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Believe it or not, the number of overweight pets in our country is skyrocketing. Blame it on high-calorie pet food, blame it on sedentary lifestyles, no matter what you might say, pets are becoming dangerously obese at a shockingly high rate.

While it may be difficult for you to provide your pet with the high level of activity he or she might need to maintain fitness and a healthy weight, there are hacks you can incorporate to make losing weight easier for your pet. Say hello to Varram - the newest invention in the pet care world.

What is Varram?

Varram is a pet robot that incorporates cutting-edge artificial intelligence to stimulate your pet’s senses. Even if your pet is not overweight, you might find that he or she is impacted by the results of inactivity. When you are gone, he might get bored, making him more likely to engage in destructive behaviors like digging, chewing, or urinating indoors.

Separation anxiety is a common problem in pets who are left at home alone, and it usually occurs within the first twenty minutes of isolation. Providing your pet with a puzzle toy, which can be filled with prizes and treats, will take your dog around thirty minutes to complete. This can reduce destructive behaviors and make it more likely that your pet will stay entertained when you can’t be at home with him. With a battery life of ten hours, it’s not likely that the toy will run out before you get home.

Varram incorporates all of your dog’s senses, including smell, sight, taste, touch, and hearing. It is fun and hands-free, allowing your pet to stay entertained when you can’t be there. This product has been featured on Reuters, Yahoo! Finance, Backer Club, and more, giving it great credibility and a strong reputation among pet owners and pet experts alike. At just six and a half inches long and five inches wide, this toy is large enough for any dog but not so large that it can’t be managed.

The Varram robot comes with an off road feature, making it possible for your dog to play with this toy no matter where he wants to use it. There is also a Varram mobile apps so that you can check in with your pet, give him a treat, and schedule activity time from any location. This will allow you to manually play with your pet and even schedule automatic routines so that you can be involved no matter where you might be.

Cost and Price Plans

You can purchase one Varram robot for the low price of just $89. Shipping is available to any location in the world, with the first shipment date occurring in January 2019. Alternatively, you can purchase two robots for the price of $139 total  -a savings of 46 percent. You can also purchase three robots for $194, giving you the opportunity to provide others with the gift of pet fitness.

When you purchase the robot, you don’t just get the toy itself. You also get a USB charging cord, three pairs of regular tires, three pairs of off road tires, a cat toy attachment, and two food containers for dispensing treats.

Competitors and Alternatives

As obesity in pets rises in the United States, there are more toys to help keep your dog or cat fit. Some of the most popular include the Chuckit! Ball Launcher, KONG dog toy, and Playser Laser Light Toy.

The Playser Laser Light Toy is the most popular option for cats, but dogs will love it, too. You will need to provide your pet with plenty of room to move around if you plan on using this toy inside, but otherwise, it’s a great option if you are going to be at home with your pet.

KONG is a good option if you are looking for an indestructible toy. They have multiple products, including a Frisbee-style throwing disc. Again, you need to be home to play with this toy with your pet, but it’s a good option if you plan on sticking around for a while.

Like KONG and Playser Laser, Chuckit! is a good choice if you’re going to be home. This toy helps you throw balls for your pet to chase, giving you a greater range of distance without throwing your arm out.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Customers appreciate how functional this toy is, as well as the fact that they can interact with their pets from anywhere. The design of this product is also quite resilient, with customers praising how resilient it is. It can withstand any impact or outside pressure, even from aggressive or large pets. It is made out of FDA approved polycarbonate that is safe for any pet, regardless of the breed, size, or age of the animal.

The device can navigate any space, so it does not get stuck easily under furniture or atop obstacles. It is safe and easy to clean, and with the mobile application, you can control activity routines from anywhere. You can even use the app to share data with friends or family, or to program the actions to your pet’s personality.

Customer Service

The major challenge of purchasing a Varram toy is that there isn’t a lot of information or customer reviews available on the company’s Kickstarter page. You can leave a comment to contact the team, but at this time there is no official website, social media pages, or phone number to reach a customer service line.

Where to Buy?

Originally designed in 2017, this product is only available for presale at the time. You can preorder your own Varram toy by visiting the Kickstarter website for the product. There, you can also receive more information about the product and how it works. The first batch of shipments for the toy were scheduled to begin in 2018. You can also find the toy for sale on Amazon, but it comes at a much higher price of $149.

Is Varram Worth It?

Over 50 million dogs and 56 million cats in the United States are overweight - with over half of all pets affected by obesity. Why allow your pet to suffer from the damaging effects of weight gain, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, arthritis, and more? Consider investing in a Varram robot, and get your pet up and moving.


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