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VitalSleep, found online at, calls itself the "Stop Snoring Mouthpiece" which supplies their customers with an anti-snoring solution that also provides a quality sleep experience that helps them awake refreshed.

Most people have experienced problems with snoring before, either personally or with a partner or loved one. It's an extremely common condition where vibrations are created in the back of your throat, due to the lower jaw relaxing during sleep and falling back. This results in a narrow and constricted airway.

Due to the frequency of the occurrence of snoring it has become a major industry for companies that make anti-snoring devices. Everything from nose strips that open your nasal passageways to special pillows and chinstraps are available to address this problem.

But for people who experience serious issues with snoring, mouthpieces like VitalSleep, ZQuiet, and SnoreRx are a more popular solution, as they promise to address the falling of the jaw during sleep which causes the vibrations.

And VitalSleep says that while the design principal is simple - and obviously widely available - their attention to detail, technology, and construction are superior to anything else on the market.

Their website also says that the Vital Sleep Snoring Mouthpiece is affordable compared to other similar products, and they promise no recurring fees, a 30 day money back guarantee, and a year of free replacements.

This year of free replacements is applicable in case of any reason why you may need a new mouthpiece, including if you are unable to get the proper fit within the recommended three molding sessions.

Currently this product is not available at major retailers like Amazon or Walmart, just at their website. Customers can order a single VitalSleep mouthpiece for a cost of $69.95 but for a short period of time you can get a special deal of two units of the same or different sizes for a discount price of $59.95, with no coupon code necessary.
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Product didn't work and very uncomfortable

March17, 2020

Unfortunately after several weeks of trying I was not able to adjust to having the device in my mouth. I found it to be very large and honestly, quite unnatural. Regardless of how I tried sleeping, the best I could muster was about 1 maybe 2 hours tops, and afterwards I found my jaw to be in pain and feeling awkward.
I'm disappointed because I was really hoping this would work for me but unfortunately that's just not the case.
FYI, I submitted this same review to their website and (not surprisingly) they never posted it -- they only post positive reviews. Not very honest if you ask me.

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