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About Veestro

Our increasingly busy lives mean that most of the time, our diets take second or third priority and finding a meal plan that can offer you all the nutrients and vitamins your body needs can be tricky.

Veestro is a company that wants to help people in reaching results, whether it is for health reasons, weight loss, or controlling the number of calories you consume each day.

Boasting a plant-based meal delivery program, Veestro is now renowned for supplying customers all around the nation with a wide range of meals, including multiple gluten-free options.


One of the main products the company prides itself on is the juice cleansers, which consist of Veestro's best cold-pressed smoothies. Arriving frozen at your address, you can quickly take them out once you feel like enjoying the refreshing feeling of a cold juice on a hot summer day.

A second option would be opting for the A la Carte menu. In the battle of chemically packaged supermarket meals vs freshly packaged goods, Veestro seems to have won people over with their original recipes and incredible flavors.

Your third option would be choosing Veestro’s meal plans, either going for the starter pack or diving into a new health journey with the 21 day Kickstart program.

While in the beginning you might not see much difference, what does impress is your option to choose between 1, 2, or even 3 meals per day – while also opting out of gluten foods.

How Does It Work?

The overall process is as simple as clicking a few buttons, as you’ll only need to choose the meals you love from any of the categories described above and then add them to your cart.

Afterwards, Veestro’s chef-made and lovingly handcrafted meals will arrive on your doorstep, in eco-friendly packaging that you can then recycle. It will keep your environmentalist spirit alive and well.

Cost and Price Plans

Any health enthusiast is aware that a plant-based diet is, despite all odds, quite expensive and Veestro’s options are just a reminder. However, you often can’t put a price on convenience or having all your meals delivered and meeting your dietary restrictions.

For instance, the A la Carte meals start from $10/per meal, while the meal packs and weight loss ones at $8. The juice cleanser is slightly more accessible, ranging at around $6 per smoothie.

Customer Service

With regards to Veestro’s customer service, their commitment to customers appears as second to none, with most online queries being answered within 24 hours, except for holidays and weekends.

There’s also a helpful FAQ section which outlines most of the questions that customers could have. However, for more specialized advice or if you have trouble placing an order, you can always contact them either on 855-434-8988, or on email at [email protected]

Online Reviews/Complaints

As with any service, opinions tend to be divided and there are some advantages and disadvantages to draw out of both.

For instance, customers seem smitten with the overall quality of the food, but the primary complaint concerns the delivery service. There have been missed deliveries or delays, causing a significant hassle for those waiting at work or indoors for their orders.

Plus, it does give cause for concern, since Veestro’s food is thawed. This means that there might be a health and safety risk for people with allergies or other intestinal issues.

But all in all, food quality seems impeccable, while their juice cleanse and weight loss program also appear to wield results.

Competitors and Alternatives

Of course, if you have tried Veestro in the past and are just looking to explore the world of plant-based diets, then you can also opt for one of the following three alternatives: Purple Carrot, 22 Day Nutrition, or Freshly.

Diving a bit deeper, Purple Carrot features a similar concept and delivery method as Veestro, but also some interesting discounts for first time users, including $20 off your first order. Many customers tend to pin these two against each other, creating a Veestro vs Purple Carrot debate.

There are quite a few similarities, particularly since the result is straightforward and the recipes are yummy. In the battle between Veestro vs 22 Days Nutrition, the latter got to be in the spotlight once Beyonce started speaking about using the program.

Boasting literally thousands of delicious recipes and nutritional coaching, this is a more intense version suitable for those trying to achieve balance and save time shipping.

Freshly is also a food delivery service tailored specifically to those with food sensitivities, with meals being prepared by chefs that look out for gluten free alternatives (i.e., over 30 to choose from). That’s also something to think about when you compare Veestro vs Freshly.

Where to Buy?

The easiest and quickest way of ordering from Veestro, should you decide to give it a chance, is by going on the company’s official website and clicking on the “order” button located around the upper part of the screen.

There, you will be given the choice of opting for the A La Carte menu, the weight loss plan, the meal packs, or the juice cleanser, depending on your needs and wants.

Overall, there is excellent value for money in the grand scheme of things (i.e., protecting your body for the future). However, don’t forget that there is no one-size-fits-all, so go out and explore!


Overall, the idea of home delivered meals that pack all the essential nutrients needed in a day is not only smart and needed, but also quite noble. Plus, changing your perception of organic, healthy and sustainable foods can also help the environment and our relationship with it.

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