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Vivian Lou Insoles is the result of a Rocket Scientist, Podiatrist, and a lover of high-heel shoes creating a team with an objective to enable women to wear their favorite high-heel shoe all day and night without feeling any pain. 

After getting the courage to start her own business after 15 years of many pairs of high-heels in the corporate world, Vivian Lou was founded by Abby Walker.

She was thrilled to offer products that help women stand out and stand tall. Vivian Lou proudly gives a fraction of every high-heel shoe insert sale to organizations, helping disadvantaged women revive their confidence and establish independence.

Vivian Lou Products

Vivian Lou insolia weight-shifting insoles are the most comfortable high-heel shoe inserts you would ever use. Most of the other brands you have used either gel or foam to cushion your feet and that’s why they really do not work. Vivian Lou high-heel shoe inserts uses the principle of even weight distribution plus foot stability.

Vivian Lou shoe inserts are recognized by the prestigious American Podiatric Medical Association, having earned its seal of acceptance.

These high-heel inserts are the ideal choice for any shoe style because they are transparent even when you wear a strappy sandal or open-toe shoe. It doesn’t require resizing with scissors as there are available in different sizes.

It doesn’t conceal bacteria or odor due to the use of clear resin material, unlike the foam or gel inserts you get at a grocery store.

A frequently asked question is whether there is a difference between Classic Vs Couture; couture insoles offer the same awesome benefits as classic insoles but there are a few differences;

  • Couture is designed for both the left and right shoe
  • Couture insoles move 10% more weight relative to the classic insole
  • Couture insoles reduces heel pressure
  • Aligns the body’s center of pressure between your first and second toes.

How Do Vivian Lou Insoles Work?

The Vivian Lou experience is what every woman feels the moment she starts applying Vivian Lou insolia weight-shifting insoles to their high-heel shoes.

The weight shift to the heels will cause either of these two reactions; you either experience instant relief of pressure off your forefoot, or you may feel a very slight adjustment. Whatever it is, you can be assured that you can now wear your heels four times longer without feeling pain.

Vivian Lou insolia weight-shifting insoles are revolutionary in design and comfort, these high-heel shoe inserts turn your heel bone up and back which allows for an even distribution of weight between the heel and forefoot. Another function is they prevent your feet from slipping forward in shoes.

It is a known fact that when you have a standard 3-inch heel on, a large percentage of your body’s pressure is on your forefoot and could result in pain, burns or pressure in your forefoot.

What Vivian Lou insolia weight-shifting insoles for high heels does is that it moves a great amount of pressure off the forefoot to the insoles.

Designed by a Podiatrist and planned by a rocket scientist, they are made to adjust the pitch and position of your feet in high heels. Its clear resin material is impossible to see in any shoe which makes it perfect for open-toe shoes and strappy sandals.

Unlike most insoles, Vivian Lou high-heel shoe inserts measure less than 7 inches long and 5cm in thickness. Its slim design guarantees that nothing goes under your forefoot to crowd your toes, or makes the shoe feel tight or push your foot out.

These Vivian Lou high-heel shoe inserts are in different sizes and can fit shoe sizes 4 to 12, its not a one-size-fit all because shoes also are not a one size fit all. Right?

The resin material used in making these insoles are patented and do not wear down like gel or foam padding, also they are fixed to the shoe so they don’t slip out of place. By moving weight to your heel, these insoles straighten your posture, improve ankle stability, and considerably reduce strain on your knees, backs, and hips.

Cost and Price Plans

Vivian Lou classic insolia is sold for $29, also a pair of Couture insoles is sold for $49. The cradle insoles are sold at the same price. A pair is $29, 2 pairs is $45, 3 pairs is $6, and 4 pairs is $75.  There is a discount of 15% on your first order when you purchase on the Vivian Lou website.

Customer Service

Vivian Lou Inc. is located at 4950 South Yosemite Street, Suite F2-240, Greenwood Village, CO 0111. They have an excellent customer care service, feel free to shoot them a mail at mailto:[email protected] or place a call to 1-888-254-4294. You can also fill a contact form on the website.

Online Review/Complaints

Vivian Lou inzolia weight-shifting insoles actually work – many women (celebrities included) have attested to being able to wear high-heel shoes all day.

Many women affirmed that the insoles comfortably shifted their weight and relived the pain and pressure on the ball of their foot.

However, some women complained the insoles do not stick well and that they are expensive.

Competitors and Alternatives

You could try other products if you feel Vivian Lou is not for you. There are a few alternatives available. Dr. Scholl’s high heel relief insoles are clinically proven to prevent foot pain in high heels, its ultra-soft gel arch shifts pressure off the ball of your foot.

Alice bow’s insoles for high heels is another alternative, they are attractively shaped at the front so you can wear them with open shoes.

Profoot high heel insoles offer an ideal solution for foot discomfort and metatarsalgia.

Where to buy?

If you want to purchase Vivian Lou weight-shifting insoles, it can be done online. These high-heels are sold across various online stores; all you need to is to place an order. There is also a refund policy if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, it can be returned with a full refund although this is minus the shipping cost.

Vivian Lou is only licensed to be sold in the US and Canada, but with distributors in other nations.

The Bottom Line

Vivian Lou Insolia weight-shifting insoles are manufactured for use in shoes for the sole purpose to make them more comfortable. They were not made to cure any medical condition of the foot nor are they a substitute for custom foot orthotics.

Visit your podiatrist if you have any questions about a particular condition about your foot. You should also note that Vivian Lou insoles should not be moved from one shoe to another, once they are fixed trying to remove them and install them in another shoe will damage the adhesive making it more likely to slip.

If you have any experience with Vivian Lou Insoles, please leave your reviews below.

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