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Vanguard, found online at, is a financial institution which specializes in helping people determine and fund the best type of individual retirement account (IRA) for their needs.

An IRA is a popular type of personal savings account which is specifically earmarked as funds for retirement, and therefore has tax advantages not applicable to other types of personal savings accounts.

Established in 1975, Vanguard says that they are now one of the world’s largest mutual fund companies and that they stick to a wide range of simple goals that help them focus on and best serve their customers.

One of their promises to their customers is that they work hard to make the whole financial process simple – they have arranged their system into easy steps for beginning investors that can help you pick your account, investments, and open the right IRA for you.

After the recent financial crash, Forbes magazine said that the retirement investment market is currently in the worst shape in decades and has created a need for better retirement investments.

This indicates that now, more than ever, people need to be diligent about the type of retirement investing they are becoming involved with, as well as working with a company which provides reliable fund management.

Vanguard says that their company works with a wide array of investment options to help fit the investment styles of any customer, including stock and bond funds, balanced funds, and target date funds.

According to their website, Vanguard also has far lower costs for their investment assistance than their competitors, quoting other companies’ mutual funds as five times more expensive than theirs.

And finally – and perhaps most importantly, they also say that they deal in high quality funds, with 90% of their funds outperforming those of their peers’ averages over the course of the last decade.

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