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Vector Marketing


Vector Marketing booths are almost as common as vending machines on college campuses.  In between classes and close to holiday breaks, business suit clad representatives hand out flyers offering students the ultimate summer job starting at $16 an hr

...So why is there a group of over 7,000 students claiming that Vector Marketing is a Scam? The majority of problems regarding the Vector Corporation stem from their deceptive recruiting practices. 

Nowhere on their promotional material does it state what the actual "job" is going to be, students are simply given a phone number and encouraged to call for an interview.

The actual job is commission based direct sales for Cutco kitchen knives, obviously not the dream job for college kids, and the reason for the vague job ads.  After your interview you'll be required to purchase your own demo knife set at $145, another topic that doesn't sit well with students against Vector Marketing.  However, that money acts as a deposit and is refunded when you end your professional relationship with the company.

Students also have to attend several days of unpaid training where they learn how to conduct in-home presentations for these high end knives.  When you're ready, Vector Marketing managers will encourage you to sell to your relatives and friends first as they're a much more receptive audience.

In the past the negative issues with Vector Marketing have been addressed in court, and in several states the company has been ordered to cease deceptive employee recruiting practices and false hourly promises.

The plus side to Vector Marketing is that for talented and ambitious individuals there are definitely opportunities.  The company promotes heavily from within and all managers are former sales reps.  Also, if you do work for a fair amount of time you can use the sales experience to land better jobs out of college.


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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints for 'Vector Marketing'


Average Rating is 2.64 out of 5 based on 219 reviews.

Emily   Zanesville, OH

3:59pm on June 24th, 2014 

I actually have an interview scheduled in an hour and a half. Im glad i came across this first. All the stories sound exactly like what happened to me. I stumbled across the position on careerbuilders.com and put in my contact info. I did this at around 3am so they didn't call me till early this morning. They gave me the same speech that apparently everyone else got about how they have tons of applicants right now so i needed to schedule an interview for the same day and how this was a great opportunity for me because i am currently in school. i did find it to be a bit sketchy that they were fine with scheduling me an interview for 6:30pm but i just ignored it. i decided to do a bit of research on the company before i went in and, like a lot of people on here have said, came across how it is a scam. so glad i didn't waste my time on them.

Kreena   NE

7:08am on June 11th, 2014

I received a letter in the mail from vector and decided to apply. I was immediately called and scheduled an interview for the next day at 6:15pm. When I arrived I found an almost barren building that left me skittish. The managers office walls had like one poster on them and the only thing in the room was a desk and two chairs on either side, totally sketchy. I was of five people there and they made the job sound really great and I got hired. It wasn't till later that I really did a whole lot of research and found out that some of the things that they are doing are not up to scale with the law. For instance it is illegal to not pay your employees for training. You can get slapped with a huge fine for this and I do mean huge. I don't know if I would say that this is a scam because it probably does work for some people but I wouldn't say that just because you didn't do good at this job that you are lazy because that is just rude and disrespectful. I know that this job doesn't sound like it is on the up and up to me, but that is just my opinion. I am not planning on returning there again.

Blake   Tampa

10:45am on May 29th, 2014 

This job is like any other job, you get out of it what you put into it. For all those people saying its a scam, I just laugh. This isn't one of those Mickey Mouse jobs where you can just put in the bear minimum and expect to do well. If you want to succeed to you have to try hard. It requires waking up early every day and making calls. I have been here for 2 weeks and made over $1000 for only 16hrs worth of actual selling. No I didn't have to put a deposit down for my kit. They even offer part time. People who say its a scam are those people who simply just didn't sell well or just didn't fully commit to the job. In two weeks I have already been promoted 4 times! My resume looks amazing. This job isn't for everyone though. It requires you to be social, hard working, and to have a positive attitude. Don't judge a company until you actually work for them yourself. The truth is most people are lazy, and on top of that, most people are super social and comfortable in a sales environment. So if you are, I would definitely recommend it Vector if you want to build your resume and gain valuable experience.

Luke   Florida

9:38am on May 27th, 2014 

Vectors Marketing is complete bs.. If you want to waste your time and lose out on lots of money feel free.. Personally I almost went and did my thing last year, I had that real nervous feeling in my body.. When the time came and I had my upcoming interview, I said " screw it im not going for nothing" turns out after I read up on many sites that its a scam.. I thank my instincts and the people for a heads um.. Complete SCAM!

