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Vitaglo is a website which sells discounted natural foods and products. The website states that it is based in central New York and has been the leader in vitamins, supplements, herbs and natural foods in the area for over 20 years.

The company currently offers over 25,000 items online and a vast variety of brands and products which they claim is the best and largest selection at affordable prices.

Brand names sold on are: NOW, Source Naturals, Natures Way, Emergen-C, New Chapter, Garden of Life, Natures Plus, and many more. also offers coupons and discount codes to use at checkout. ships all orders for free if your order is over $50.00. If not, a $10 Shipping & Handling fee will be applied.  International orders will be shipped at the customer's expense.

If you have any experience with Relief Factor or their products, please share your review below.

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Horrible Customer Service!
January 13, 2022

They're selling an item online that they don't even carry (MegaFood Hair Skin and Nails).....mind you they still have the item list on their website for sale although it has been discontinued by the manufacturer!

Unfortunately I didn't know it had been discontinued until after I made this purchase. 1 month went by and I had not received the item so i reached out (via phone AND email) apologies when I asked about the delay or why no one had followed up........that's when I was notified that they were out of stock of what I purchased and would be sending an alternative (MegaFood Hair Skin and Nails 2) via express mail.

2 weeks went by still no products received! Called again. After I gave my name i was VERY ABRUPTLY put on hold (mind you I'm a New Yorker......when I say abrupt i mean RUDELY ABRUPT).

I was told I'd receive it in a couple of days and that it hadn't been shipped out yet. When I expressed how ridiculous this was, I was given no apologies, no explanation, no nothing. If I don't receive my item by the end of this week I will be contacting my credit card company.


December 30, 2021

Do not order from VitaGlo, SO RUDE!!!! They will take your Credit Card information and not have the product available. Ordered tea and they took my credit card information, the order went though. I did not receive item or email saying the order was cancelled or not being filled.

Called the 866-401-5402 number, a man answered, told me company does not sell item anymore, he said "you were not charged".

Asked him why if they do not sell product anymore, that it is on the website, it would let me complete the order and give Credit card info, if not available/they do not sell anymore.

He said "you were not charged", and he hung up on me!

BEWARE! Why are they collecting Credit Card numbers, if they do not sell a product? DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!

Michelle December 30, 2021

Also, I filed a complaint with NOW FOODS, that VitaGlo should be taken off the Website as an Online Vendor for their product! NOW FOODS should not associate with this vendor!

December 4, 2021

ZERO STARS!!! I ordered 3 Vega Premium Protein Powder 4 lbs. I received 7 of the smaller containers. The weight does come out to a little over the 12 lbs. that I ordered.

However, I got 2 of the Chocolate, 2 of the Mocha, and 3 of the Vanilla. That means that I did not get to choose the flavor of the 3rd container. Now I have 7 containers to store instead of 3 which I ordered. I called VitaGlo (a division of Discount Natural Foods) customer service and someone answered that was short with me, sounded stressed and annoyed that I called. While I was trying to figure out the math to what he was explaining to me, he was frustrated and impatient.

I finally told him that he was not being very nice to me. He replied "Don't call me names!" I did not call him a name but I was thinking it. He was rude, impatient, and annoyed with my call. I asked for his name and he refused to give it to me. Worst customer service representative ever!

I wish I had read the hundreds of negative reviews about this business before I purchased from them. In fairness to me when you look for VitaGlo reviews, you may not get the correct reviews as they are a division of Discount Natural Foods. The BBB does not list as VitaGlo but Discount Natural Foods. Hopefully, this will save someone else from purchasing from this company.

My experience has been great...
November 27, 2021

I feel like I'm writing this from within the twilight zone, based on others' opinions. I've been a regular with Vitaglo for over 10 years. I had one problem over those years, & it was resolved quickly. I usually receive my order within a couple of days, & their prices can't be beat.

Keep in-mind it's a small business, for those used to Amazon... try speaking to someone live on Amazon.

