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About Vegamour

Many people suffer from thinning hair and actively seek an effective remedy. While everyone wants to get healthy-looking hair, lashes, and brows, no one wants all the dangerous chemicals, toxins and annoying side effects that often come along with hair regrowth products.

Enter VEGAMOUR- a company which strives to create clean hair restoration products that actually work.

How Does It Work?

This company offers a range of products for hair loss. Their products are specially formulated with science-backed ingredients like biotin and hemp oil that have proven effective in clinical studies. Their website has lots of pictures of before and after hair so that you can clearly see the results.

They also have an excellent blog on their website which covers everything from postpartum hair loss, hairstyle ideas, and the benefits of scalp massages, to guidance on how to use various beauty products. Their blog is chock-full of simple but helpful tips and reads like a hair growth book for dummies.

VEGAMOUR seems like an excellent option for people who want to achieve fuller, healthier hair without sacrificing health and safety. But is it effective? Is it legit? Read on to discover everything you need to know about this potential hair loss cure!

Cost and Price Plans

VEGAMOUR has a variety of products available at different price points. For example, one of their most popular products is the Gro+ Advanced Hair Serum, which is a CBD hair serum specially formulated to increase hair density, reduce hair loss and deliver stronger, healthier hair. You can purchase this product for $58.00.

They also sell two different eyelash serums. Their Gro+ Advanced Lash serum uses products like mung bean and red clover to strengthen and thicken lashes. This one is priced at $78.00. They also offer a VegaLash Volumizing Serum for $59.95 which delivers thicker, fuller, and lengthened lashes.

VEGAMOUR’S brow products include the VegaBrow Volumizing Serum priced at $59.95, the Gro+ Advanced Brow Serum, which costs $78.00, and the VegaBrow Tinted Volumizing Gel which is priced at $24.95.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you are on the hunt for clean products to help you achieve healthy hair, brows, and lashes, there are other brands on the market besides VEGAMOUR.

One such company is Nutrafol. Nutrafol sells a Nutrafol Women supplement, a Nutrafol Women’s Balance supplement which is specially formulated for women going through menopause, and a product designed specifically for men. Each product costs $88.00 for a one-time purchase, or $79.00 for a monthly subscription.

Nutrafol has been well-reviewed, with Amazon customers giving their Nutrafol Women supplement a 4.1/5-star rating. Customers praise the product for giving their hair “more volume.” The bad reviews say things like “does not work,” and claim that there were “no changes in hair growth.” Other complaints range from claims that the product is “very expensive,” to saying that “the packaging is a joke.”

Another brand that creates clean hair care products is Prose. They strive to bring custom hair solutions depending on each customer’s specific hair concerns.

If you are interested in purchasing a product from Prose, they will ask you to take a quick quiz on their website so that they can design your custom products – during this quiz, you will be able to specify any hair concerns that you have including hair loss, thinning hair, etc. Prose is well-reviewed across the beauty community, with verified, real reviews saying things like “my hair was less oily,” and “felt stronger and smoother.”

Finally, you may opt to purchase your hair growth products from Collective Laboratories. This brand was founded by people who have made it their mission to reinvent the hair growth industry. Currently, Collective Laboratories sells an Activating Serum for $39/month.

This product promotes hair growth when used daily. Collective Laboratories will soon be adding new products to their line, including shampoos and conditioners.

Customer Service

You can reach out to a representative via their phone number at 213.325.5112 or [email protected] If you would like to return your order, you may do so for ninety days after your order ships.

VEGAMOUR’s return policy allows you more time to try out the product than most other companies because they want to ensure that you are able to truly try out the product – They can take a few weeks to start working and they do not want you to prematurely return a product because you think it is not working when, in reality, you may just need to give it a bit more time.

Additionally, the company has earned an A+ from the BBB which shows that customers are satisfied with the ease and efficiency of their customer service team.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

VEGAMOUR reviews are freely available. Their website features customer reviews for all their products. For example, if you want to check out an eyelash serum review, all you do is navigate to the product page for one of their serums and scroll to the bottom to read reviews. Customers claim that the Gro+ Advanced Lash Serum is “so easy to use,” and “the results couldn’t be better.”

You can also find plenty of customer reviews on Amazon. Amazon customers give VEGAMOUR’S VegaLash Volumizing Serum a 3.3/5-star rating with satisfied customers saying that they are “already seeing fuller eyelashes after a week!” However, the company does have some negative reviews on Amazon, with dissatisfied customers saying things like “This is a scam,” and noting that “no growth is apparent.”

If you are wondering about how this compares to other popular products, know that there is also a review online comparing VEGAMOUR and Rogaine. Since Rogaine is a #1 dermatologist recommended products, many customers are curious about its value compared to products like VEGAMOUR.

According to the blog, True Self, Rogaine has terrible side effects ranging from “dry, itchy scalp,” and “burning or irritation,” to “unwanted facial hair.” VEGAMOUR, on the other hand, has a “natural approach, and their copious cited studies helped us trust in the ingredients.”

VEGAMOUR can boast excellent customer reviews and even beat out well-known companies like Rogaine.

Where to Buy?

You can buy the products directly from their website or from Amazon.

Is It Worth It?

VEGAMOUR has many satisfied customers and, best of all, their clinically backed studies prove that their products are safe to use. If you are looking for a magical fix to get the hair, lashes, and brows that you have always wanted, VEGAMOUR just might do the trick!

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