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About is an online retailer which promises people access to everything they want to meet their vaporizing needs, as well as the excellent customer service they desire when shopping online. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, the goal of is to provide their customers with high quality vaporizers and vaporizing products at affordable prices. The website says that they “handcraft and skillfully engineer” each and every vaporizer to the individual needs of their customers.  

Customers are welcome to use this online retailer the same way they would any other, by searching for a specific item using their website’s search feature or looking through their inventory by category, including Vaporizers, Vaporizer Parts, Accessories, Grinders, Smart Smoking, Mods, and Lasers/Décor.

Cost/Price Plans takes a lot of pride in being able to offer their customers quality vaping products at low prices, saying that they are so confident they are able to offer their customers the best possible prices that they do provide a Low Price Guarantee. 

If, within ten days of your purchase, you are able to find the identical product elsewhere for a lower fee – including the cost of Shipping and Handling – they will either match the total price or refund the difference. 

You must be able to provide them with an itemized receipt, and this Guarantee only applies to authorized dealers, not discount or auction websites. In addition, they promise that all purchases which total more than $50 will be provided free shipping. 

Refund Policy

The does provide a Return and Refund Policy, though it is a little vague. Customers who are dissatisfied with any product they receive are welcome to contact them within 48 hours of delivery to “file a grievance.” If the item is still unused, you can qualify for a full refund or a store credit for the purchase price, minus the cost of Shipping and Handling. 

If the item has been used, you can still return it but it will be subject to a restocking fee of up to 20%, which is determined by an inspection which will take place after the product arrives back at their warehouse.   

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by submitting an email directly to their website through the Email Us link at the bottom of their webpage.


Unfortunately it seems as though there are very few reviews available at this time, either from customers or from third party review sites. However, most companies that sell these kinds of products do not normally offer a Refund Policy, so the fact that this company does offer one – though it is fairly limited – is a fairly good sign and may make a difference to prospective customers looking for a place to shop.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different companies that sell e-cigarettes, of course, though they generally offer them in complete, bundled starter packs, which are available at, as well as the chance to order individual products.

If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Great site and staff

December23, 2017

Vaporstore has always helped me out. When my father was dying from cancer they helped me find just the right product. We went with the VaporTower and have been able to get parts and so forth for it easily. Unfortunately Dad passed on but the Tower is still working great!

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1 Review

Flaky & unprofessional customer support, worthless warranty

December22, 2017

Buyer beware, Flaky and unprofessional customer support.

The VaporTower is a fine product as desktop vaporizers go, but that may not matter if "lifetime warranty" is worthless and you can't get replacement parts and customer support is user-hostile.

After having countless technical difficulties trying to place an order and having to start over multiple times (order process stalling and looping at checkout stage) and calling customer service (phones ring 3 times then goes dead) and multiple messages through their support system to resolve, I was a bit upset and dropped the "F-bomb" twice in my last message.

Just as whatever was going wrong with their online orders cleared-up and the order was completed, I got a rude, ranting call back complaining about my language (he dropped his F-bomb twice as much as I did and accused me of saying things I hadn't) refusing any further support for their VaporTower product, insisting that the problems were on my end (his was the only site I was having these issues with, and I've been shopping online all week), and telling me this is why he doesn't answer the customer service phone. He complained that his customers are stoners, but sounded like a big-time stoner himself.

When I asked to speak to his supervisor, he said he was the guy in charge. He said something about comping the parts and that I was on my own for parts and support from now on. And he hung up on me when I apologized but pointed out he was doing everything he complained about, himself.

So, now the 'lifetime warranty' is void and I have to find other vendors for parts that are unique to this product.

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