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Awful customer service, never received product
March 6, 2013
I ordered a product and never received. I have emailed and get no response......I called and get no answer. Stay away from!

Rude like Hell
February 25, 2013
Do not do business with this company. My credit card was charged for merchandise that was never shipped. When I tried to cancel my order, they hung up on me. They hung up on me 4 times!! They make you feel like you just talk to a devil. I believe that this company is a SCAM!!! Beacuse you will not get an email response, and you will get hung up on if you call. It happen to me 20 mins ago!

February 19, 2013
They sent me EXPIRED vitamins and refused to replace them. When I tried to complain politely, they hung up on me.

February 13, 2013
Ordered from there 2 months ago and never received anything. I emailed for them to cancel my order (even though they had already charged my credit card) and received a "Will do." response. Then I had to email 25 more times and call multiple times for them to actually refund my $116. The reviews are correct in that they have the worst customer service. Each time I called to ask for my refund, they cut me off and just said, "tomorrow."

January 24, 2013
Do not do business with this company. These guys sent me a different product than what I ordered, When I call to complain they hung up on me.

Poor Customer Service and rude
January 15, 2013
I wrote a review of how rude and how they hung up on me today and 30 minutes later my review has been deleted.....I am not going to write it all over...but I can see how this company has a low rating...They do not have good customer service...that speaks loads for their business...WILL NOT USE THIS COMPANY....Vitaglo suck...I will stick with, great prices and GREAT customer service.

I Have Had A Great Experience
January 14, 2013

I understand that some people have had customer service issues, and frankly, I believe them. However, I want to mention that I have ordered from Vitaglo multiple times over the last seven years, and I have never had any problems at all. My brother has had the same positive experience over the last seven years.

It sounds like they definitely need to fix their customer service issues, but they ship quickly and have excellent prices.

Joe January 15, 2013

You must work for them or a relative and doing a review to make them look good...sorry I order from many many companies on line for years. Never had anyone be so rude or conduct business as they do...that is why they are low ranking...

Joe January 15, 2013

Funny how my comments show up here a few minutes ago responding to your comment...

Joe January 15, 2013

This has to be a relative or friend writing a good review...Impossible you had no issues.

Mary February 25, 2013

I don't believer you! I had a super bad experience with them 10 mins ago.

Stella J July 12, 2013

I've looked through every single review and this is the only positive one I've found, so call me suspicious as in "Do you work for Vitaglo?"

Credit card charged but never received goods
January 2, 2013
My credit card was charged for merchandise that was never shipped. I contacted by email several times. One email was replied to saying the goods would ship but never did. I called and was treated rudely. I was eventually told the goods would ship but never did. I filed a complaint with the BBB but the company never responded. I'm appalled at their business practices and will never do business with them again.

horse poop customer service
December 27, 2012

They shipped my order to another customer and I was told it would be picked up and sent to me right away. A 2 business day transit from the other customer and now 5 business days later no product. Called to see where my product was and they said they would check the following morning and they would do nothing else to rectify the problem.

Then hung up on me. I will never order from vitaglo again. No excuse for poor customer service like that due to their screw up.

SCAM! Classic BAIT and SWITCH tactics
October 21, 2012
Unbelievable this business is allowed to operate. I ordered organic palm sugar from this merchant and they shipped me the wrong item. I called and whoever answered the phone (Michael?) was RUDE and pretended like it was my mistake. I've never experienced such a scam in my life. Save yourself the hassle and do NOT order from Vitaglo. I hope this will help accelerate their eventual bankruptcy.

September 18, 2012
STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. RUDE,RUDE, RUDE. They sold me defective vitamins that was growing mold and my order took 2 weeks for delivery. I called Vitaglo and spoke with Micheal who yelled at me, told me to call the manufacturer then hung up the phone on me. After calling the manufacturer who was polite and helpful I found out Vitaglo is NOT an authorized dealer of there products. I will be purchasing from Vitacost from now on.

Dont use Vitaglo
March 8, 2012

Vitaglo should be named VitaBLOW! Its been 10 days since my order was placed and 1/2 the products haven't even shipped yet. Actually it may be less than half the shippment, but I don't really know since they have intentionally hung up on me twice when I called to ask. Extreme lack of customer service!

Try somewhere else!! I wish I could rate it zero stars.

Horrible and rude!

Don't spend your $$$ at Vitaglo
February 11, 2012
Emailed Vitaglo approx 10 times, they did not send one of the products and marked on the invoice, not in stock. Mike the dude said he would take care of my request for refund because they could not fulfill the order. Made the request multiple times and offered to take credit on a useful in stock product. Let him know that I would follow up with this with the authorities. BAD company to do business with. I always think I am dealing with either some 450lb dude wiping wing sauce from his face after his 3 dozen wings on top of his burger and shake..... or perhaps it is some super short muscle dude, wearing Italian sunglasses who built a monster truck like 8 feet high (to compensate) and ran into credit problems buying $10000 tires and rims, and $15000 for the suspension. Not to mention the $4000 he might gave spent on poorly chosen tattoos to impress his passive 50 IQ girlfriend. You never know. Either way, Vitaglo gives bad service, and seem to be well known for dishonesty. This is what I experienced. I'll get a refund unless he files bankruptcy. What an extensively super long Richard this guy is. Don't waste your money here.

Sent nearly expired items
February 6, 2012

I ordered 1000 caps of Evening Primrose Oil. Enough for 12 months. All the bottles that were sent were dated for 9-2012. That is just seven months after I ordered. I sent an email asking why. They said they had some product dated for later but because the product that they sent was "not expired" I would have to pay for the postage both ways to have the bottles exchanged. I don't know why they didn't call me to ask. Common sense should have told them to send some of the bottles with a later expiration date. Won't order from them again.

Scam Avoid, will not send item
November 27, 2011
SCAM!!!! You will not get what you order, you will not get an email response, and you will get hung up on if you call.