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VectorVest, founded by Dr. Bart DiLiddo, is a stock analysis and portfolio management system which the company states is capable of  sorting, analyzing, and ranking over 15 thousand stocks.

Once the data is collected the software issues buy, hold, or sell signals based on an evaluation of the market alongside a stock's value, safety, and timing.  Ideally, as the trader you act on this information to make the best possible decision and consistently trade for a profit.

Based on the variety and depth of information the software estimates the best strategy for the day/week, showing you whether the conditions are bearish or bullish.  

In addition to the charts and tools provided by VectorVest, investors are invited to free online training classes and presentations in the VectorVest University.

There are also free 4hr training sessions in select cities throughout the year, a five-CD seminar video set, and a course workbook (free with an annual subscription), covering all aspects of the software from beginner to advanced levels.  Along with that support, there are many on and offline support groups for VectorVest users.

If you have any experience with VectorVestor their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Vector Vest is only for people who put the time into learning things thoroughly. Not for the lazy, unsavvy computer users.
August 25, 2021

I'm not a bot, Russian, or some paid reviewer - because that's what we all think of positive reviews nowadays. --I was using Motley Fool Before, and it was great. I tried VectorVest out and did not like it at first because I was using its very basic features. One of the things I did was sell Slack $WORK when it pulled up on the watch list as a clear Sell with a low VST score, and 6 months later, it doubled in profit.

However, I decided to keep playing around with VV and leveraging the Back Testing feature, which is almost as good as a Bloomberg Terminal. I tried different methods for researching and finding stocks and found methods to earn 60% annually and more with a less than 10% drawdown for my Roth IRA.

I created an automated portfolio, and this method paid for the software and made a good chunk of profit in the first 2 months. Plus, it does well with Profit Locker in a Bear Market. If you are a lazy bum, stick to Motley Fool. If you are a nerd with OCD and can handle complicated tasks well, then Vector Vest is awesome.

Lazy people are calling this thing a scam because they want a free ride, and sorry folks, you have to spend time learning this thing to appreciate it and make money with it like anything else.

VectorVest does not show earnings, just estimates of earnings-even if they're wildly inaccurate!
February 19, 2021

I've used VectorVest for several years, but am now stopping. It's because I checked their data against another source (, and found that it's unreliable.

Upon consulting with their support folks, I learned a surprising fact: VectorVest does not report earnings, but only ESTIMATES of earnings. Even after the quarterly earnings reports come out, if the estimate is wrong, even wildly wrong, they will keep the estimate data in their history.

EXAMPLE: Comparing Facebook from July 2019 to June 2020.

VV shows revenue steadily increasing month by month. MSN shows that revenue peaked in December 2019.

VV shows earnings stuttering for the first 3 months, then going steadily upwards from then on. MSN shows that earnings peaked in December and never recovered to the earlier level.

Statistical mumbo jumbo
August 10, 2020
I subscribed for about 10 years. Worthless information is all I can say I received. I purchased several stocks from their searches over the years. I've been involved in 5 investor class action lawsuits resulting from those searches. Three are still pending. What a disastrous disappointment. IBD or Motley Fool is a far better choice.

Vector Vest: Ripoff Artist
June 8, 2020

We signed up for the 30 day trial for $9.95. The product is not bad, but we found Investors Business Daily to be superior. On Day 29 of the 30 day trial I emailed them to cancel. Since I canceled service, I did not attempt to use the service anymore and did not open any emails from the company.

Since, I was still receiving emails from VectorVest, I decided to open some. Lo and behold, one of the emails said I could only cancel by US mail or phone call. I had only communicated with them via eamil, so the precedent was established by them that this was the preferred method of communication. Representative Dennis of Vector Vest told me on on June 8, 2020 that my email cancellation was not acceptable and that they would not refund me any monies.

I will be calling my credit card company to resolve the fraudulent billing by Vector Vest.

