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About VerticalResponse is a marketing solution providing the necessary tools and services to help companies grow. Social media campaigns including emails, event marketing, online surveys, and direct mail postcards are all integrated into their online platform.

VerticalResponse has over 700 email templates which are easy to customize and quick to create. You can also use your own html coding if you have a specific design that is not offered through their database. Opportunities to gain insight into the success of your email campaign are also accessible through the statistics reports. These stats include real time figures with the added capability to see what is capturing your audiences’ attention.

Although online marketing is all the hype, traditional marketing methods are still being used with success. With a VerticalResponse account you can create your own customized postcard mailers. From there, VerticalResponse can print them, address them and mail them for you. Additionally, you can purchase or rent mailing lists to expand upon your own contacts, increasing your mailers effectiveness and audience reach.

You can quickly sign up and start using VerticalResponse with their free 30 day trial period. Their basic social platform starts at $18/month. There are no contracts to sign and no minimums required. Pricing for additional services vary, typically they are based around the number of contacts in your database. Plus, VerticalResponse offers large volume discounts and non-profit organization discounts.

Other segments of their platform include surveys and event marketing and they also provide time-saving services. Services provided by VerticalResponse are also helpful if you need help or don’t have the time to create and manage your marketing campaigns.

The VerticalResponse QuickStart program provides email marketing and event support for companies. This option includes personalized training sessions, assistance uploading and preparing emails, and conducting test emails. The email marketing program costs $149.00 and the event marketing program costs $199.00. The Full Service Social Media marketing package passes the entire marketing process to professionals who then use their experience to optimize your social media presence. This service costs $349.00 for one e-mail per month.

There are a slew of different solutions they offer, and as you sign up for more services, you will be given special package pricing options. If you want to take on the marketing yourself, there are over 50 video tutorials and text tutorials accessible through their website. Plus, there are live/recorded demos and webinars.

Complaints in reference to spam email are due to the opt-in program function that VerticalResponse has implemented. This feature functions as a way to avoid issues regarding unwanted solicitation. A conflict of interest comes to play, primarily for non-profit organizations, because their methods of reaching people to raise money can construe as solicitation.

Online marketing platforms are convenient and easy to use. Creating successful campaigns is possible if you are consistent and understand how to effectively reach out and connect with the consumer.

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