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Voices.com states that they are the world’s leading voice-over marketplace, where clients can sign up to find the people they need to do their professional voice over work.

How Does It Work?

Most people are exposed to voice over work every day of their lives, when they hear a commercial on the radio, see a movie trailer on TV, or go to a new website and watch a short introductory video. 

The goal of Voices.com is to provide those very same voice over work opportunities to anyone who is interested in taking advantage of this at home earning possibility.

Typical types of voice over recordings include Audiobooks, Documentaries, Movie Trailers, Telephone, Business, Educational, Podcasting, Television, Radio, Videogames, and more

The website says that have a profile on their network goes a long way toward helping break into this industry and find this kind of work, since they partner with advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies that do work all over the world. 

For clients, Voices.com says that they will provide them with all the tools they need for the auditioning and hiring of their talent, as well as provide them with a secure way to pay their talent. 

Cost/Price Plans

Members who would like to sign up for a free membership to qualify for job postings on Voices.com are welcome to do so. In fact, they encourage all their members to sign up for a free membership to begin with, and then move to a Premium membership later on.

It does not appear that they offer publicly published information on the cost of their Premium membership.

They do provide their clients with a publicly published Rate Sheet that gives guidelines for what to pay for the voice over work they are ordering, with an understanding that all rates for voice-over recordings for broadcast usage are determined by the length of the recording, the medium in which it will be broadcast and the size of the market in which it will appear. 

Refund Policy

Unfortunately this website does not appear to publish any public information about refunds at this time, whether they are refunds of membership fees or refunds of voice over service fees if a company is unhappy with what they have received for any reason.

Clients or members that feel circumstances have occurred which would justify a refund of any fees they’ve paid should contact their Customer Service team as soon as possible to what solutions can be offered to you.     

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 888-359-3472 or by email at [email protected]


This company seems to have very mixed reviews and it’s difficult to tell what a new prospective customer should be thinking about their services.

First, there is a lot of discrepancy online about the cost of this service. Some people claim that this website does not actually offer a free membership, but rather a free trial and then a minimum $10.00 a month membership fee. 

If that’s the case, this information isn’t detailed on their website and customers should take that as evidence of an unethical business model. 

If this company does offer a free membership to their customers the way they claim they do, there is still a serious problem with their methods.

While they brag to their clients that they have hundreds of thousands of members willing to do voice over work, it is unclear who this actually benefits.

It certainly doesn’t benefit the members, who will be a single fish in a gigantic ocean of talent all competing for the same opportunities, and it doesn’t really benefit their clients either.

No company wants to go through hundreds of thousands of job applicants – really they would be happy with ten good, qualified prospects.

To help members have more access to success than others, they offer their Premium membership, which is not detailed on their website to the public, but is described by customers as costing more than $2,000 per year to maintain.

If you're unable to pay these fees, it doesn’t seem that there are many other ways to separate yourself from the pack. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

Voice over work is starting to become a popular part time, home based method of earning money, so people who are not satisfied with the services provided by Voices.com should be able to find other companies offering similar services.  

If you have any experience with Voices.com or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Voices.com Customer Reviews

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quality voice over work, and proper pay
February 22, 2020
Voices.com should be sued in class action form for unethical business practices.

British voice over uk.com POOR SERVICE
May 3, 2018

This company boats 5 star reviews and clienttelle world wide? ?

I'm ikely to say this is untrue because of the we like others have had a very unpleasant experience with Tanya the Voice over who owns the site of British voice ove ruk.com.

Its impossible to mention the many problems we as a family company had based here London.

London Media services.

WilliamHuntsman February 22, 2020

I looked into VDC 2 years ago, offered my services, received coaching, demo's etc., they strung me along, and after 8 months never delivered on their word, so i closed my account. 2 years later, I thought i would give them another look. VDC should be sued in class action form by all members for unethical business practices. I'll NEVER recommend them to anybody. They don't even get a "1" for a review.

Unreasonable and Unpredictable
April 14, 2018

For your companis sanity, avoid this lot.

Arizona Media research.


JohnMoriarty March 01, 2022

I have used it for a year in 2018-19--nearly a $350 membership Auditioned 200 times and received ZERO job offers. I've tried again in 2022 (I won a free $499 membership by winning a voice over competition). I've done nearly 100 and again ZERO offers.

I think it is a scam and reminds me of all the handbills passed out for the poor Okies in the 30's during the dust bowl who were told to travel to California where was plenty of work.

Unfortunately for the Okies from Oklahoma trying to get jobs from the fruit farms found that the fruit farms wanted an over-abundance of workers to drive the price per hour down.

Many found NO work. If they did they made less than 20 cents per hour. I'm not totally sure they drive the prices down; but it appears there is are those who pay the premium price of membership and get all the jobs.

I remain unconvinced that the other memberships yields many jobs at all. They profit by getting as many people to buy their memberships. This partial parallel (between these California farmers and Voices.com) came from THE classic GRAPES OF WRATH--A GREAT BOOK.

Not worth a voice talent's time or money
October 19, 2017
They charged me $299 for one year for the privilege of auditioning. Most auditions have at least 50 other talents competing for the same small job. I have so far submitted over 150 auditions and have not received a single job. They are usually unresponsive to my attempts to communicate - or impersonal at best. This has been a waste of my money and time, and I would encourage others to look elsewhere.

FAKE REVIEWS from Britishvoiceoveruk.com
May 28, 2017

BEWARE the reviews from Britishvoiveruk.com are completely false and fabricated. We had substandard work from that site and found Tanya rude and abrupt.

Avoid at all costs.