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Low Earnings, lots of work

October26, 2013

I worked for about 18 months for a company in Ohio called Verafast.
I made money legitimately, but it involved a lot of work. This company pays little commission per call, it's basically pennies. There's no hourly wage. So in order to make ok money, you have to log on for both shifts. This would only be possible when they allowed it. I also found it to be a bait and switch type situation where they advertise the positions as "Customer Service," but the positions are really a combination of Market Research and Telephone Sales for the newspaper industry which is basically dying. Don't get me wrong, I received commission checks every Monday, but it was not steady. Each check was different, Some were as low as $35, and some were as high as $280 weekly. For this reason it made it hard to rely on this as serious income. This is ok if you're looking for extra income, but you can't depend on it.

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