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About Vue Smart Glasses

The Vue Smart Glasses, found online at, describes themselves as the world’s first pair of smart glasses that have been designed for everyday use and are available in prescription, plano, and sunglasses.  

How Does It Work?

According to their crowdfunding page, when Vue began designing their smart glasses they started in a different place than all other smart glasses manufacturers – with the glasses themselves. 

While most smart glasses are treated as a smart device accessory first, Vue Smart Glasses are intended to actually be the glasses you wear for your everyday activities, first and foremost, which is why you can have them set with your own personal prescription or as sunglasses, or you can choose to wear them as non-prescription regular glasses if you choose.

After successfully designing stylish glasses for everyday wear, they then began to focus on the capabilities they wanted these glasses to have as a smart device. The website promises that they will give people the chance to listen to music, make calls, listen to GPS navigation, track activity, gesture control, report time, and more. 


Again, unlike other smart glasses which have attempted to use the glass lens as a display screen, Vue Smart Glasses relies on bone conduction technology, which allows people to hear audio while still being able to hear the surroundings they are in. 

Cost/Price Plans

Unfortunately this product is not yet available for sale on the open market at this time, as they are still in process of crowdfunding on their Kickstarter page. Customers who are interested in purchasing these glasses at this time will be able to order one pair for $159, even though the full retail price will be $269.

According to their crowdfunding page, it seems as though this product will begin being shipped to crowdfunding donators during Summer of 2017, though these dates may change in the future.    

Refund Policy

Because this product is not yet actually being sold on the open market, they also do not appear to have any kind of published Refund Policy available for their customers at this time. Hopefully once their product actually begins being delivered to customers that participated in their crowdfunding campaign in the Summer of 2017, they will begin publishing these important policies, but until then customers will need to contact their Customer Service team with any questions they have regarding refunds. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by submitting them directly to them by using the Ask A Question link at the bottom of the Kickstarter page.


Because this company has not actually yet made this product available on the open market, there is no way to know how well it will fulfill all of the promises it has made to its consumers. It does seem, at this time, from the few companies that have had a chance to review these glasses in person that the one thing people unanimously love about these glasses are that they are stylish glasses first and a smart device second, which goes a long way toward making them a product that people will actually want to use and benefit from even when they are not being utilized. 

Though it is unclear if this company will honor refunds at this time or after the product ships, customers who are willing to take a chance on pre-ordering this product will receive a significant discount, so customers will want to consider which option is the best for their needs.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

In a country and a world where nearly every available item is on its way to being “smart,” even if the Vue Smart Glasses are unique today does not mean that they will stay that way for very long. Customers who are hoping to find alternatives to this product should not have to wait very long.   

If you have any experience with Vue Smart Glasses or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Really bad first impression
January 11, 2020

I just got my glasses today, after TWO YEARS AND A HALF delay over the original deadline. In their updates, they repeatedly stated how they had to delay due to quality improvements, saying they wanted to issue a solid, reliable product.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

When I unboxed the glasses, everything look promising. The frame was thick but classy, and the finishes looked OK as advertised.

I installed the app in my Samsung Galaxy S10 , and waited for the glasses to charge. I opened the app, and got ready to pair.

Nope. It didn't happen.

I tried troubleshooting. I did the recommended steps (several times) but the glasses did not pair. I heard the double tap prompt, but the phone app is stuck in "connecting".

So I paid more than 200$ for some plastic glasses that do not work as advertised. My old prescription glasses cost the same, I had them one day after ordering, and the frames are made of titanium. They're not "smart", but neither are these, apparently.

I hope that eventually, support gives me some feedback on how to solve the bluetooth issues. Otherwise this will be like a bloody bad joke.

August 4, 2019
Mine never came, CEO Aaron is very rude as well. My Vue glasses never came.

Cole S August 07, 2019

You clearly don't understand what a Kickstart project is. They are currently manufacturing. They have continued to show progress and update us. Aaron has always been nice during communications with me (maybe because I'm not insufferable and don't yell).

Cole S August 07, 2019

This review is entirely BS. Aaron has always been nice to me and they are currently in production. The poster clearly doesn't understand what a Kickstarter is.

June 3, 2019
Just got my pair last week and I LOVE THEM. They came out a bit thicker than promised but the technology is very much improved over what was advertised and I can see myself using them daily.

November 26, 2018
Waiting and waiting during years for nothing... be smart and do not spend your money in this fraud!!!

Cole S August 07, 2019

You clearly don't understand what a Kickstarter is.