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Let various experts in integrative medicine, genomics, computer systems, and product design give you an ancestry DNA test that will offer you a small peek into your past. Along with knowing exactly who you are and where you come from, Vitagene also gives you an individually customized diet and exercise routine that will best fit your genetics.

Vitagene states their mission is for you to make the best health choices according to your specific needs, genes, and current health.

Your personal information is stored and analyzed safely, through CLIA-certified (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988) and CAP-accredited (College of American Pathologists) laboratories in the United States of America.

Furthermore, Vitagene keeps all sensitive data without names or any other identifying marker. The company will also destroy your sample after analysis for added security. Vitagene celebrates and identifies what makes you different from the billions of people in the world thanks to a simple DNA test that contributes raw data to experts from one small cotton swab.


Vitagene can offer you three basic services: Health and ancestry report, just a health report (if you can supply DNA analysis), and/or personalized supplements.

The health report includes a detailed fitness and diet plan made just for you depending on various factors.

The diet report will have information such as the following: food plan, fat intake, sodium levels, risk of weight gain, lactose sensitivity, and more! Your customized fitness report will indulge with data like: a personalized exercise plan, muscle strength, exercise behavior, blood pressure response and more!

Your ancestry report breaks down your genetic makeup by percentages across regions; down to .1 percent and across generations. Results of your DNA testing will determine which supplements and vitamins are best for you and this info makes up your personalized supplement report.

How Does It Work?

The process is simple and efficient. You first order the type of reports you desire and await 3-5 days for its arrival. The DNA kit will have easy to follow instructions and easy to use swabs to collect your saliva from.

Return your samples using the included prepaid mailer. The office will receive your samples and begin the analyzation process while you complete a brief questionnaire about goals, lifestyle, and family history.

Your results will be ready approximately 4-6 weeks after being received in the lab. At the end, through a phone call, acquire personal coaching on nutrition.

Cost and Price Plans

The complete package, health and ancestry report, has a low cost of $79 dollars. The health report only will cost you $49 dollars. Personalized supplements has two service plans: essentials and premium.

The essential plan costs $49 dollars a month and will include the four main supplements your body requires delivered to your doorstep each month. The premium plan costs $79 dollars per month but will include every single element (supplement, vitamin, mineral) your body needs for optimum health each month.

Customer Service

If you have any questions relating to their service and the answer is not supplied on their Frequently Asked Questions page, you can call them at 844-698-4824 or email Vitagene at [email protected]

You will have to personally request (by any of the above mentioned methods) your raw DNA file. Vitagene does not offer guarantee or refunds; it is not explicitly said on their website but you can contact them for more information regarding these aspects.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Most reviews on Vitagene are average, with few unsatisfied customers. Some complaints from buyers include undetailed reports, generic reporting, long waiting periods, no refund upon dissatisfaction, and varying results when compared to other ancestry agencies.

As for prices, it tends to be cheaper vs 23andme or vs ancestry reporting from other main sources. No side effects are found from their monthly supply of supplements. Generally speaking, the accuracy of their reports is trusted by most people but doubts exist in many others.

Competitors and Alternatives

Thanks to the advancement of technology and better mail services, you can basically get a DNA test (ancestry or otherwise) from any other agencies online. Price is on major factor that many consider over quality or accuracy but if you are a real ancestry geek, it is important to get the most accurate report, even if it costs a bit more.

23andme and National Geographic Genographic Project offer very similar services for a bit more money but they have better reviews in most cases.

23andme will cost you around $199 while the National Geographic Genographic Project goes for $99. The latter is only twenty dollars more while the former does carry a hefty load.

Where to Buy?

You should purchase any Vitagene service directly from their page:   If you decide to go through another source, make sure they are authentic and have been recognized by Vitagene to sell their services before purchasing.


Everyone wants to know or has been curious to find out who their ancestors were. Knowing specific information about your genetic makeup is never a bad idea. The important factor is doing research before selecting the agency that will be in charge of such significant and delicate data about you.

Vitagene may be an economical option and sufficient for the mundane person looking for average percentages, however, spending a bit more for a wow service may be appropriate for another individual. It all depends on your needs, wants, and expectations. Contact Vitagene if you want to know more about their ancestry reporting.

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