Chazz Michaels   Pennsylvania

7:57pm on January 12th, 2014 

I do believe it is the best income opportunity for any young person out there. You get pd regardless if a sale is made. It takes a work ethic and a positive attitude which is why most ppl eventually give up. My 1st summer I showed 200 plus families Cutco and made over 14,000 from selling over 39,000 dollars worth of Cutco. I cannot even put into words how much fun I had that summer.

Anonymous   Location unknown

1:11am on October 18th, 2013 

Vector is not a scam, if you had a bad experience then it could just be a bad office branch. I am 19 years old. I started working for vector last summer and I only worked two weeks because I started late in the summer and had vacations preplanned. You do set your own hours and that is how I only worked two weeks. Vector offers great experience for the future and you CAN do this job and not be a good sales person. I am not a good sales person myself, but I still sold over $6,000 in two weeks and made close to $1,000. The reason is because the product is that good and it practically sales itself. You can try to make that much at McDonald's in two weeks, but HA!! good luck and those of us who keep working for Vector will keep making way more then you because the more we sell, our career totals go up and we continue to make more! Oh and just to mention, if you work for Vector and leave the company and later decide to come back, you will start out making the percent of sales you were making before you left. Your percent made based off career sales never goes down and only increases based off career total sales, meaning there is no quota to meet, to it's max point and stays there forever. If vector was a scam then multiple colleges wouldn't be using Vector's three day training program within the business degree programs and having their students sell Cutco for the real business experience it offers. If you haven't personally been employed by Vector then you have no ground to stand on in this debate so stay out of it because your OPINION is worthless here and you're giving a sour taste to a good fruit for no reason and possibly messing up someone else's experience before they even try it out and succeed. If you know someone who had a bad experience with Vector or just wasn't successful there and now you want to bash it, step back and check yourself. Maybe the reason you or someone you know wasn't successful is because they didn't pursue it hard enough and expected it to just fall in their lap. It comes with GREAT perks and benefits both now and for the future, but at the end of the day, it IS a job and it takes work. You get out of it what you put into it. Vector is legit! It isn't a scam! I worked there last summer and I am taking off right now to attend college, but I have it worked out to start back in May when college lets out for summer. A common amount made for one summer is around $15,000 and that is the revenue brought in that the employee makes. There are many employees that make around that amount in a summer three month period. Stop bashing Vector because it isn't a scam!! The program they have going there is set up to train inexperienced college students so that they have work experience to fall back on and be one up to the competition for a future job. It is in a sense doing the students a great favor by allowing them to get experience and a potential to make a lot of money. My district branch manager paid off his college working just weekends his senior year in college because he did 10 appointments per weekend and made $13,000 one semester and $15,000 the other. He showed us the pay stubs to prove it. As a college student only working weekends he made more then his parents, It was all because of Vector and now he is a branch manager!! Because he sold so much he won a scholarship through Vector both semesters, only one person gets the scholarship per semester, and this is how he was able to pay off his college after one school year of just working weekends. And another thing, scams don't actually pay you money scams are fake. At Vector, you make a paycheck based off your sales or number of appointments . You get paid and the customers get exactly what they order because it's not a scam and Cutco stands behind their product forever, not just lifetime, forever, like when Jesus comes back it will still be guaranteed for those left behind,and they have for a while now. If Vector was a scam it wouldn't have lasted this long and would have been shut down. Also the BBB doesn't allow scams to join up with them. OH and one other thing, My sample kit was free, I only had to pay for it if I stopped selling and didn't turn it in, or if I just decided to buy it. You people are ridiculous in your debate, you sound like ignorant children who just want to be heard so they speak with no insight into what they are speaking about. Vector is Legit and it is a Very successful business and it's employees have the chance to be successful as well and gain life valuable skills for working and relating to people. Please stop blabbering just to blabber and realize the truth behind Vector Marketing and Cutco's partnership. Vector Marketing is a great experience for any college student and I am going to keep encouraging people I come in contact with to check it out. Why? BECAUSE IT ISN'T A SCAM! That's why. Now I am done with this foolish debate, I know the truth and if you choose not to except is then in the end that's on you.

