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About VIZR

There are two main products that are offered by VIZR: the actual VIZR product and their secondary product, FIXD. VIZR is the main product that is offered by the company and is the GPS system that was being talked about earlier.

Essentially, it’s a bluetooth device that sits on the dashboard of your car and allows you to view your GPS trip without taking your eyes off the road and without obstructing your vision. The actual device is a small, transparent screen that displays your route, as well as a small tech piece where you can lay your phone down. It connects to your phone via an app that is free for iOS and Android.

The second product that they offer is something called FIXD. This is a little box that plugs into your car, reads some of the car’s information, and sends a status report to your phone. It’ll be able to tell you things like how much gas if left, why your check engine light is on, and the overall wellbeing of the tech aspects of your car.

How Does it Work?

The process is pretty simple. When you buy the VIZR, you download the app and link the two. Once this is done, you set the device on your dashboard and use it like your average GPS. For the FIXD, the device comes with a little knob that you plug into the corresponding USB plug in your car. This will send the updates to the app on your phone.

Competitors and Alternatives

Like every area of business, there are always alternatives and competition. Below are listed three companies that offer the same style of products as VIZR.

Garmin - Garmin offers the same kind of products, but more on the personal gadget side of things. It offers watched and wristbands that track things like your heartbeat, music, steps, and time of day. They are, in essence, a VIZR but for your personal self.

Kivic - Kivic offers a product that is very similar to VIZR. Their products include transparent dash display devices that act as a GPS, but also as your literal phone. After hooking your phone up, you’ll be able to access things such as your maps, messages, music, and social media from the HUD display device. It connects via an app and is supported on most, if not all, iOS and Android devices.

HUDWAY Cast - HUDWAY also offers a product that is very similar to VIZR. While more expensive than VIZR, it offers the same benefits and more. Essentially, the HUD allows you to use any app on your smartphone, including social media, internet, music, messages, and phone. Essentially, it is your phone displayed in front of you. It supports all smartphones that use iOS or Android.

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