Stay Away!!!!

made very good money with the derby
April 16, 2020
amazing picks! lots of fundamental and technical information for newbies, as well as the oldies always something to learn from these guys know their stuff and are truly helpful in finding a few ways to make money in the market. Blessings on finding your way in these troubled times. Their is a light on at the end of the tunnel! I hope it's the bathroom! Lol

EvanMatz April 21, 2021

How long have you been with Vector Vest and how long have you been using the Derby ?

Vectorvest scam
March 21, 2018
Still getting a months pay on your credit card after your trial period ends. It just fancy bells & whistles of any other trading platform that you pay half for.

Caution with Credit Card
October 31, 2017
Be very careful when you give Vector Vest your credit card. Although there is the small print of a recurring monthly charge after the paid trial period, they will hit your credit card and won't refund even if you didn't use the service for the month you paid and they confirm with your logins and activity. They will not send you an invoice or email when they charge you and no flexibility in resolving the refund as I spoke to multiple people. They even said they didn’t have the capability to issue a credit card refund. It's a good product and there is the small print when you sign up, but very sneaky in my opinion the way they charge you going forward. They offered an additional month free but no refund even though I didn’t use. I also ended emailing the founder and was very professional and upfront in my request to ask for a refund but in my opinion he was not pleasant and rude. After I told him, my recourse was to leave accurate but negative feedback – his response was “Be Careful Mr. …… ” in very large print. The …… was my last name which I have left out in this post. It looks like from other reviews, there have been others that have had a similar experience with their charges. I have tried to be fair and accurate in my post here and feel like it’s worth passing on to everyone else.

terrible customer service
June 2, 2017

I live in the mountains the internet service is terrible. Tried every way to use the VECTOR vEST INFORMATION. Told them several times it was not working and I could not use their information.

Weeks later I was shocked to see the charge on my American Express bill.

I am approximately 70 years old and have never never never had such a hard time getting a company to do what is correct and honest.

DM New York August 04, 2017

just charge back on your American Express bill if they did that.

Put the charge into Dispute for services not rendered

Jo dildo September 08, 2017

Bart Dildo?is that his real name or just how he rips of his clients.

Larry Warshauer July 11, 2019

If you call them to cancel the ongoing subscription then do not charge you. All you had to do was to cal them.

Vector Vest: Not recommended
February 1, 2017

Took a year's subscription to test it: the algorithms and charting info they use make their 'top stocks' a highly volatile list - not easy to get a sense of which companies are fundamentally sounds and worth staying with despite movement.

There is no Australian customer service to speak of: the number for Aus customers is misleading as it does not function during Aus business hours.

Also be careful with auto-renewals - they do them even when you have set your account to 'no' and it is hard work getting your money back and you won't get all of it.

Nothing here that you can't find with local programs, and better to have local service available during business hours.

Don't Have an Issue With Vectorvest
January 14, 2017
I've read the negative reviews and I'm shocked. Maybe I've just been lucky but bought Vectorvest analysis of stocks for $10.00, started following their recommendations (a very good tutorial with their program) and sold my existing languishing holdings replacing them with Vectorvest recommendations and have made nothing but money. Certainly the negative reviews have given me a rise of concern.

kate April 16, 2017

are you still using it? Would love an update of your experience.

EvanMatz April 21, 2021

I would like an update as well, Are you still with VectoVest and what are your thoughts now ?

It's a scam company that charges your credit car without any authorization
October 26, 2016

Be careful with providing your credit card information to this company. They ask to submit your credit card information for a free trial, yet they STILL charge your credit card.

I have registered for a free trial, discovered that it was not compatible with my machine, contacted and canceled my subscription right away (even though it was a "free" trial). They said they have taken care of that, yet my credit card has still been charged.


donna wormser September 11, 2017

I AGREE................I called several times talked to the lady in charge of the credit card charges and she refused to remove them. Terrible terrible terrible criminal act.

Terry Brugger March 21, 2018

I agree 100%. It happened to me.

September 22, 2016

Useful analysis , I learned a lot from the facts . Does someone know if my company might acquire a sample CO DoR 104 form to use ?

Stock investing ain't easy, but VV makes it so.
May 13, 2016

I read some of the negative reviews about VV and I felt similarly when I first joined: in fact, I thought they were scammers, I did not do well with the system, I could not get a straight answer from tech support, etc.

