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Vivexin, found online at, is a specially formulated eye cream which promises to address different beauty problems, including under eye circles, fine lines, and the appearance of bags.

The website says that people often believe that beauty problems around their eyes, particularly dark circles, are caused by lifestyle issues like too much stress or too little sleep.

But the reality is that all three of these problems have root causes in physical issues which can be addressed with the right ingredients and components. Vivexin eye gel says that they have combined complex botanical extracts and trademarked ingredients to improve these issues safely and quickly.

According to, 95% of their users noticed a significant improvement in appearance of dark circles, while 90% saw a visible decrease in the appearance of under-eye bags and 85% saw a visible decrease in the appearance of crow's feet.

Like other online skincare brands like DermaPure, their eye products are formulated for all skin types, so you don’t have to worry that this product will create other problems, like clogged pores. Vivexin does admit that their results are not permanent. In order to maintain the positive benefits of Vivexin, you’ll have to continue using it.

Customers who are interested in determining whether or not this product works for them can try Vivexin eye gel for themselves for up to 90 days. This is not a trial period with an option to cancel; it is just the period of time you have to return the product for a full refund.

But insists that this will be enough time to determine whether or not the product works for you, since some customers report seeing a difference in just one week, with the best results occurring after four to six weeks of use.

A one month supply of Vivexin costs $59.95, with the option to receive free bonuses with larger purchases. Unlike other eye cream companies that promote autoship programs which can lead unhappy customers to complaints of a scam, you must purchase individual orders of Vivexin.

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