Korn Fan ;)   California

9:39pm on July 24th, 2013 

I'm a 19 year old that isn't in college. I don't have a family. I have nothing. I came to the interview after somebody I didn't know recommended me. I showed up in beaten to hell "good" clothes, and I took the initiative to explain to the person conducting the interview why I appeared as I did. The person was far too friendly and allowed me to ramble on about my dreadful past to the point where I was almost in tears, and then I left the office portion and waited for the "interview."

During the "interview" I pulled out the marketing scheme paper I found. I'm a resourceful person. I asked about how the hell I could possibly be making... not $13, as I saw in the above comments, but $16.85 an hour here in Yuba City. He lied to my face that I would be "coordinating appointments" and NOT selling door to door when I specifically asked.

No less than 30 minutes later, I got a phone call saying I was "hired." Now, why the hell would they hire somebody who's so paranoid that he blatantly asks how they're not a scam? How the hell is a homeless, beat to hell teenager a candidate for them? He had the gall to tell me that I WOULD BE PAID for going to training, covering my gas costs. He told me that there's a limited number of positions open with a lot of people applying, but I still got in... showing up looking like I had just been jumped and beat to hell.

I did some research at a friend's house and used their wifi to pull it off. I stumbled on the Vector reviews describing what I had just been through. Lo and behold, I met my mother for the first time in months in between the period of "getting hired" and "training" and I mentioned Vector when I sat and talked to her. She told me the EXACT SAME story that I had just been through. These people knew somebody like me couldn't cover my expenses to work there. They knew I didn't have family or friends to sell to. They saw me, and they thought, "here's an easy person to scam and put some more money in our pockets."

I'll mention one more thing. Before the "written test" the manager gave me, I looked at his laptop. He had spotify running and was playing Shinedown. I told him how much of a metal fan I am, and he sat and discussed different bands and concerts with me for 15 minutes minimum. These people make you feel special. They lie to you. They make you feel like you have a chance, then they show their true colors and bear their fangs. Best I can say is DO NOT get locked into a contract with them.

Alex   CA

1:31pm on July 9th, 2013 

One of my two kids has recently started working for Vector selling Cutco. Even though Vector training seems to involve a good deal of brainwashing, as some have pointed out, it also infuses a degree of optimism, willingness to work, belief in one self and teaches selling strategies. All of which are good things to learn. On the down side, it is an old fashioned sales job that requires a lot of dedication, boldness, and a personality that most of us do not have. They do not pay for training, transportation, or for the time you are trying to get appointments, which in practice impacts your hourly wage: for instance, if you have two appointments on a given day, one hour each, including transportation time, and spend a couple of hours, let’s say four hours, calling people, then your hourly wage is going to be about five dollars for six hours of work, in case you do not sell. Subtract transportation from this (tear and wear of the car, gasoline, insurance etc) and you will see that it is not impressive pay to start with. You are expected to go to meetings, which you have to pay to attend, unless you have sold a certain “quota”. If you sell, you can go for “free”, meaning, they don’t charge you to attend.
That all being said, both my sons have extensively applied for minimum wage jobs for the summer and have not even gotten a single call back. These are desperate times, particularly if you live in bankrupt California, where college graduates and experienced workers will line up in front of McDonnalds for a job. Vector will, at least, will give your kid a chance.
Now, for parents out there considering how to advise their children on whether taking a sales job with Vector for the summer, keep in mind that you will be subsidizing it, at least in the beginning, and that it will pay off in the long run only if your kid is cut to be a sales person and is highly motivated. You may end up with a few great knives also, but expensive ones. Your support also implies that you will annoy friends and relatives, asking them to listen to your kid for an hour, while he/she tries to sell them a product they do not necessarily need, or want. But your child will learn way more in a summer by doing this than by sitting at the computer desk browsing facebook or playing video games. And there is a slight chance that this will turn into a career or a way to help with college expenses if you have given birth to a natural.
And the knives are great.

Michelle   Charlotte, NC

2:34pm on June 29th, 2013 

I agree with almost everything I've read so far. M daughter has been "working" for this company for about 1 1/2 weeks now. I knew it sounded "fishy" from the start but I encouraged her to go because I figured at least she could take away some skills she could use at her next job. First off, the kit fee gimmick must depend on where you live. In the beginning they told her the kit would not cost her anything but she just received an email saying that since she is not selling as much as she should be she is going to have to pay $84 for the kit which they are going to take out of her first paycheck. Well, she only has a couple of sales so that pretty much her whole paycheck and then some. This is the "trick" they use to deny paying these honest but unsuspecting young people.

