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If you are interested in taking a cruise but don’t know where to begin, Viking River Cruises has itineraries and brochures online to guide you through the decision-making process. You can make reservations for cruise, land, and air by calling their customer support. There are different destinations, with distinguished itineraries and guided tours.

The intimate nature upon Viking River Cruises is due to the fact they average approximately 150 passengers aboard each cruise. This contributes to their ability to treat each guest to excellent service and cater to each individual’s needs. Each of the luxurious boats provides a pleasant ambiance and is rounded out with a never ending backdrop of outside river views.

Viking River Cruises travels to six different regions including Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, China, Vietnam and Cambodia. Because they travel to destinations most individuals have never been to, it makes for travels that are the utmost intriguing. Viking River Cruises was established in 1997 and now has 20 Viking River Cruises' ships.

Their cruises value prices are all-inclusive and covers practically everything you could imagine. Accommodations, meals, port charges, Wi-Fi, lectures, activities, excursions, transportation, reservations and entry fees are all included in each passenger’s cruise fares.

The fine dining restaurants on the ships have menus which include an exceptional variety of delicious meals from fine food and authentic dishes to casual cuisine. There are specialty drinks and exquisite wines that are available for purchase on the boat as well.

Viking’s Program Directors guide you through cities to bring you unique experiences. They take you through a journey amongst the most amazing art and architecture and lend you knowledge of the country’s history and the traditions of its inhabitants. To meet everyone’s needs and interests, Viking offers other options for passengers so they can explore each and every place in a manner that is different than the typical guided routes.

Most of the complaints found online pertained to the botched reservations and the poorly trained customer service agents. Many of the customers complained about issues regarding refunds, travel mix-ups, incomplete reservations and missing documents. There wasn’t a systematic follow through conducted by their agents to verify the travel plans were done correctly.

Booking a cruise is one thing, but you must make sure that all of the transactions in conjunction to the cruise are completed and overall you must trust the person who is coordinating your trip. Relying on someone else to make sure your travel plans seamless means you may be at risk for error.

If you book a cruise, finalize all of the trip details early enough to catch errors and be sure you get all of the information in writing. It would be a shame to put time, effort and money into travel plan that could fall apart if the agent overlooked one minor detail. Other options that may be more promising would be to contact your personal travel agent or to simply book the entire trip yourself.

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