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About Vikings War of Clans

Vikings War of Clans is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game from video game creator which asks their players to focus on strategy and building their clan over time in order to be successful.

How Does It Work?

Massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy games are online games which are focused more on warfare that is raw and realistic, as opposed to other games that use more cartoonish animation.

Vikings War of Clans asks their players to “capture the place of power,” which is a different location at the center of each kingdom. To do this, players must create and develop their own clans by training troops and upgrading their towns over time. To make upgrades, you will have to collect resources by marching to resource locations and by attacking the towns of other players.

Mobile Options

This game is currently available to play in Android, iOS, and on different computer browsers. 


Cost/Price Plans

Vikings War of Clans follows the popular movement of providing the games themselves completely for free, while allowing and encouraging their players to make in-game purchases. Generally speaking, you’ll be encouraged to purchase your resources and game currency so that you can upgrade faster.

The specific purchases, their benefits, and their costs, will vary based on the game you are playing.

Refund Policy

The Plarium website says that all purchases of Virtual Currency and Virtual Goods are “deemed to be final and non-refundable,” unless they clearly state otherwise. If something occurs that you feel justifies requesting a refund, you are welcome to request one, but know in advance that at no point in time will Plarium provide cash refunds. Any refunds provided will be done with game currency or virtual products at their sole discretion.

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team with questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by submitting them directly to their website, either via their “Support” link on their web page or through their Forum links, depending on the kind of information you are hoping to get.


Vikings War of Clans appears to have many unhappy customers, which is not surprising or unusual when it comes games that encourage in-app purchases to boost your ability to do the tasks necessary to be successful in the game.

This type of game structure is extremely frustrating to many players, because they describe it as “pay to win.” Many players have described the strategy needed to win these kinds of online games as “spend more money than your opponent” and that losing the game is just as simple as not being willing to spend as much money as your opponent. This is really bothersome to many players who genuinely feel that players with the best skill and strategy – and not the most money – should be able to win the game.

Other players have complained about this game for a different reason – some unhappy players have actually said that they believe this game promotes violence and bullying because one of the best ways to upgrade your own clan and town is by attacking other clans and towns and stealing their resources, leaving other players in a position to have completely rebuild from the ground up.

Competitors and Alternatives?

Real time strategy MMO browser games are some of the most popular online games being played on the internet today. If the games offered by Vikings War of Clans do not appeal to you, then there are many, many others that may better meet your needs, like RuneScape, Forge of Empires, Clash of Clans, and many more.

If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your Vikings War of Clans reviews below.

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3 ‘Vikings War of Clans ’ Reviews
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Game is a rip off!
January 27, 2021
This is a Russian based game that favors the Russians. I played 4 years and time after time I would lose to smaller Russian clans that had no strong hold, and yet would double or triple the points I would put up. Besides that several times I had 3 to 17 weeks of shields on and my shields would drop in a couple days. And contacting plarium would do no good, they always had an excuse that there was no record of it or some other bull crap. Do not waist your money on this game every thing is expensive and not worth the money.

October 9, 2020

I’ve been playing Vikings: war of clans for several months. I’ve heard about the game from friends who invited me to join their clan. I play mobile games sometimes, so I decided to try a new one.

The first thing that attracts in the game is the graphics. Nice picture, good detail. Sometimes it’s just interesting to watch how the NPS goes around the Town: a nurse in the Infirmary or a resting woodcutter. I liked the musical accompaniment too: it takes you back to the time of the Vikings, and you feel the atmosphere.

The gameplay wasn’t difficult for me, the general principles are immediately clear. The first time you start to play the game there is a tutorial. It includes explaining how and what to do. Every action you take is accompanied by clear instructions. Therefore, it won’t be difficult to figure it out by yourself.

In the course of the game you develop the Town, train your own troops, carry out military onslaughts, and think about a strategy for waging war. Players are offered various quests and tasks, personal, clan and global competitions. It will definitely not be boring.

But you need to remember that the basis of the game is clans. Therefore, most of the functionality of the game will be available only after you join or create your own clan.

Donate. I’ve heard many people complaining the game has in-app purchases. From my own experience, I’ll say: I did not pay a cent yet. There is always an opportunity to earn gold without investing real money. But you should understand every game like that requires investment. And I want to admit the prices for the packs aren’t high. Also there are always sales in the Bank.

Cons of the game. Time. You must have a lot of time. The processes of learning knowledge and building stretched over time. For example, some processes take three weeks for me! I’m angry!

Also you have to know there are crashes and lags in the game, sometimes at the wrong time.

But anyway I would recommend the game to anyone who wants to have fun.

June 26, 2019
Has to be the worst customer service I've ever experienced while gaming. They don't do anything at all. Just send and receive emails for weeks while NOTHING gets done about the issue. I finally quit playing the game just because of the HORRIBLE experience.