I totally agree with the person who says it is a scam but at the same time it's not illegal, but maybe a little unethical. They know these kids are not all going to be successful and that's how they make they're money by not paying the ones (which is the majority) that are not making a lot of sales. There is no way, unless you come from an upper-middle class family whose parents have access to a lot of other upper-middle class/wealthy families you are not going to be successful at this job PERIOD!!!! But as someone else pointed out they already know that. What they are hoping is that you come in sell a few sets buy their kit get discouraged and quit. Think how much money they are putting in their pockets if 15 of the 20 people do that in every class.

MY ADVICE--Don't waste your time, you will make more money working at a McDonald's, at least that way you are guaranteed your pay if you work the hours.

unknown   niga higa

4:41pm on June 19th, 2013 

it 13 bucks an hour how can you not give it 5 stars

Nou   St. Paul

5:34am on June 11th, 2013 

I got into the office, it was very unprofessional. Even the "managers" look unprofessional. I knew from the time I walked in there it looked suspicious. But I decided to see how it will go. I did stay for the whole thing though, and in the end they gave the group a paper to write what we learned from the presentation. I knew it was a scam and it was weird that it was that easy! I didn't write anything on it and still got hired!!!! But I told her I didn't want to do it and she still told me I am hired. I just said "ok" and left. I won't go into training because easy money is too good to be true.

Unknown   Virginia

11:25pm on May 14th, 2013 

I wouldnt say vector marketng is a scam but it is misleading and just wrong. They target young college students knowing they need summer jobs so they are going to take the job. When setting up your interview they lie saying how spots are limited but also saying their business grows everyday. They make you feel special when they hire you when in reality almost everyone is hired. How can you say im perfect for this job if you dont even know me. But the way they teach you to sell their product is just wrong.They basically want you to pressure your customer into buying cutco. The managers are always calling you to see if you sold anything and telling you to bother your family and friends. I think the company is manipulative and just shady.

Tammi   Greensboro, NY

12:49pm on May 9th, 2013 

Really deceptive and misleading. Led you to believe it was a customer service/reception job paying 13.50 an hour. NOT that at all. Selling knives door to door.They want you to supply the contacts and make your appointments. DECEPTIVE

Shay   Tupelo,Ms

6:23pm on May 8th, 2013 

Vector Marketing Is A SCAM ! ,
One morning at school I was surfing the web looking for a job, I then came up to vector marketing ! I applied &&' within a hour the receptionist was calling , telling me how they pay 15$ an hour &&' i said " how would the schedule work , if im in school ." She then replied &&' said " we always work with your schedule ." I said okay cool , So i then agreed to schedule ab interview for that afternoon at 4:00pm . When I got there I saw how beautiful the office was , so i was really thinking that it would be a good job ! So when i got to the back with the manager , he started telling me that , i would only get payed if I sold some cutco products . And told me that i would have to pay 145.00 for a kit ! I told that man to kiss my A#* &&' Walker AWAY Before I Would Have KNOCKED HIS A#* OUT HIS SEAT !

Lauren   Location unknown

2:11pm on April 30th, 2013 

I started about a week ago at Vector at their new office here. WOW, it was NOT what I expected!!
Nice office sure, and the boss was nice enough to hire me. But at the beginning there went from a few receptionists he was hiring to me and one other girl..weird right?
So they taught me about the script the receptionists read, and I came to find out what I was reading was all lies! It was just to get the people in for the interviews! How terrible! You're a desperate college kid looking for a job, and then you're excited because you get accepted..then you realized that nothing you thought was true.
He had the nerve to tell me not to lie to applicants because this one girl stormed out at the interview. It was on the script!!!!
Anyway..if Cutco wants to sell their precious knives, they really need to step up their game. Be up front and honest about your position, and then see if they're still interested.

Stas   Vancouver, BC

8:19pm on April 27th, 2013 

"It is a scam and it isn't."

That's, probably, the right opinion about Vector. Really. Vector has some good things in it, but there are some major disadvantages. The most I don't like is that managers there are like fairytellers. And it starts from the interview. "Do you have time, our presentation will be for about 20 minutes" and it freaking runs for 1 hour. I was like "How come did you tell it will be for 20 min?!".

