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Veterans United Home Loans Customer Reviews

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Awful, Awful, Awful.
May 29, 2024

Don’t stay away, RUN AWAY from Veterans United as fast as you possibly can. I’ve bought 4 houses as I moved around the U.S. as well as countless refinances of my VA mortgage. While some loan originators have been better than others, I never had as terrible experience as I had with Veterans United. I had never used them before and thought to give them a try. What a mistake!

After uploading the usual plethora of documentation of income and statements, and a few calls and texts, nothing. They ghosted me. Calls and texts went unanswered for months. I’m guessing they fired the guy that was assigned to my loan. His last cryptic text to me was that he was “between a rock and a hard place.” What the heck does that mean? A problem with my loan? Who knows? He seems to have disappeared off the face of the Earth. Calls, texts, and emails went unanswered.

After hearing nothing for months and assumming they obviously didn't need my business, I decided to send one more email before moving on to a more competent mortgage lender. Finally, an answer. After a exchanging a few more emails, I’m told they can’t lend me $500k. That’s $300k more than what I was looking for in a mortgage. Have they got my file mixed up with someone else? Who knows? Competence seems to be in short supply at Veterans United. I sent one more email to them correcting the figure. I shouldn't have bothered. It was obviously way past the time to cut the cord on these bozos.

Company who dispoints Vet
May 28, 2024
I was very disappointed in Veterans United Finance I was at or about 90 with them the day before closing they couldn’t close and back pit. I was upset with them on everything I lost my $2,000 deposit and told my current landlord of my closing 45 days before. My current residence was rented out, so it left me with no place to go my family and I stayed in a hotel for 3 weeks until we found a new place to rent. The family selling their house was in a pickle because they were doing a Double closing, so they also were hurt. Myself and my real estate agent and the other family agent keep calling for an update. but in less than 36 hours they finally got back to me I said that we were going to close. I was lawsuit the seller and my agent to be made Whole.

Veterans United promotes Safe Haven Security
September 18, 2023
My mortgage company Veterans United promotes Safe Haven Security then when things go south they turn and run. They tricked you using this 3rd party but will not stand behind the recommended company. When you call for help with a company, they promote they say nothing they can do. The recommended company has 244 complaints in last 12 months this is the kind or creditable companies they deal with. What does that say about Veterans United? Meanwhile, the installation job is still a issue. I have sensors that are not working. The control panel will not go off if you try to trigger the alarm, camera are crap. But this is the company that Veterans United teams up with, what does that tell you about them. This is blatant lying and manipulation. No business makes that many errors or miscalculations and is actually credible. This experience is more than an inconvenience. It is unethical.

Terrible Service!!!!!!
August 30, 2023

Terrible service. Requested to speak with a supervisor and got Jason Sapp. He was disrespectful and rude and I will never recommend this company.

Better leadership is needed. With a supervisor/manager like that I'm sure there numbers are low and experience is terrible. Save yourself some trouble choose any company but not this one.

VA Loan
July 15, 2023
My name is John Alquero am a U.S. ARMY Veteran and I am seeking help to request if possible to borrow a loan to pay off credit cards and two loans what can I do for my request to be considered am in dire need of HELP I serve my country when I was drafted in 1971 November 18 during the Vietnam era my duty station was in Europe Germany please let me know as soon as possible.

The absolute worst Home Loan Company Ever!
April 19, 2023

Home buying is suppose to be the best experience ever. However, it ended up to be the worst experience ever for me.

Aaron Brooks Loan Specialist: Did not submit paperwork over to the VA lied on me disclose my personal information out about me. Told someone that I was only in the VA for 45 days and that I was denied my home loan which never was true. He also refunded my appraisal money and told me that the VA will not approve me. I contacted the VA and they told me to have the company forward my paperwork over.

Jason Sapp Customer Advocate: He talked to me so rude and told me the same thing that Aaron Brooks said I asked to speak to his supervisor, and he said he had none. I had contacted the VA and specifically asked them what the home are buyers' criteria's and they said one must serve 180 days or one must be disabled. Therefore, at that particular time I knew I was then qualified.

I had to file a complaint due to the horrific circumstance that I have endure. No one should ever have to go thru such a disturbing homebuying journey.

Horrible experience no loyalty
December 29, 2022
They will sell you out to Carrington and you have no say. I set up online again and I was charged for mortgage twice in one month!! No help from either company to rectify the situation. Go with a company you can trust because you can't trust them!

Veterans United Scam
April 11, 2020

I currently have a mortgage with veterans united. Applied for a cash out refi of 229k, appraisal (with inaccuracies) came in at 233k, my account disappeared from the site, and I haven't received an explanation from anyone and the process was chronically lagging. Was the appraisal a set up excuse to not follow through?

What's up with you people? Does the VA condone this tone of service? I suspect not. Since an irrrl is available @ <2.5% why am I even bothering with you people? I should have known better when the current mortgage lagged in process, closed late, and I got an above market rate.

Responsive and Informative
November 5, 2016
While I didn't use Veterans United in the end to close on my 4 unit multiplex, I did use them to get preapproved so I could start shopping. The preapproval took under a day to complete and allowed me to put a bid on a great property. My realtor then pushed me towards another lender. But Vets United got me started and really gave me a lot of useful information.

Don't Bother
January 8, 2016

When we decided to buy a house, the first place we looked around was the internet (of course). Veteran's United has really big ads and many of them. My Vet mate filled out the online form and a few days later the forms arrived. He filled them out and mailed them back.

After that, we got a letter saying he/we were approved and to go house hunting with our PreQual letter. First, local realtors have their own lender, by that, I mean one they work with every time. They don't want to meet new lenders. Another realtor couldn't get Veteran's United to even respond to their calls.

Then we did find a house but there was some confusion on whether it was a mobile or site built. I had to run middle man because the realtor and lender wouldn't talk to each other. The final straw came when the lender (Jody Overacre) screamed at me during a phone call. (WHAT PART OF MOBILE DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND!!??) I mean, he yelled so loud, I had to take the phone away from my ear. Good news is, we did get a VA loan thru someone else and did get the house.

My opinion of Veteran's United is, if you don't need a big loan, and you are willing to do the work yourself, they're ok. I believe they work on quantity. If 1000 people apply, maybe 10 will use them and since they do no actual work; it works for them. Worthless.

Tracy February 29, 2016


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