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Fake product and unsafe buying links.
February 26, 2022
Never buy from wallapop- there are many people doing froud and wallapop will never help you.

Nothing but scam artists!!!
May 15, 2018

I posted a bugaboo stroller for Sale and EVERY single person that messaged me said the exact same thing!! That they want my name and address and phone number to send me a certified check. Without even meeting up to view the item.

Plus, I live in Canada and all the people that messaged me were from the States! So why would you. It a stroller 1700 miles away! Makes no sense! This app has nothing but scammers on it!! How the hell is this app still running??

Don’t even waste your time with this app. And plus I’m order to deactivate your account you need to message the creators to deactivate and they don’t reply to you. I even sent them a message telling them about all the scammers and they said nothing!

They don’t care, they are getting their money’s worth. Disgusting!! This app is Bull crap! DONT USE IT

Worst site
April 9, 2018

I thought I was buying a phone off of serena and then I sent the money and I didn’t hear back as she said she would send it through post but I was meant to get it today but no sign off the mobile , I need to find a way to get my money back but don’t know how, may someone help me please?

Do ever accept checks here
March 21, 2018

I had a very bad experience I was trying to sell a hand bag here and some one text saying that they’re interested in buying it from me everything was good until they ask me for a full names and address to mailin and what a surprise I receive the check certified check lol I open the envelope and I I started laughing .

I was asking for 450 for my bag when I finally open the envelope I saw the fake check with 1.7000 and they want me to take the 450 for the bag and the rest of the money they want me to send with their shipper .

I someone comes and ask for names and address Don’t give anything to this fake people

Scammers scammers everywhere and not a buyer to find
May 14, 2016

Tried this when it first came out and never got even one serious buyer. Only scammers. Always ask to e-mail. First never do that with your real e-mail I have a spam one set up for things like this.

Now I decided I'd give it another try and what's funny is the same users/e-mails that tried to scam me before are trying again.

I reported them before, but it looks like Wallapop has horrible security and theft departments if they are still on the app.


April 28, 2016

I agree with all of the other one star raters. Same deal with offering more money to take the item off the site and sending you extra dollars to pay their shippers because they can't meet you. They are "very busy people...first time on Wallapop and are trusting me with their money."

Then when you don't respond the way they want you to, they send threatening emails. I took their "check" to the bank and had the bank manager call their bank and verify funds...needless to say NO FUNDS and fraudulent check. DO NOT deposit their check as this flags your account.

Also, take ALL emails and the check if you get that far to your local Sherriff and/or police department and file a fraud report. Let's get these people on file! The person I dealt with was ANA JOSH. She has threaten to have me arrested and to call the FBI and CIA! Seriously...when she is the one committing the fraud.

Delete the APP

Ripped by Wallapop
April 22, 2016

Until someone responsible takes over this app and backs it with guarantees, people will just continue to be taken advantage of. My daughter saved up some money for a uses iPhone 6 plus. I found one offered by Felicita M. (Carrasquillo).

She was out of town and after some conversation I told her if I could verify her information. I would consider doing the transaction by mail. She had given me an address and I pulled up the street view and asked her questions about what I was seeing. I had her tell me what I was looking at, she was a lil irritated with it but she got over it.

I even looked her up on judiciary case search, to make sure she didn't have theft or fraud charges. Everything seemed legit. We exchanged a few more messages after I wired the money. Then nothing...Oh but I have some tricks up my sleeve n I'm off to get my money.

EmaniMacnuff April 09, 2018

Would you be able to help me I would like to get my money back too as I was in the same situation

EmaniMacnuff April 09, 2018

I was in the same situation, would you be able to help me ?

Wallapoop isn't right!
April 8, 2016

OMG!!! Within minutes I was bombarded with scammers hiding behind being religious with sob stories as to why they can't come to see the item, wanting personal info to send a check.

I swear they must be part of a ring because the emails are almost the same and English clearly is not their first language. I am disgusted to say the least and deleting my account as soon as I send this review.

Walla pop scammer
March 26, 2016

I have had four people interested in my motorcycle for sale. Nothing but scams They want all this information from me they want to buy it sight unseen pay me extra money for me to take their checks. I clearing stated in my ad cash or PayPal. Face to face.

They offer more money they will have some one pick it up mover or someone else. Never face to face. Just lots of scammers.

