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About is the online home of VitaMist, a new health and wellness company that is promoting a different type of delivery system for nutritional supplements that they say is superior to traditional pills and capsules.

According to their website, millions of people take pills to supplement their nutritional needs, even though they are unhappy taking pills for a variety of reasons, including the taste they can leave in your mouth or the fact that they can get caught in your throat.

There are some people who are so unhappy with the process of taking pills that they simply do not take the vitamins, minerals, and supplements they need to be their healthiest selves. says they give their customers an alternative to the traditional pill supplements with their liquid supplements that are delivered by a non-toxic, pump spray with the purest form of vitamin and mineral ingredients.

The spray deposits micro sized beads and droplets on the tissue surface and are swallowed, which allows the nutrients to be absorbed within seconds without causing stress to your organs.

In addition, because they are a liquid form, they do not contain fillers or binders, unlike pills, so you wont ingest any unwanted or unnecessary material and you won't have any absorption complications.

Customers who try their products and have complaints or issues can return the products to the company after contacting Customer Service and getting a Return Authorization Number, though they do not explain the potential for a refund. also gives users the ability to take advantage of a business opportunity and become representatives of the VitaMist brand, selling their products and earning money according to their unique compensation plan, which can be found on their website.

Customers who also decide to take advantage of their business opportunity will receive discounted VitaMist products for their own personal use in addition to the money they earn as a representative.

If you have any experience with these products or the business opportunity, please leave your reviews below.

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