Michelle December 30, 2021

I have talked to someone from Amazon, and they are helpful and polite! This Guy is rude, abrupt and hung up on me! Why would you order from a person who is an owner and treats people like this or hires someone that should be Customer Service, that talks to customers so rudely! What kind customer service are you use to?

September 30, 2021
THIS IS A SCAM! I was charged and never received my products. STAY AWAY.

July 15, 2020

If I could give such a rating, this business would receive a -5 stars! I placed an online order for Bioray NDF, 4 oz. bottle, on 5/20/20, and received order confirmation immediately. After not receiving my order after 11 days I called, and Mike, the owner, told me that it had to be special ordered because it's a size they don't carry and said it should be arriving in the beginning of the next week.

On 6/11/20, I called again because I hadn't received my order, and I asked for a full refund to my credit card, which Mike promised he would do. It never happened. I called again on 6/30/20, and he stated that the shipment came in and he'd get it out right away. It's 7/15/20, and I've not seen my product, for which my credit card was billed $174.85 on the date of the order instead of at the time of shipment, nor has my credit card seen the promised refund.

I made the mistake of not looking at reviews before placing my order so it's a hard lesson learned. It appears that Mike makes his profit from online orders which are never filled and never refunded. He wouldn't likely get away with such fraud by treating his store customers that way so those are the people that give him great reviews.

I'll not order from VitaGlo again! I hope some day he'll become a man of integrity, truly desiring to help the people who purchase from him instead of loving the money he steals from them. ~Sheryl V.

March 17, 2020
Do not order from these people. They are horrible. I have no idea how the BBB hasnt shut them down yet. Stay away

Scammed me
July 3, 2019
I ordered $65 of product two months ago and never received it although my card was charged. I will report it to the better business bureau and my bank, but not sure what else I can really do.

liars and cheaters
March 20, 2019
these people are terrible- they lie constantly-do not order anything from them- they don't exists- it's just one man show!! I never received anything from them and after many calls, he said he will refund- never did- I asked credit card company to dispute.

Vitaglo stinks.
October 3, 2018

I just dealt with this company, and I will say up front, I NEVER write reviews. But this company warranted it. It is THE rudest place I have ever dealt with. They don't fulfill orders, hang up on you when you're talking, and cancel your order before you do. STAY AWAY!!!!!

If I could give it minus 10 stars I would.

July 2, 2018

So I normally don't do this but I'm pissed right now.

If you want rude people with a bad attitude to take your money please feel free to work with these people!

I ordered product on June 20th and never received my product. I sent an email and never heard from them so I decided to call.

I've been in customer service for quite some time so I am always polite because it's rarely customer services fault for whatever issue has happened. I am agreed on the phone by someone very rude that wouldn't even let me finish my sentence before interrupting me. I even understand people have bad days so I let that slide. He with a rather rude tone tells me he'll call me back. In a turn of shocking events he doesn't call back.

I call again and then politely ask for a refund. He cuts me off again saying. "you've been refunded." and then hangs up on me.

I've never been treated like this before and it is absolutely ridiculous

Ran by turd people
June 27, 2018

Holy lord these people are THE WORST! I ordered some bubble bath, 6 days later still no order status or tracking so I email them about it and they ignore me. So 2 days I later I email again and this time I wasn't very nice but I'm the customer, I'm allowed to be annoyed with awful customer service. Then I see they have a phone number so I call them.

Firstly they didn't even let me finish my sentence before he rudely interrupted me and put me on hold. Then a lady looked up my order and transferred me back to Mr.Pissy and automatically he's just like "we can't get your stuff! Your money is in your account!"

And I'm like "ooook, why wasn't I notified and why did you ignore my emails" and this little child man hung up on me!!!! I will call them everyday now just to piss him off, you guys messed with the wrong petty person!!!!