Ky April 04, 2016

Same thing I got. I have had four people do that to me. Good thing, I researched it because it just did not sound right. People would message me about my item. They would give me their email. Once I emailed them they would say how they are "to busy" to come and look at the product. They said they would send me a check with an extra "$50" so as to reserve the item. They would then proceed to say that their "shipper," would come and get it. Here is my response:

"Where are you located, I will come deliver it to you so that we can proceed to do the transaction in person. Who is your shipper so i can know who to expect."

I don't want anyone just showing up to my house. And how do I know if the check is any good? And who in their right mind would just send a check to someone without further information.

Mark Vota April 04, 2016

It's all OK the last time I checked my wallop my account was removed. I guess my last for sale post included "please don't waste my time no more scams" I assume the wallapop powers that be didn't like that

You Get Nowhere FAST
March 18, 2016

So, I listed my truck on Wallapop. I got one offer for $10k less than what I was asking and then the guy started harassing me because I didn't accept his offer.

Also, there are a ton of ads that are fake for newer model cars selling for $3k or less. The pictures were clearly not taken in this state. I report the ads and they relist them.

A friend of mine was selling an ATV on Wallapop and got a lot of offers, but most were making extreme low-ball offers. When she informed one person that the ATV had sold, he cussed her. Why? I do not like this app because it's a mess. It's worse than Craigslist.

March 10, 2016

Nothing but a miserable experience simply reaching someone in customer service. I have posted the same ad's six times now and they remove them for no reason.

 I've sent detailed emails to them explaining we have been in business 45 years and are one of the credible sellers. The kind they should be proud to have & need according to all the scam postings I've read regarding their site. 

Nothing I sell is restrictive (as stated in the guidelines) and we are op rated sellers on ebay (who most definitely have serious standards for listing). All I get back are generic messages after I explain and ask them to politely just give me a call or be specific with my ads. Here is a copy of the mail I have sent....

"Ps...Nothing I sell here is unauthorized or prohibited according to your rules and regulations...Kindly let me know by way of a phone call why you are removing my ads. 

As stated we are one of the top buyers and most reputable dealers certainly in the united states. Anything stated on your site is exactly what I sell on ebay which I'm sure has the exact same rules and regulations regarding its content. No issues there. My phone numbers are below and I can be reached anytime please."

They are deleting ads of images I own that include our company business card & flyer (simply for reference detailing the respect and accreditations our my companies 45yr history and whom our company is). Something any buyer should be comfortable to know and see.

I will for sure delete my account and tell anyone else to as well . Wallapop are a company that can't even properly explain why they are removing my ads. Just generic bs. They obviously don't wish to be reached or do any reaching back when kindly asked and for justifications and detailed reasons.

I have made a copy of this message and will post it everywhere I can sitejabber,com, twitter, google etc. Unless I receive a proper phone call explaining what on earth they are doing over there.

You know how to reach me wallapoop

SHAM worse than CraigsList......
February 22, 2016
........and a lot more dangerous. This app puts dangerous people right in your back yard. Post something for sale and you immediately start getting fraudulent "buyers" searching for your house, scamming you by offering you less than half of the price you posted on your item....... then when you respond, the scam buyers are able to track your location by your response. This is a very dangerous application. BEWARE! You will hear of a lot of legal cases being bought on people from this app.

David February 24, 2016

Tory green,wanted to buy a diecast añd added $50…00 to the asking price. Check was fraudulent, he was 1st to respond to an ad I put on Sunday, after federal police were 8n contact, REALLY!!!!! great job wallopop.letgo is 1000 perçent better. Do ur job,losers

Sammy March 01, 2016

What do you mean they're able to track your location by your response. I think you meant if you respond via email. Not just chatting through the app.

Lisa March 02, 2016

they are able to track you from your account information from when you verified your account to even have an account with wallapop. How do you think they have the locations as to how far away you are from the listings?

Scammer's paradise
February 21, 2016

Please do not waste your time setting up an account and downloading this app. As soon as you list an item, every scammer will bombard you with fake offers above your asking price, saying they will send a (fake) cashier's check. All they need is your mobile phone, #, address, and everything else required to steal your money, or steal your I.D.

Wallapop has invested NOTHING to stop or prevent the scam-fest, so do your part, ignore this app, and let's watch it disappear forever.

Brian C February 22, 2016

I agree 100% with this prior review. Wallapop is a total scam. The minute you post something for sale you get 3 to 4 people saying they are interested in purchasing your item , however you can only communicate with them via email. So they want your email address for other spam sites. Sell your stuff on Facebook at least you'll know the real people .