They give you a schedule for training. On first 2 days, you suddenly get to know Vector time - oops, you have to come 15 minutes earlier. In fact, a manager asks you to come 30 minutes earlier on the 3rd day, at 9:30 am. Nota big deal, but still.

I am an international student in Vancouver, BC. It was intended to be my first job. When it comes to a contract, I say "I am afraid to sign it, I have to take a contract home, study that, and consult with my father before". Any good company will 1) have nothing against it; 2) moreover, it will appreciate that person because of being savvy and thinking before doing something. However, a manager started telling me, 18 year old, that "it's all written here, just read and sign". After that, when I said no one more, he asked me to leave the training, cause it would "waste time". Actually a contract was what bothered me the most. They say "We see you don't trust us". OH MY GOD, WHY DO I HAVE TO? AFTER READING SUCH COMMENTS???

I said to myself "everything is pretty clear here". Also, paying $110 for a kit - WTF??

Sales reps pay for trip expenses... So it's your expenses.

Job ad doesn't state what you are going to be doing.

Now, how many appointments can you really schedule for a day? It depends where to go, of course. And yes, do you think every single person would like to have a stranger at their house DURING WORK WEEK? Do you think a husband will even be at home? It's not a thing which takes 5 minutes, a presentation can go for about an hour or even more!!! It's a fair amount of time spent on something you don't even know!

However, their knives are good. They are really good. Sharp and so on. Cool techniques. BUT think about it. I haven't sold them, and I don't believe smb ever buys a set of those. Yes, buying shears or piller or etc. might be a great deal, but nothing more. I just couldn't believe they make 200 million in sales every year, it is just too good to be true. Now, if you spend $1000 just on your knives - how much will your house expenses be?? And, let's be honest, even usual knives are OK for many people. It's not a big deal for most people. They will say "I am OK with what I have now, even though it's not so cool, why do I have to spend few hundred dollars on your stuff, I better buy more products and save my time cooking something for kids".

Still, if people are looking for gifts, knives and accessories might be a really great deal.

I don't say it's a complete scam, but there is pretty much unclear stuff at Vector. I think that some people really succeed there, but their percentage is under ~20 of all reps. And yes, they actually accept almost everybody from interviews into their job. Why? Cause the turnover is extremely high!!!

Naiive   College Student

8:54am on April 24th, 2013 

I was up at 2:00am looking up jobs for students yesterday morning and came across vector's application. I didn't even know what exactly I was applying for, but it seemed fairly easy and I though I would give it a try. Lo and behold, a receptionist called me the next day and asked me to come in for an interview. I was like, "whoa, that was easy!" (to myself). Over the phone, the guy told me the pay was $15/hr, no experience necessary. He got me with the whole "this is a great opportunity for college students" spiel and I immediately agreed to an interview. Funny enough, I asked where the nearest location was, which happened to be literally right around the corner from my house. I then thought to myself, "how come I've never seen or heard of this place". I looked it up on Google maps and everything, but nothing popped up. That was my first suspicion. He also told me to look at their website, and while searching for that in Google I also came across many links about Vector being a scam, or a misleading business scheme at it's best. I had to do my research. I feel humiliated about being tricked into thinking I was getting an amazing job, even though I told no one of it. And I've decided to withdraw the interview. "Ain't nobody got time fo dat!"
Side note: What professional marketing corporation interviews prospective employees at 6:30pm?

bianca   n.houston

12:27pm on April 16th, 2013 

its not a scam and you do not have to pay for you kit they give it to you for free! i work there for about 2 months and i love it the north houston vector is not a scam!!!

Lateira Baker   Minnesota

1:18pm on April 9th, 2013 

I just had an interview yesterday and now you guys have scared me. They do have high quality products and good presentation. I did feel like it was a little weird how fast I had got a call and interview.The building I went in didn't anyone else in it besides the lady who was hiring.I got the position very quickly. I was excited until reading everyone's comments. I don't know if I should go to the training or not.

krissy   monroe

5:00pm on March 27th, 2013 

It's a damn scam.. C'mon the only ones that believe it's real money are the ones that work there.. My friend Ricardo is the manager at the fort Lauderdale office and he told me personally that it's a scam and only a fool would fall for it that's why they target young desperate people.. Sell like a boss my anus.. Lol believe the hype of you want too.. Stay in school or get a real job hell do both but I know first hand this is a scam..

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