December 3, 2017

Zero stars. Horrible customer service on an online order. One item was missing and marked as back order. Never was contacted by vitaglo about the status. Two months and several messages later nothing. Mike who graciously answered ONCE to my inquiries: “I’ll get back to you tomorrow”. Obviously never did anything to keep me in the loop or send the item or refund.

Also charged me $10 shipping for 1st class USPS that cost them $2.88 to ship. What a waste of time and money buying from vitaglo dot com / discount natural foods / vitamin warehouse / whatever else they call themselves. Had to take it to PayPal to get my money back. AVOID!!!

Worst site ever.
December 23, 2016
Save your money and time and go to Amazon or anywhere else for that matter.

Expired & near expiration products sent. Return to paid by customer! Rude!!!
November 5, 2015
Vitaglo sent products near expiration and then told me that I'd have to pay to return them. Hung up on me when I called to follow up. Extremely rude! Save yourself trouble by giving other respectful merchants your business.

February 24, 2015

do not buy scammer

There's only 2 angry and troubling people controlling vitaglo
January 15, 2015

When I first ordered from Vitaglo, I was happy at the discounted prices. The website is largely useless unless you know exactly what you want, but I was looking for a cheaper price than Amazon so it sufficed. I ordered 8 items and they arrived only a few days late - or rather, a week after a phone call requesting shipping information.

That's when they proved they are 30% discount in prices, 90% discount in quality of service. They shipped me 5 out of 8 items, 2 of the 3 said "back order." I called them and they said they'd shipped one out and the other they would refund because it was discontinued. I asked about the eighth item. They said they would look into it and call me back. I'd like to note I was on hold for 10 minutes, except "on hold" is setting their phone down and walking away from it. Periodically one of the two people would pick it up and then set it quickly down. Note that there are only two people, and almost everything goes through one, so don't think this is customer Russian roulette.

They never called. Two weeks later I emailed them. One week later, no email. I called them and they became upset that I called them, told me they'd handle it immediately, and then pretty much hung up. They don't like to talk much and they don't like waiting 30 seconds on you (seriously, I told one of them the page was refreshing and they put me "on hold"). The guy even told me that I was calling just to be mean before hanging up. Really, asking you about the missing item is "just being mean"?

Guess what? No phone call. I was hoping to be a regular customer because the $5/item savings can add up, but I'll pay $10/item extra to never have to experience their rudeness and refusal to acknowledge a problem. It was the cheapest item on the list - if they thought I was the kind of person to try and rip them off, then wouldn't I have gone after the item substantially worth more??”

Accurate and speedy service!!
September 4, 2014

On 8/28/14 I ordered 4-2.7 lbs of Garden of Life Raw Meal Meal Replacement-Raw Cacao flavor. It is now 9/4/14, and I have ACTUALLY received exactly what I ordered. The only thing to complain about regarding my order is that 2 out of the 4 of the product's jars were dented so it was deformed looking. However, the safety seal was intact, the product's expiration date was 2 years from now so it's still good in my book!

I'll admit I was panicking after placing my order because I didn't know about the past bad customer service from this site's owner but I got exactly what I ordered in a timely manner. I would suggest that anyone that is wary about using Vitaglo for their product needs to use a credit card for all purchases so that if something were to happen, you can always put the purchase on dispute and not worry about paying for what you did not get.

March 16, 2013

10 days later, no status, no tracking.

Emails ignored, i called CS and as soon as I said "I placed an order well over 10 days ago" the man interrupted me and said "I cant't deal with this now, call back later"

SCAM. Charged but never sent order! DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!
March 15, 2013

Placed an order for 10lb of chia seeds 15 days ago. Have emailed, called, & never heard anything. Will be calling credit card this morning to put the charge into dispute & get our money back. Should have read reviews before ordering...seems like this is a common problem. Think of all the people who don't bother to leave bad know there are plenty more. Worthless company. I will support our local health food store...I should have known better.

My suggestion, if you do decide to try ordering, is to use your credit card. NEVER send a check or pay with another method. This way you have recourse if they ignore you, take your money, & send you nothing in return.