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Gut microbes influence just about every part of health, from digestion, skin quality, mental clarity, sleep, and even weight.  In fact, scientists have the ability to tell whether or not a person is obese by examining gut microbiome.

Humans share about 99% of their DNA, and yet there’s an overwhelming amount of diversity when it comes to how our bodies process and digest food.  What’s healthy for one person may not be healthy for the next person.

What is Viome?

Viome believes that your gut is a well-oiled machine that knows exactly what it needs to be healthy, and you shouldn’t have to guess about what you should be doing in order to keep it healthy.

This company provides you with the insights and voice kit you need to make smart decisions about the living microorganisms in your gut microbiome. Not only will you receive an analysis of your test results about what the organisms are producing there, but you’ll also get a personal nutritional recommendations to help you optimize that environment. 


First developed for the sake of National Security at the Los Alamos National Lab and backed by reviews from Dr. Oz and Dr. Hyman, this testing service has some of the best and most refined imaging of a person’s gut microbiome  you’ll find.

The science includes two types of technology  - artificial intelligence and metatranscriptomic sequencing technology - to gain a clear picture of your gut. This technology is CLIA certified RNA sequencing technology, ensuring you’ll get the highest quality results.

Wondering how it works? The Viome Gut Intelligence Test is an in-home test that provides personalized recommendations and an essential plan for you to optimize your health. Once you receive your test kit, you will submit a small, pea-sized sample of stool. This can be collected at any time of the day and unlike many cumbersome testing services, there’s nothing you need to do to prepare for the test.

You’ll get detailed instructions with your test kit, but there are also instructional videos available on the Viome website to familiarize you with how to collect samples. Once you’ve collected of yours sample, you should send it back to Viome on the next business day - it will be stable in the mail for four weeks.

You will receive results back within four weeks after the lab receives your completed questionnaires and sample. You’ll get an email once the results are available. Your results will include a complete list of the active organisms in your sample, along with 20 personalized gut microbiome scores to tell you more about the current state of your microbiome.

You will also receive personalized food recommendations, which are based on your microbes and the information you have given Viome in your questionnaire.

Food recommendations will be broken down into four categories, such as Enjoy foods, Superfoods, Minimize foods, and Avoid foods. This will tell you whether you have a food sensitivity to be concerned about, or whether some foods, like gluten, can suppress beneficial microbes or allow them to thrive.

What’s truly special about these recommendations is that they are entirely unique to you. While one food might be helpful for one person, it may not be the case for you. Once you switch to a new diet based on these recommendations, it will likely take about 90 days for you to see results. You might even receive recommendations for supplements.

Cost and Price Plans

The Viome Gut Intelligence Test cost $149 for one kit. It comes with free standard U.S. Domestic Return Shipping, and frequent discounts and charity programs are available. Unfortunately, you cannot order in New York State, nor can you order internationally unless you are purchasing from Canada, Belgium, Germany, UK, Australia, France, the Netherlands, or Luxembourg.

Competitors and Alternatives

When deciding on the best gut microbiome test for you, you will be faced with several options. Some of the most prominent are Ubiome, DayTwo, and 23andMe.

The main difference Viome has when compared vs Ubiome is that it is significantly more expensive. You get what you pay for, though - Viome is one of the only testing agencies to provide a detailed list of food recommendations. You even get a glucose monitor and challenge powder with your test kit.

Another consideration to make is that of Viome vs DayTwo. DayTwo is preferred by many people because it gives you a breakdown of what each type of bacteria in your gut does. This can be helpful if you are trying to pinpoint certain diseases or treatments.

Finally, you should consider Viome vs 23andMe. This testing company is a DNA test company, so you won’t be restricted to solely reports on your overall health. You’ll get some information about your gut microbiome, but you’ll receive a larger picture - as well as how it relates to your ancestry - as well.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

If you’re still not convinced that trying a Viome test is right for you, just consider the many positive customer reviews. This company has received serious accolades and praise from publications like Forbes and Marie Claire - it’s even been mentioned in the Los Angeles Times and Huffington Post. According to reviewers, it helps users track their evolving health status and to analyze the metabolism and proteins in their bodies to get the best and most personally-tailored results.

The before and after stories about Viome are truly impressive.

Not convinced? Log on to the Viome website, where you can view a detailed example report. This will give you more information about the company’s gut intelligence programs and help convince you to make the purchase.

One downside of Viome? The company is not BBB accredited, and only has a D rating with the Better Business Bureau. Complaints are usually on the basis that reports can take a while to get back - although most customer reviews across the Internet are positive in nature. This processing time is highly individualized, but most customers only wait for four weeks.

Customer Service

Questions about the test kits, or about your results? All you need to do is contact customer service, which can be reached by emailing [email protected] Unfortunately, there is no phone number listed on the website. The company does have active social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Viome has a generous return policy, too. If you cancel within 24 hours of purchase, you will receive a full refund. If you request a refund over 24 hours but less than 14 days after the date of purchase, you will get a refund less the cost of test kits, shipping, handling, and processing.

Is Viome Worth It?

Food can be medicine, or food can be poison.  It’s practically impossible to know which foods fit these categories unless you’ve had someone do a detailed analysis of what’s living in your gut.  Get to the bottom and figure out what kind of diet is right for you.  Viome’s gut intelligence tests make it possible for you to make the most informed decisions about your health.

If you have any experience with Viome or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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