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Wallapop Is a Scam?
January 29, 2016

I have had two inquiries about my item, but both had excuses why they could not come to me in person, but wanted my home address to mail me a check and they would have an associate pick up item.

When I supplied them with my PO Box, they were no longer interested in my item. This is a little concerning to me as I live alone. Why do they want only my home address. Do Not Use Wallapop!

Martie January 30, 2016

They are trying to scam you. Have had same thing on Craigs List also.

Wanting me to mail to their daughter and they would send me money via check or cashier's check or paypal. I was told to only do cash sale and meet the person wanting to by - no long distance selling.

October 7, 2015

**This honest and unbiased review was posted to the Apple iTunes Store AFTER Wallapop interfered with our listings and enforced account cessation due to our intellectual property images being labed as "problematic" and stolen stock images.**



PROS: The interface is easy to use when everything works correctly! They support the use of multiple images for each item listed unlike OfferUp. They don't truncate their images like Close5. They do offer the optional ability to remove old conversations. This is very helpful although Wallapop will bring them all back one day just to annoy you! Unfortunately, there isn't any "DELETE ALL" button so you'll be burning your precious time trying to remove them individually. They also include a simplified one-click block feature for those annoying pessimistic individuals that only exist to argue. Wish we could block all those not so wonderful Wallapop moderators that spend their day deleting your hard work!

CONS: Where do we draw the line and stop? We'll keep it factual to (4) major concerns for our reader.

We are like most people when considering a virtual garage sale app. We're all here to make some extra money. It doesn't matter if you're a homemaker or business owner, we just need to earn more money. We're no exception to this rule and we've used this service now for several months. However, we couldn't help but notice some major flaws or problematic issues that affect us if not all members using Wallapop on a daily basis. We are confident that these unwanted problems affect the entire Wallapop community.

1. There are NO cache management options. This would greatly help the user to control or reduce the parasitic growth of this app when used on a regular basis. Close5 provides this option but not Wallapop or OfferUp.

2. If a user decides they want something deleted, such as a listing or conversation, why can't it remain DELETED? Why does Wallapop bring everything back to haunt us? Is there a valid reason to retain such trivial and obsolete information? Was the app so poorly constructed and faulty that we must constantly monitor our online account from Wallapop abuse? They may own it but is it really worth the hassle? Ugh.

3. This is probably the most aggravating issue known to Wallapop users... the fact that Wallapop will actually delete your hard work! THEY MAKE IT DIFFICULT FOR YOU TO EARN MONEY USING THIS SERVICE! You can't make money if your listings are deleted! It's that simple! In all of Wallapop's infinite wisdom, they consult with their fantasy book of unknown rules and regulations. They enforce Terms and Conditions as if they are the Almighty. Don't bother trying to resolve the problem using communication or escalation. Their support system is very primitive and poorly constructed. You will quickly find many common sense violations that never get reported or banned. (i.e. stolen goods, fraudulent Apple listings, etc.) Even if you do manage to squeeze on your halo and follow every golden rule, the Wallapop Nazi's will eventually find fault with your perfection. We know first hand! No one is safe! Even the term "garage sale" is forbidden although that is exactly what describes this service! It's a online, virtual garage sale! Did we really have to explain this fact?

4. Personal information. Your account requires validation for "trust and credibility within the Wallapop community". How does this work when 8 out of 10 accounts have NO basic information to contact them? What's the purpose of requiring this information if it can't be used? Next time you suspect a fraud account, review their profile and wonder no more my friend! Now you know why they exist!

That's about it folks! Wallapop just isn't that special or unique! Unfortunately, we have to follow where the sheep pasture because they herd in large numbers here because the app is "free". If you too desire only those "free" online garage sale apps, Wall-Of-Poo will guarantee your choice of an empty bottle of pain medicine for your migraines. So to answer that annoying question after each sale (usually done elsewhere), DO WE LOVE YOU WALL-OF-POOP? We think the answer is quite obvious. We decided to keep a copy of this honest review for our records in the event our online account is wrongfully terminated, altered, or removed.

Keep your eyes and options open. Don't be fooled by paid reviews!