Then, after about 6 months, I learned the concept and started losing less money. I manage a large portfolio, so as you can figure out, I stand to loose a lot of money.

After one year of doing this, I started leading a support group and got some one on one advice from other users who really know their stuff and have done very well with the program.

After a couple years of using this program. I don't lose money, but.actually have done OK in this horrible market condition.

Here's how: I set up my own portfolios and turned "Genius" on so that I can see some of my investment strategies happening real time, right before my eyes. I constantly change, delete or create new portfolios in paper money. What i finally realized is that the strength of this system is its ability to choose stocks for you and trade them based on your custom system. You can see how well your strategy works and use the most successful strategies to trade in your real portfolio.

W-O-W Watch-list Winners found RYI (Reyerson Holdings) an amazing stock that just keeps going up and up.I actually made $188,000 in 3 months with a $550,000 paper portfolio using this trading system. This actually happened before my very eyes.

I have now incorporated RYI in my actual portfolio and have been doing very well with it and many other stocks I hove found through Vector Vest.

Bottom line: most of the negative reviews came from people who never learned the system or even gave it a chance. You really need to try it for at least 6 months trading in the paper money portfolios before you can really learn and understand the value and power of this trading system.

buzzy October 10, 2016

That is a long time to learn how to use this program. I could lose a lot of money opportunities in that time.

Haresh August 13, 2017

Sometimes it is a rising tide that lifts all boats and sometimes it is just luck you invested in some FANG stocks or something. If you bought several different stocks, did you do much better than indexes?

If you sell at every sign of downturn you may avoid some losses but may also miss big recovery opportunity and your trading fees can pile up.

EvanMatz April 21, 2021

Are you still with VectorVest and do you use the Derby at all and how are you performing now ?

Vector Vest Proprietary Indicators are Dangerous to your Financial
April 2, 2016
Not only do they not work, they will lose you money. As often as not the bottom VST Stocks outperforms the Top (recommended) stocks. Also if you follow their buy/sell recommendations you will almost always be trading a lot and losing more money than otherwise. It is well presented snake oil.

Can't be too good.
March 24, 2016
My review is geared more towards the company, their ethics and confidence in their own product. I purchased the trial and never even logged in. They acknowledged that I had not used the product. Once the trial was over, my credit card was billed for the monthly charge. I know this was in the fine print, my responsibility, etc.. However, If they had the greatest trading method out there, why would they care about 137.00 from a client that NEVER even tried the product. This type of internet profit, sucking people in to make a quick buck, is not ethical business. If they need that money so bad, their system must suck! Basically, the people leading this company have no integrity.

The best market timing system I have ever seen
December 11, 2015

They have an incredible market timing system, model portfolios, back testing facilities, support, and training.

I have learnt more from them in one year than from multiple subscriptions to advisories over 5 years.

I have never come across a more helpful, thorough system.

The best thing is they don't tell you what to do, they teach you and show you the facts and you have to make your own decisions.

If you do the homework, watch their training videos, and put in the effort, they will make you a professional trader.

I cannot give them enough stars.

They don't give you the fish they teach you how to fish.

There is a reason they have been operating since the 1980's

Bryan March 19, 2016

The best system I have come across in 25 years of studying the stock market

Bryan March 19, 2016

The best system I have come across in 25 years of studying the stock market1

Dan April 29, 2016

Oh yeah, that review doesn't sound planted or anything.

George October 02, 2016

Quite right, this is not an automatic system or newsletter that tells you what to do. \it is a system that gives you 3 amazing stats on every stock, every day. They estimate the value of the stock to compare with the price. Ever heard of Value Investing. Here is the calculations done for you.

Based on fundamental factors they calculate the inner strength of a company and put that into one simple number. There is you date on the fundamentals done for you.

Thirdly they estimate momentum or timing and that should never be ignored. This includes Technical Analysis.

Those three calculations alone, done daily, make this an very important program. There is more.

Jon January 14, 2017

of course I'm concerned that the positive reviews were planted, but seriously I've had a great run in the past three weeks based on their recommendations.

