to be a smartphone that you can use the apps on. You will need to download both the Walmart Pay app and the Walmart Savings Catcher app and keep them on the phone.

You will also have to only pay with the Walmart Pay app to be eligible for the refunds.

Customer Service

If you have any questions or concerns about the Savings Catcher program or how to use it you can Walmart at 1-800-WALMART or go to the Walmart website to talk to an agent. Walmart has a team that manages the Walmart Savings Catcher program so you can always ask to be directly transferred to them.

Online Reviews/Complaints

The biggest complaint Walmart has received is definitely that the Savings Catcher program is now exclusively for people using the Walmart Pay app. While you used to be able to use a standard paper receipt that you get with every purchase, you must now use the Walmart Pay app to be part of the Savings Catcher program.

Your purchases are also only applicable for in-store purchases, so no purchases from the Walmart website will be counted. Another complaint is that you will only get reimbursed after the purchase is complete and there is a finite amount of time that can pass before you are no longer eligible for reimbursement on a product. The refunds are e-gift cards for the Walmart store so you will only be able to use that money at Walmart, and only certain products are eligible for this program.

These products are mainly groceries, toiletries, and household items. These items must be identical to the other store’s products in order to be considered for the Savings Catcher app. Electronics, produce, apparel, toys and housewares are all excluded from the Savings Catcher program. Buy one, get one and similar deals are also not considered for the program.

The Savings Catcher app only applies for the deals that are happening at the same time of your purchase, must be within seven days from your original purchase, and there is a maximum amount you can claim in a certain time frame. You can only claim up to seven receipts per week and can claim a maximum of $599.99 per year.

For the full list of restrictions, check out the Walmart FAQs page here

Competitors and Alternatives


Ibotta is similar to the Walmart Savings Catcher in that it requires an app download to use it, but rather than relying on Walmart to find the deals for you, you get to scroll through and find the deals you want to use. The deals are unlocked through completing simple tasks and then you can buy those selected items at the store.

You will need to make sure the store participated in the Ibotta program beforehand to make sure you get the deal. You can then redeem the deal by taking a picture of the receipt and Ibotta will give you cash in your account within 48 hours of redeeming your receipt.

Checkout 51

While Walmart has a larger array of products than Checkout 51, it does not cover nearly as many food products. Checkout 51 is specifically designed for grocery shopping to help you find deals and get cash back. Simply download the free app, check every Thursday for new deals and click redeem on the items that you bought.

Then all you need to do is take a picture of your receipt with the app’s built-in camera and Checkout 51 will give you money back on those deals you redeem. This means you can pay as you please rather than use a specific app like Walmart Pay, and you can see the deals before you buy so you know what you are getting, rather than leaving it up to the company to decide.


ShopSavvy utilizes the barcode rather than the receipt to find your deals, but like the Savings Catcher app, compares those prices to the deals available on the internet and local stores. Groceries and smaller local stores are not applicable to the ShopSavvy app and you are beholden to what is available in the database.

Where to Buy?

The apps can be found in the Apple store, Google Play store or simply use the link,


If you are a fan of the Walmart Pay app already, the Savings Catcher program is ideal for you. But anyone who is new to the Walmart Pay app or is in a rush, it can be overly complicated to deal with. So while it is recommended that you give it a shot if you are a frequent Walmart shopper, it is really up to you.

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