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About Vinebox

Love wine, but have no idea where to start? Vinebox could be the perfect match for you. While other wine suppliers offer factory-made, mass-produced wine, Vinebox offers the opposite. They provide hand-crafted wine that goes above and beyond factory-made products.

Vinebox offers a unique experience, as they like to focus more on the details of the wine specifically, such as where and how it’s made and the people who made it. They also realize that oxygen is bad for wine. If wine interacts with oxygen before you open the bottle, it can ruin the flavor. Because of this, they utilize an inert gas in a closed-nitrogen environment to keep them from interacting with oxygen.


A lot of their wines are seasonal, as they will recommend and pick out wines related to the current season, such as cold weather pairings for the winter, or different shades of summer.  They also make sure to keep you up to date and informed regarding different popular wines or wine trends happening at the moment; so you will never fall behind with the current wine fads.

They enjoy educating wine novices on what types of wine should be paired with what foods, so no one’s palate is abused. They also offer different samples to try to give you more of an idea of what you enjoy, which will make you feel more confident when making a wine purchase.

How Does It Work?

The process is simple: you tell them what kind of wine you normally prefer (red, white, etc) select how many you would like, how often you’d like to receive them, for how many people, then Vinebox does the rest. They will pick out wine that is perfect for you.

Sometimes they will send you a white or red even when you specified the opposite. If you keep an open mind, you might surprise yourself and find a new flavor of wine you never expected to like.

Cost and Price Plans

Vinebox offers several different plans that can cater specifically to you and your wine cravings. When it comes to deciding which subscription box to choose, it all depends on how much wine you want and when you want it. The prices vary from the annual box being approximately $72 plus $30 bottle credit, quarterly equalling $79 plus $15 bottle credit and the one-time box costing $87.

Their most notable offer is their Twelve Nights of Wine deal. With this special, you can receive 12 different glasses of wine, with shipping included. To add on to this deal, a special “golden bottle” can be found in your bag.

This specific bottle is being placed in only 10 different 12 Night Advent Calendar wine packs. If you are lucky enough to find a golden bottle, you could win free wine for the entire upcoming year.

Customer Service

Vinebox does not hesitate to provide service to you if there are any burning questions that need answers soon. They offer an email ([email protected]) to provide any customer service that is needed. Unfortunately, a customer service phone number is not listed on their website.

If you have any basic questions, their FAQs page may already have that answer ready for you to view. They also highly encourage you to reach out to this email if your box is damaged or you miss your delivery.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Vinebox receives positive reviews when it comes to their passion for educating people about specific wine and their use of technology during its initial creation. Customers can tell this wine is well taken care of from the start and enjoy learning more about the wine itself.

Some people enjoy the overall sleek and slender vial that the wine is delivered in, but some tend to believe the amount they receive isn’t worth the price they pay.

Competitors and Alternatives

When it comes to Vinebox v Winc, a huge differentiator is the questions asked in order to determine the perfect wine for you. Vinebox decides the best wine for you based on boxes they’ve selected ahead of time, the current season, or on your preference between red or white.

Winc asks specific questions in order to properly decide what type of wine you will enjoy. Their prices start at $13 a bottle and allow you to purchase 4 bottles in a pack. Wine Down offers wine boxes as monthly subscriptions, ranging from one month to one year. They also offer different wine pairings with numerous cheeses based on the month of purchase.

Taste It sends mini bottles of wine, claiming to conduct a non-stop search for the perfect wine for you. They also let you choose your own random wine box, rather than inviting you to answer questions for them to keep in mind when picking out your wine.

Where to Buy?

The unique quality of Vinebox is that it is unavailable in stores. They are 100% original and can only be found and purchased on their website. This makes Vinebox feel more exclusive and in turn, offers a one of a kind wine experience.

If you were wondering, “does Vinebox deliver to Canada?” Sadly, the answer would be, “no.” These wine boxes are shipped to specific states that are only located inside of the U.S.


Now that all of this has been learned, an important question still remains: is Vinebox worth it? Vinebox seems to make it their mission to make everyone love what is about to appear on their doorstep. They follow a business model that encourages them to remain passionate about their wine and educating others on the origination of specific wines.

If you are searching for the perfect birthday present or Mother’s Day gift, Vinebox may be a wise and worthwhile choice.

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