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Healthy Gut and energy
March 29, 2022

Vital Reds are vital! I have been using Vital Reds since 2018 and what a difference in my stomach issues and overall health. I had IBS for years.

After I started vital reds, and of course a diet recommended by Dr Gundry, my IBS is gone. I have so much more energy and most importantly, more alertness.

I am 62 and have enough energy to last all day. I definitely attribute this to my daily Vital Reds!

Great taste, great product
March 22, 2022
I really love the taste of vital reds. I mix it with power blues every morning. It is easy to drink because it is a pleasant berry taste and I feel more energy since drinking this product.

Higher energy level and less fatigue and anxiety
March 17, 2022

The vital red changed my life. After just one week, I was able to feel the difference. I have more energy, feel less sleepy in the middle of the day with better concentration for my work.

After 3 weeks, It also helped to reduce anxiety (thanks to the probiotics which is one of the ingredients).

Great Taste
March 17, 2022
I've been taking it for about a month and I mix it with MCT Wellness and the flavor is great! There is nothing worse than trying to choke something awful down. I haven't noticed anything specific but am looking forward to my blood tests in a couple of weeks!

IT WORKS for me and now my HUSBAND!!!!
March 16, 2022

I have CAD with a stent in my heart and have another stent when I had a thoracic aneurysm. I'm on a regimen with may prescriptions and have tried your other products but failed to continue because I was tired of taking so many pills.

I started Vital Reds in January and OMGosh!!!!! It is soooo delicious and I have seen my A1C number drop as well as it has lowered my all-around levels of blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Unbelievable how it is working. I am always skeptical with everything on TV and advertisements especially not knowing if it will work with the other medications. BUT, this powder drink is A-MAZING!!! I just started my husband on it and his blood sugar tests have been going down.

WE LOVE THIS STUFF!!! I brought the Vital Reds jar to both my physician and cardiologist for review and they said it was fine to take with my other meds and they are amazed at my numbers. I cannot say enough about this. Thank you Dr Gundry....

Delicious, Helps Me Drink More Water
March 15, 2022
I trust that Vital Reds are giving me the health benefits I need. What I enjoy most is the fruit drink flavor. I add more water than recommended for sipping throughout the morning. Then I add more water for another glass of lightly flavored water.

More energy & more focus
March 15, 2022
I have truly enjoyed vital reds. I used to feel tired in the afternoons but once I started taking vital reds I have more energy and feel more focused. Vital reds in conjunction with a lectin free diet have made a world of difference in my life.

It is a great product !
March 13, 2022
It compliments my multi vitamin and helps diminish the midday slump that I can get ,

Vital Reds...They work !!
March 12, 2022
I very much like Dr Gundry's Vital Reds. They're packed with nutrients and it gives me a burst of energy in the morning. The taste is quite good as well. No complaints here.

March 9, 2022
I'm drinking Vital reds every morning, to get me going thru out the day. lots of energy and stamina

Gundry MD Vital Reds is a miracle powder
March 7, 2022
Taking Gundry MD Vital Reds make me feel comfortable and energetic. I hope to continue to take it for the rest of my life.

Vital way to get your B vitamins!
March 6, 2022
Taking these makes it easier for me to think and operate. Less aches and pains, and it sweetens up smoothies!

Gundry MD works for me.
March 2, 2022
I’ve been using several Gundry products for years after reading his books. I started with Reds and am now using Blues, Greens, Orange and other gut health supplements. At 73, my enhanced immunity has protected me from COVID, colds, Flu and promoted weight control.

Helps neuropathy
March 2, 2022
Really like this product because I’ve found it to help my neuropathy symptoms, haven’t seen much improvement in energy level but in cancer treatment that affects such so may not help. Good taste too!

energy...feeling good
February 21, 2022
great product. I feel more energetic and focused. Enjoy the taste as well. Thank you Dr. G

Highly recommend
February 21, 2022
Easy habit to establish, tastes good and I felt a boost in energy and motivation to exercise!

Vital Reds
February 18, 2022
Great product.

This works and I feel Great
February 17, 2022
I have been using Vital Reds for about 3 years+ and feel great. I am very happy with this product

Better than pockets in shirts
March 7, 2018
This is a fantastic product! For quite a while now I have had really bad problems with my knees. I would get up from sitting and have to wait a minute until my niece would work. Since taking vital reds I just get up from the chair and take off no problem. I just feel better everywhere. I am so glad I found the ad for vital reds. It is life-saving!

Vital Reds
January 9, 2018
I lost 20lbs fast and it did change my metabolism from sluggish to healthy. However, I am over 60 and found that it also can dehydrate me pretty fast, so drinking fluids often is a must. Also, if I overeat or eat too much junk, I will feel awful. That is not a downside!