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Vacation Rentals By Owner, located online at VRBO.com, is a website which allows people who own second homes to rent them out to travelers who are interested in a more personalized travel experience.

This website offers properties for rent in locations throughout the US, Europe, and the world, claiming over 190,000 properties available to rent in over one hundred countries worldwide.

According to VRBO.com, renting a property directly from an owner offers many benefits over the traditional method of simply getting a hotel room in your travel destination.

They say they nightly rate of a rental property is general cheaper than area hotels, the spaces are larger, and most offer full service kitchens, which allows you to purchase groceries and save money on eating out.

They also say that 25,000 of their rental properties are dog friendly, making it easier to take an extended vacation with your pet. Rentals which allow dogs will be marked with a purple paw, so they are easy for you to identify.

VRBO.com allows all their customers to post ratings and reviews of the properties in which they have stayed, so you can get a more personalized and specific idea of what the rental property is really like.

And though owners and managers cannot hide negative reviews from their listings, they can respond to these reviews so that potential renters can have an understanding of how any issues have been addressed.

The website also offers multiple resources to help renters understand and proceed with a secure payment process for renting these properties, as well as promising to have security measures which will guarantee your down payment if something should go wrong that they could have assisted with.

If you are interested in renting out your second property, you can fill out a simple form on the website to receive a step-by-step explanation of the rental process.

If you have any experience with this service, please leave your VRBO.com reviews below.

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Hilton Head rental/ May, 2019

March4, 2019

They charged 152.00 booking fee in addition to a $50.00 reservation fee by the property agent. A rip off! RENTER BEWARE!

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