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Vimax Detox, found online at, is a new daily cleanse program that people can use to help their body “gently” flush their system of toxins, potentially harmful waste, and possibly even parasites.

According to their website, most people suffer from issues with their digestive track. They say autopsies often reveal that colons are up to 80% plugged with waste materials, and that these waste materials can attribute to a wide variety of health problems.

They say that if toxic waste builds up in your system, it can lead toward increases in depression and mood irritability, as well as hurt the healthy function of your heart and lungs.

In addition, they say more than 4 million Americans have frequent constipation, which account for more than 2.5 million physician visits a year, and that all of this information boils down to the fact that “when the colon is clean and normal, we are well and happy.”

Vimax Detox accomplishes this by gently cleansing your colon with a combination of natural ingredients. They promise that you will not experience a large flush of waste that will result in embarrassing bathroom situations; instead your digestive track will be slowly revitalized.

The website says that this gentle flush results in a removal of the toxic build up in your colon, which in turn can result in improved digestion, boosted metabolism, increase in energy, and a reduce in gas and bloating, which all together results in a slimmer, happier you.

The price of the Vimax Detox cleanse is $74.95 for a one month supply, and automatically comes with a 14 day free trial. If you do not cancel your order within this 14 day window, you will automatically be enrolled in their autoship program.

This program ensures that each month you will receive a new supply of Vimax Detox, and your card will automatically be charged – you will never have to reorder. If you wish to cancel your membership, you can do so at any time, but memberships canceled after the 14 day trial has been completed will not be eligible for a refund.

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They say this product is a scam

August21, 2013

I have read an article online from Womens Health who state that this site is a scam!.

Fortunately I have cancelled my credit card immediately to avoid them debiting my card with huge amounts.

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