Haresh August 13, 2017

In three weeks you cannot tell the merit of a system. The stock market is so whimsical. Any valuation of TESLA for example would be meaningless.

I have had tears of good luck and years of bad ones.

EvanMatz April 21, 2021

Are any of you still with VectorVest. and how has it been since these post back in 2017. I am thinking of joining

Don't waste your money on the trial.
October 12, 2015
When they say buy the stock falls, when they say short it the stock goes up. They could do better by using a Ouija Board. You will lose your shirt if you follow their advise. I was so mad when I wrote the first review I misspelled some words. That is how upset they made me !!!!!

how well did VV see Aug 24 2015????
September 30, 2015

ok, as S and P went sideways much of 2015, how well did VV give heads up the week before Aug 24th? where S and P/U S equities dropped 8 to 10%.. the red, yellow, green stop light, and daily summary, did it give a good heads up there was good chance of correction? not VV stating in Jan 2015, 2015 may have correction... but the week before Aug 24th? your inputs/ replies to this.. I just signed up.. as S and P tried to retest the Aug 25th lows.. (1867) on Monday.. (Sept 28, 2015).. thanks for you insights those who are VV users now.

George October 02, 2016

There are several timing methods on Vector Vest.. The long term is called Confirmed CAlls. These are up or down. The Market Timeng graph show Confirmed call down on July 2nd, 2015 so you would be in confirmed down call territory on August 24th. The Buy/Sell ration went to the favour of Sell on June 24th and did not reverse that all the way through August. The MTI - Market Timing Indicator went below 1.0 from June 25th forward of 2015. Relative Timing - of RT - the measure of momentum went below 1.0 on April 29th. RT went below .95 on June 17th. Below .92 on July 22nd. By August 20th, 2015 the RT went deeper below 1.0 to .84. This is all apparent on the Market Timing graph. For those using the Derby which ranks the 190 stock picking strategies to choose the best you would be seeing the change in the Buy/Sell ratio and the Long stock picking strategies would get into the top to strategies and the Long strategies would drop out of the top 10. So these signals would have told you well before August 24th to get out of long strategies and into short. Lots of advance warning on the market direction.

great concept and information, no performance
September 25, 2015

The concept of buying safe stocks, with good value at the right time is GREAT. the format of the product in presenting lots of information is wonderful. The HYPE is that high VST stocks out perform the market. They keep changing systems and touting great back tested performance.

It is easy to set up paper trade portfolios. After much frustration, I decided to set up portfolios with a few auto trader functions for conservative, moderate and aggressive investors and see how it does.

If I had a Time Machine
June 28, 2015

If I had a time machine I could be a multimillionaire many times over. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates might get jealous. The reason for this is that the Vectorvest software is great on finding stocks in the past that if you had held them until the present, would yield outrageous returns. Finding one or two of these gets you sucked into testing more and more until one becomes fantastic at stock picking, using 20/20 vision. Unfortunately I don't have access to a TARDIS or Time Tunnel to put myself back to the particular day to make the initial investment. Besides, quantum physics being what it is, my being invested then would change the investment distribution as it existed at that time, possibly skewering it just enough to land me right back in the pauper's house.

The general principle to be aware of is this, assuming, for argument's sake, that Bart DiLiddo came up with an absolutely foolproof way to make money in the stock market. Since any such "systems" often work by exploiting an inefficiency until it becomes widely known, wouldn't it be in his best interest to keep it a secret and become wealthy himself? If he had done so, he could afford to give his system away, not needing the money himself.

Save your money. Another 20 page or so oversized spiel to go in the recycling bucket.

George October 02, 2016

Thankfully VectorVest keeps adding tools so what was good for Bart DiLiddo in the 1980's keeps getting better.

I agree that it is easier to create a system that works in a back test then one that works forward. The market is a wild woman and not easy to pin down.

What if you had a tool - The Derby - that ranked each of the published stock selection systems on a day by day and week by week basis?

This is Bart DiLiddo's master stroke of genius and programming. Each week they publish which of the 190 systems if making the most money that week. The market is now pointing you to use right then, right now you might say.