Brian C February 22, 2016

Total the worst. You'll never sell anything on this site. After you log your merchandise you'll get 4 responses saying they want to buy. But they can only communicatell via email. So if you give them your email you'll get tons and tons of spam ....STAY AWAY

Jane Smith February 26, 2016

The only people who claim to want to buy anything from you, are the scam artists. Stay far, far away from this app

The worst
February 17, 2016
No need to waste time on this review. It's awful, only thing that ever comes through are phishing attempts, and support is nowhere to be found. My advice to you: DELETE DELETE DELETE

scammers want western unoin before they ship
February 15, 2016

tried to buy ps4 from [email protected]

refused pay pal terms demanded friend and family cash. I deleted app from phone, full of scamers

Dawn February 16, 2016

Not necessarily. I have been burnt twice now by agreeing to ship and accepting PayPal. Buyers used stolen credit cards that were eventually found out, the funds were reversed from my PayPal account, and I'm out my items and my money.

February 14, 2016


I agree with Alexis Sloan with starting a list but don't think it would do any good. Maybe the better solution is to flat out don't use it! BOYCOTT WALLAPOP!

Nothing but scammers
February 11, 2016
I posted a high dollar item and got nothing but scammers asking for name, address, phone. Please ship the item etc... I defeated it.

Jamie N. February 14, 2016

And....every sngle email is gmail if that matters and their profile is never confirmed!

Dawn Enke March 18, 2016

Everyone I see has gmail emal accounts too!

Scammers are out!
February 5, 2016

I received 2 messages about my item. Both people told me a story about why they couldn't meet to look at the item and that they believed and trusted my description. Then they went on to say they would send me a cashier's check.

When I told them I didn't feel comfortable providing my entire life history they never responded back. Who really wants to purchase an item (pool table) that someone else has owned before looking at it. I'm not saying everyone on there is a scammer because a friend has had really good luck selling items, you just have to go with your gut feeling!

Neil Robinson February 07, 2016

This happened to me as well? I did not give my address and they did respond saying they are trustworthy. But when i ask for there info no response back?

MeercatReview February 12, 2016

I also have had similar responses, same scenario, they ask for all my info and say they will have someone come pick it up cuz they cannot come see the item. Also I found that they ask the same question in every response" what is the price you are asking" and incorrect site listings, one said he saw my "craigslist add" when I never posted it on Craigslist. Anyway this is quite an annoyance.

JT Howell February 21, 2016

Why did you give them 3 stars?!?!?!?

Amber February 23, 2016

Oops! I'm pretty sure I pressed 1. It deserves 0. Deleted app, waste of time

Total Scam - Worse than Craig's List
February 3, 2016

This site is a total scam. I received a check from a Greg Williams ([email protected]) from S.I. Property Mgt Services. I was suppose to deduct the cost of the item he/she/they wanted to buy then wire the remaining funds back to them so they could pay the movers. It was supposedly an elderly woman whose son was purchasing the hide away bed I had for sell.

So he/she/they thought I was going to deduct the $650 for the sleeper bed then wire them the difference of $1,510. Also beware of Peter Palmer ([email protected]) and Mark Blanton ([email protected]). We should start a list of names and email addresses of such criminals so we can alert each other b/c Wallapop isn't interested in stopping this behavior.

Brinza February 16, 2016

This site is total scam.I received 2 checks from John wanting to buy a drum set for $400 and send 2 checks of $1400 from a Management Co.Also I was suppose to deduct the cost of the item he wanted to buy and than give him the rest back so he can pay the movers.Why would he send me almost 4 x the amount of the item?Also beware of Peter Palmer ([email protected]) and ([email protected]).All of them are scammers.Have them pay you quick pay or cash only

Cralmo April 04, 2016

Here's another name to add to the list of scammers. Chase M Mitchecll [email protected] profile Jerry G phone number 208-261-5888. Same scam. Wants to send cashiers check for over the amount and wants me to cash it and give some excess amount to his "mover". I hate scumbbags..

February 2, 2016

People will send you messages, asking you to contact them via email. Then they will ask for your info so they can mail you a check because they "can't meet." Then they will offer you $50 extra and send you a bogus amount of money in form of a check, saying you need to transfer money to their "shipper/mover" that will be "picking up" your item.